The Voice In My Heart

“Everyone who has the will, can her their inner voice. It is within everyone.”  Gandhi

inner voiceToday I am particularly grateful for my inner voice and the fact that I am learning to listen to it.

Turn Down the Noise

Each of our minds are a nonstop factory of thought.  All of our waking hours there are new thoughts being created, old thoughts being revisited and other people’s thoughts being entertained. 002_InnerVoice_AR_241_pg247_600x480_Eleesha_Inspiration_Quote_Affirmation2 We can’t help but to think, it is the job of the mind.

What a Year

I learned people from Croatia are not good at hide and go seek
I learned people from Croatia are not good at hide and go seek

This is the end of the Super Gratitude Project on my website, it has been 31 days of nonstop gratitude.  I have looked for things to be grateful about and fortunately it hasn’t been all that hard.  For the final day I decided to express my gratitude for the entire year and all of the people I met. They changed my life!

Family First

quotes-and-images-family-love-family-quotes-24132It is Day 30 of the Super Gratitude Challenge which means, only one more day to go.  Today I am going write about how grateful I am for the experience of having a great family.  Not everything in my life was perfect but there are a lot of things to be grateful for and I want to share just a few.

My Grandparents

I was fortunate to have a relationship with all of my grandparents, which was unique and I treasure.  I also had the great good fortune of knowing all but one of my great grandparents as  well.  This extended family connection allowed me to be spoiled and feel like I was the center of a lot of people’s lives.

Thank You Great Story Tellers

ithinkthereforeiblogAs I move to Day 27 of my Super Gratitude Project I would be remiss if I didn’t show my gratitude for the experience of blogging itself.   I have been fortunate enough to fall into this strange little world and it has truly been a wonderful rabbit hole experience.

That’s Where I Come From

Today I am expressing my gratitude for Growing up in Greenville, Maine.  There have been few influences on my life greater than this.  The foundation of who I am today was built on the streets, in the school, in my home and with the people I shared the experience with.


Winter is a long season in Greenville, it makes you tough. and you really like spring! the Katahdin is a iconic boat that cruises Moosehead Lake, and of course an image of Mt. Kineo. All images of home.
Winter is a long season in Greenville, it makes you tough and you really like spring! the Katahdin is an iconic boat that cruises Moosehead Lake, and of course an image of Mt. Kineo. All images of my youth and this wonderful place.

Small Town To Say the Least, Greenville, Maine

Greenville was and is a very small town, but it was the only town I knew as home as a child. There are two sides of the coin when you

Don’t Fear the Darkness

relax-and-succeed-i-am-grateful-for-the-darkness It seemed like there should be a mention of the gratitude I have for the down times, the darkness, and the sorrows of life.

Why am I grateful for these things?  Well, really there is no other choice because these things are going to exist whether I am grateful for them or not.  But when you think about it the presence of difficulties and hardships are a vital part of the journey.  They reveal much about ourselves, what we are really made off and force us to grow.

Let’s Get Creative!

Reaching Day 15 of my Super Duper Gratitude Project has brought me to a topic that I face Creativity-quotes141each and every day.  I am grateful for the fact that I am able to be creative.  The writing process is the place where I find most of my creative outlet, but it is not the only one I have tried.  It may be the only one I care to share but creativity in any medium can free up your mind and allow you to become more productive, expressive and even happier.

Music Makes It Better

My Top Ten Music Countdown
My Top Ten Music Countdown

Day 11 of my special gratitude project has me thinking of music.  Music plays such a big part in most peoples lives, it is no different to me.  The music sets the mood and can latch on to a memory and allow you to be transported to a particular place and time simply by hearing the notes.  I almost always put a song at the end of every post, not because they need it, but it makes it better to read if you listen to the song as you read.  Try it.

Good Morning

morning hopeNow as we move on in the super gratitude project I am going to say that Day 9 is upon us. Today I am expressing my gratitude for the opportunity that each day brings and the fact that I am looking for it.

Focus on What you Have

So many times in life, it is easy to focus on the things that we are lacking. Fame, money, a brand new black supercharged Ford Mustang.  All of these things can make our life seem like it isn’t what it should be.  Yet the facts are indisputable and can’t be changed, in the dawn of each new day exists the infinite possibility of accomplishment.

It’s a Friendship Thing

grateful for friendship
I have known this guy for over forty years and he still makes me laugh by ignoring signs and being funny. (he is trespassing)

Day 4 of Gratitude Project-

It should not be difficult to look at ones friends and to feel an overwhelming gratitude.  For me that is certainly the case.  Friendship isn’t a relationship that you can buy or force anyone to participate in, it is a connection over a shared experience that binds you to that other person in a positive way.   I think that the right positive friendships in life can enhance your life.  At this point, I have come to realize that all friends are not created equal, but all friendships are a valuable thing, and here are my thoughts on why.

Found My Voice

my computer for expression
My computer allowed my voice to be heard.

Gratitude Day 3-  In much of my adult life there was a voice inside of me that had no expression.  There were thoughts that were forced to lay dormant and unexpressed, feeling no life except for the minuscule moments that thought sparked a light on them, only to see them cast back into the darkness from which they so hopefully emerged.

My voice, for whatever reason could not speak these thoughts or express the feelings they evoked, for many years this was the game, until one day, I found that I had another voice.  This voice was not an uttered word, but a written one.

Grateful for Change

leaves change and so do we
A picture I took at a random location of the fall foliage.

Gratitude Project  – The lessons that nature teaches us are on display all around us each and every day.  All we have to do is listen and being fortunate enough to live in an area the has a distinct four seasons, I am lucky to experience these changes and I am grateful for it.

A Good Cup of Coffee

gratitude for coffee
One of my favorite coffee stops was Tim Horton’s, now they are gone from the area but I am grateful for them still.

Day 2 of Gratitude project-  When I look back on my gratitude journals for the past year, I am continually grateful for the delicious cup of coffee I am usually enjoying at the time I am contemplating all that I am feeling grateful for.  Yet I think it is more than that.

Gratitude Day 1

OK, reading the title, this may not be “super” but I think it will be fun and interesting.

gratitude project, Jonathan Hilton
Reading is, in fact, very cool. If you can’t read, it is hard to grow.

Being grateful is an important part of any person’s life. If you lack gratitude then you are going to be finding lack in a lot of areas in your life.

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”   ― Marcel Proust