What Goes Around

Much of what I learn from other bloggers.
Much of what I learn from other creators.

What Goes Around Comes Around 

Finding motivation for new topics can be difficult and sometimes it is way more challenging than others.  Living in Maine there are a lot of inspirations; natural beauty, people, space all can contribute.   Yet the great thoughts I have been exposed to through reading great blogs online can really fuel the fire of creativity.  Below are some of the motivation I have been lucky to be exposed to. Mindfulness, listening, facing fear, and of course what goes around, does, in fact, come back around to you. What you send out does reappear in your life and it leads to some of the most interesting writing.

Mindfulness is Important

mindfulnessIn so many ways, I can lose focus on what I am currently doing. Sometimes my mind runs backward into the mist of the past. Just as often it is pulled forward into the fantasy of what may come.

Still more taxing to my mind is the practice of trying to do 12 things at once. I lose focus on enjoying whatever I am doing in the name of a hurry.  All of the things that I accomplished today I was careful to do them each one at a time, or at least when I caught myself doing something and thinking about something else, I re-focused on the task at hand.   I found that I got all of the tasks done better and completed them quicker.

One of the great things I read was all of the helpful exercises that you can do to bring yourself back into the moment.  These are simple things and some can even be done in the middle of work because they don’t take much time, and they are unobtrusive.  Some are more for the home.  I like to try new things so this added some interesting thought to my day as well as making me more productive and enjoying life much more.

Listen to Your heart

Quiet the mind. listen carefully.
Quiet the mind. listen carefully.

It doesn’t matter what your religion or philosophy is, as a human being living on the face of the Earth you have to deal with the voices of your Ego. Without going into a lot of detail, this is the voice you often hear that tells you negative things about yourself. Its major function is to keep you safe, but in doing that it can provide devastating feedback and negative comments that destroy your self-esteem.

Today I was reminded that even though you may never be able to get rid of this part of yourself altogether, you can learn to listen to it less and less.  Through practice, you can recognize when these thoughts come to you.  Anytime you think, “I am not good enough”, or “You most likely will fail.” Then you are listening to your ego. The alternative is to listen to your heart.

Your heart knows all and what is best for you and can answer any question because your heart is your connection to the universe.  The voice of the heart is not as loud as the ego. Much like it is difficult to hear sound advice with a siren screaming in your ear, the ego distracts and drowns out this voice you should be hearing.  It is always there, always has been and always will be. You simply need to ask a question and be able to listen for the answer.

I do not want to be a cowardly lion.
I do not want to be a cowardly lion.

 Facing My Fear

I have had cause to reflect, that no matter how much distance we have covered in life there are still some fears that I need to address on a nearly daily basis to be free of their influence.  For me, it is the fear of worrying about what other people think of me.  How much that shyness affected me all of my life and this is a daily battle that exists each and every day.

I am sure there are others who understand what I speak about, the feeling of just wanting to fit in and not stand out in any way because then you might be afraid all of your faults will be noticed by the world.   The side effect of this thought pattern is that you are afraid to let anyone really see the real you, which is too much of a risk.  This can stop you from enjoying many things in life.

As you grow older and experience teaches you other lessons, you get to a point where you have to just say to hell with all of that stuff. Be yourself. some will like it and some will not, that is the way life goes. At least when you close your eyes at night, you know that you have been the most honest version of yourself that you can be. We can’t do any better than that

What Goes Around, Comes Back Around

goes aroundThis was a song by Justin Timberlake, and I was reminded that I do not have a high respect for his acting ability, but more importantly I remembered the truth of this phrase in life.

Basically, it is a karmic statement that what you put out into the world is going to come back to you and most often with a little extra.  Most significantly today I was thinking about how we treat others.  If you lie to someone and treat them unfairly then someone is most likely going to treat you unfairly.

Often times we are so personally involved in the situations of our lives that we never notice this game in action until you take a step back and look at the whole game board, that we can see the connection between our own actions and the experiences we have.

I only know that my decision is, to be honest, kind, caring and thoughtful because that is all I can control in life.

 In Order To Move Forward, Leave the Past Behind You

This is a part of what I read today:

I wish you gone, dear memory,
I wish I didn’t have to remember every detail…..

I wish I could be free
Of the shackles that you have in me…..

I wish for forgiveness
I wish for it to never have happened….

forget pastI remembered how this felt.  We have all been there, a person is gone and it is for good. There may have been good reasons, but even though they are gone a part of them remains. The pain is caused by a longing for the past.   Eventually, we learn to move on and let it go, the shackles of that memory are loosed and you find that love isn’t a prison sentence placing you in a memory cell, it is the power that sets you free.

Final Thought

Really today I was struck by so much good writing and thought that I could really have kept going but I only have a bit of time to write.  Now my secret is out, I get much of my motivation and inspiration from the people who create so wonderfully each and every day! Each creator provides a garden of ideas and a playground for thought!

What other song could I choose for this?




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    1. ha, ha thank you Kris. I love your description a garden of flowers, that is what I shoot for. You are such a positive influence!

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