Winds of Change

winds of changeThe most powerful constant in life is the experience of change. We try to ignore it, and if things are going well we resist change, but inevitably and continually change is occurring all the time and how we deal with the changes that we face will define our life experience.  Change doesn’t have to provide a painful experience, it is our attachments to what is that causes the pain.  By Allowing changes to enter our lives rather than fight against them will determine your happiness.

Hang On For All You Are Worth

When the winds of change are blowing hard in your life, there are some pretty predictable responses people usually have. The most common reaction is to grasp hard and fast to whatever it is that is changing and try to keep it the same. It has hold on tightlybeen my experience that it doesn’t matter if the change results in greater happiness or not.  It is what is known that is important to most people. Even if it is painful and not really healthy, at least you know what you can expect from it. Change brings a lot of unknowns with it and even if it is good, the unknown is very scary for many people. They naturally resist.

Fear causes people to hang on for all that they are worth to the past and cling to the known. Let go of the fear and accept the new change as bravely as possible. The odds are that it will bring something new and more positive into your life. Either way, the change is happening how you deal with it is going to determine the mood of your existence.

Enjoy the Adventure of Change

Change brings with it the ultimate opportunity for new and wonderful possibilities in your life. Embracing the energy of change can guide you toward a dream you always have had. If you are not Change2where you want to be in life, only change can take you there. Looking at change as the most exciting thing that ever existed will allow you to enjoy the adventure that change brings into your life. The unending line of possibilities just waiting for you to join them.

New job, new relationship, new workout routine, new ideas, new thoughts, new life, change will bring all of these to your life and none can arrive without it.  Most of us sit by idly fearing the steps that change requires. We cower in the enjoy the ridecorner grasping to practices, people and things in our lives that are clearly not working in any way, shape or form.

Look for the change in your life each day and embrace it as a great opportunity. Life is a non-stop movement from one place to another, from birth to death and everything in between. It is up to you to learn the lessons, understand the differences, and experience the adventures that come with life.  Some will be monumental in stature while others will be small and easy to digest. All of them will guide you along the path of life and make the journey much more interesting along the way.

3 thoughts on “Winds of Change”

  1. what an exciting new look!!! I’ve been more busy than a flea with a team of dogs this last week and am finally getting back to what I normally do. change does take courage and it will happen whether we want it or not. for better or for worse, it will move in a new direction. no one wants to stay stagnant, not really! dead gross nasty pools of water are not worth being around. unless you happen to be a larvae of some sort of bug!

    1. It is exciting that you are so busy Kris, hope you are finding time for you. Embrace the changes. 🙂 I like to change things up from time to time to see what works best. I have to practice what I preach and embrace changes.

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