We All Are Superman

 How Super Are You?  (Hint: Pretty Super)

we are all superman
There is a Superman inside each of us

Who hasn’t imagined at some point in their lives that they were a superhero like Superman? Of course, we all have looked at the super powers of Superman and wondered what life would be like with that power. It is amazing to me that so many people don’t see the powers they possess. Strength, character and a commitment to truth and justice as well.

Hiding Our Inner Superman

My fascination with superheroes has been lifelong, but I would never have admitted it because I never wanted people to know what Clark Kent I really was. Hiding my inner thoughts to avoid being detected by society and putting them at risk of destruction.  There is an easy connection from everyone’s mind to the Superman folk tale because in one way or another we have all lived it. Yes, we are all Supermen (or women).

Even though we don’t have “super powers” or at least I don’t, there is an inner talent that we are all born with which is unique and totally yours.  This is something that may be

there is a clark kent in us too
We all hide our own Clarke Kent identity

artistic and creative or really anything that is uniquely you.  Our lives tend to make us hide this, “true identity” from the world. The duplicitous nature that seems to exist in many people’s lives and allows us to relate to our superheroes from the time we are very young.  We all had to act “well behaved” in certain circumstances and not like our normal wild heathen selves.  Our Clark Kent personalities were for Sundays and special occasions. Our superhero side came out every other time of day.

Like Superman, We all Have Kryptonite

An even deeper psychological connection exists, between all people and Superman, and that is because we all have Kryptonite.  Kryptonite represents Superman’s childhood, his beginning and it can destroy him. If anyone finds out about his origins than he may just be destroyed.  How many people have felt exactly the same way? Our own childhoods, good or bad tend to provide us with the same quandary. If people knew about them then they may not like us or reject us and in effect destroy us.  Much like Superman and Kryptonite, we are all afraid of our past and that fear may ultimately lead to our destruction.

The idea of Superman, to most people, is that even though he has a past, and just might be destroyed, he still takes on the danger to do what is right.  This, I believe is the part of the folk tale that we all hope we can adopt.  There are continuous opportunities daily to “Do the right thing”, even if it is not easy.  Knowing what is right and doing what is right is a problem that has perplexed man since there was first a significant thought. However, despite all of this, there are still people who choose to take the high road, regardless of the cost to themselves.  These are the superheroes that do exist, and probably at one point in their very young lives, tied a blanket around their neck and jumped from the top of the couch, believing that they could fly.

You will Fly Again

Even if you have fallen at one point in life or even two or ten, there is still a power of

fly like superman
If you have ever made your own cape, you believed in Superman

goodness within you that can rise again. The superhero can dust off the cape and remember the things that make they powerful and unique individuals. Choosing the path that is right for you can start anew each and every day. Superman can rise again, today.



Some will tell you that Superman never existed, and the stories are just entertainment, others will hear this diagnosis, smile and never reveal the truth. Superman exists as much as you want him to, inside each and every one of us.



4 thoughts on “We All Are Superman”

  1. love. pretending to be something else is so much fun. my son said he preferred talking to girls on stage because the script gave him his lines. a friend who was a mascot said she could do anything in that costume and no one pinged her for her behavior. their kryptonite…and mine is fear. fear to go off script, to be herself outside of a costume, to let people in and see who I am. people are SCARY!!!!!

    1. We all wear masks don’t we? Faces that we mre sure will be accepted in the circumstances we are in. I think in my life, I became so good at creating and wearing the mask others expected that I totally forgot exactly who I was in the first place. I think that is the real fear for everyone. To be seen as you really are and be rejected. 🙁 But in truth to be ourselves is the only way to be happy. So the challenge is to face fear, be ourselves and not be attached to the thoughts of others. Sounds simple but it is scary. All the world’s a stage and we are merely players…….

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