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words powerI think that the right words can make all of the difference in everything from the power of your conversations to the value of your work to others. Words contain within them power and with that power, there is an opportunity to allow you to change the way others see the world, or even change the value of your own ideas. Choose your words wisely. 

Word Power

Every word contains within it a certain amount of power. The power to draw out your imagination or cause a strong emotional response from anyone who hears it.  Each thought that we have is a personal thing and can only be shared once they are paired with the right combination of language. You 41kF3Emr+sL._SX300_demonstrate this each day in your personal interactions in your life at work, home or out and about in society. Changing certain words in your vocabulary can change the way that others interact with you.

Words have the power to encourage someone who is down. They can motivate anyone who hears them. Words can make the lonely feel loved and the lost understand what it is to be found. Words can provide calmness for those that are angry, uplift those who need it, praise the worthy and teach powerful lessons to those who need to hear them. Yet there is, of course, a negative side to words as well, they can be used to destroy people, level self-esteem, wreck someone’s character, desensitize people to the humanity of another. Words can also destroy the positive light that is located within each person.  Words contain within them the power to build and destroy and the wielder of them makes the decision which direction their words are headed.

Take Care With Your Words

It is up to you which words you use and the damage or healing that they bring to the world. If you choose carefully your wordsto disparage and destroy someone, that is what you will bring with your words. Much like magic spells mentioned in fairy tales of youth, our words work on the fates of all involved. You have the power to tear someone down to their foundation and make it almost impossible for them to build themselves back up again. If you gossip, speak in anger, tell lies, are mean or cast aspersions on others then your words will leave quite a path of destruction in their wake. The funny thing about this is that those who use their words to destroy others are in the end destroyed themselves.

If you choose to use your words for healing and to build people up, you will, in turn, be built up and encouraged in your journey.  Words of kindness, understanding, acceptance, encouragement or love are going to lift up others and allow them to see the best of themselves through your eyes. Think of the most motivational quote you have ever read or heard. It is nothing but the well thought out the use of words, spreading their magic into your mind.  The right words bloom and grow into other positive thoughts, feelings, and ideas that can improve your life, the lives of those you care about and the world.

Do not be frivolous with your words, use them wisely. Think before you speak. Look to encourage and to support in all things and you will have done a little part in making the world a better place.

Rumors are one of the most destructive uses of words.

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