The Darkness

relax-and-succeed-i-am-grateful-for-the-darknessThere is a gratitude I feel for the down times, the darkness, and the sorrows of life. A thank you, that needs to be said and felt.

Why am I grateful for these things?  Well, really there is no other choice because these things are going to exist whether I am grateful for them or not.  But when you think about it the presence of difficulties and hardships are a vital part of the journey.  They reveal much about ourselves, what we are really made off and force us to grow.

Darkness Shows Light

light up the darknessI heard it explained that without the darkness the light of a candle would lose its value and unique power that its light provides.  When I look back on times that were less than enjoyable to experience, I can see the opportunity to shine located within them.  As a human being, the challenges life throws at you are tests that allow you to rise higher than you could without the challenge, or unfortunately a chance to be crushed by the difficulties you face.

The greatest people in history were a result of difficult historical times, and the same can be said about your life.  The hard times or darkness allow you the forum to shine and succeed.

Make You More Grateful for Good Things

grateful-for-everythingWhen you have things in life that are not pleasant, it makes you really appreciate it when things are going pleasantly.  If you have had a time of loneliness, companionship feels all that much better.  If you have had difficult economic times, the gratitude for bountiful times is all the greater.

These sensations of gratitude and thankfulness are not going to exist in their intensity without the darkness or hardship and down times.

Do Not Fear Difficult Things

tough-times-dont-last-tough-people-doFor me, one of the most difficult things to deal with is a fear of difficulties that may come in life.  when you look at your life and you think that everything is going well, it used to be a time when I would worry a lot.  There was nowhere to go but down.  Yet, worry didn’t stop problems, hardship or poor decisions, it only made my enjoyment of the great things in my life more appreciated.

Do not be afraid that hard times may come your way, you always have the strength to pull through them, if you can manage to persevere.  Keep moving forward with gratitude and change, that is inevitable will carry you where you to a better time.

So today I am grateful for the hard times and for the darkness of life because it allows people to rise up and shine their light and become great.   My wish for you is happy days, and sunny skies and the courage to handle anything that comes your way.

“All things are as they should be, relax and enjoy them.”

2 thoughts on “The Darkness”

  1. A little poem, cross-stitch thing, that hung on the wall in the house I grew up in – “I didn’t like the darkness, until I had to learn, that nighttime was just so the moon could have a turn.” Even in the darkness there will always be sources of light if you go looking for them.

    1. That is awesome, I love that thought, there is a light everywhere, if you will only go looking for it. Thank you Matt for the comment and the visit!!

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