by Jon Hilton

summer camp

The place I called home this summer.

There are a few things in my life that have come to represent all that I believe in, and one of the most visible has been this very blog you are reading right now.  It is in this space that I have started to try to piece together the ideas that will help me to understand how to live a successful, happy and fulfilling life.

For much of this year I have been diligent in posting most every day about something that was on my mind, a philosophy or a question, and that was a great source of learning and enjoyment for me.  Yet there was something missing, something that I needed and that thing was a forum to test my theories and see if I could be true to my philosophies in real life.

That place was the Maine Golf and Tennis Academy.  I was fortunate to be hired there to work as a camp administrator, where my duties ranged from hiring staff, working out the logistics of transportation for staff and campers and basically problem solving all of the big and little problems that came up during the course of a summer.

The problem with this job, was that it was an all encompassing experience, and although I

Some of the great people at camp.

Some of the great people at camp.

tried to keep up with writing in the beginning, I soon found myself overwhelmed with work from 7:15 in the morning until roughly 10-11-30 at night.   I am not complaining about the hours because most of them were spent with great people, and I was able to try to live by my ideals.  Honesty, integrity, and a positive attitude were to be challenged on a daily basis, by the attitudes and beliefs of others.

Early on I decided that the drama of this camp and the lives surrounding it would make for an interesting story and it will, for that experience alone the camp was worth it.   That will happen in the future as I chronicle all of the strange and unique experiences that happened in this place. My only hope is to honestly relay all that I saw in a truthful manner.

There have been many lessons learned this summer from how important it is to treat people well to why meetings of any kind are generally something I don’t like.  But the

Picture I took on my last day, everyone else was gone home, just a soccer ball left with nobody to use it.

Picture I took on my last day, everyone else was gone home, just a soccer ball left with nobody to use it.

biggest lesson I learned is that my creative outlet of writing on this blog was something that I took for granted.

So I am back from camp and moving into a new phase of my life, it is time to spread my wings a bit and see the world, because there are so many things I have never seen personally.  I need to know what else is out there outside of my comfort zone.  So if you have been a reader in the past, I say to you, “Welcome back, I have missed you!”  If you are a new reader I say, “Welcome, it is great to see you here!”

I am committing to writing more of my experiences which I hope will help you and me understand this life a little bit better.  I wish you all the best and thank you for just being here.

An appropriate song for how it felt at the end of this experience.