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time for changeSometimes you reach the point where things are just not working. Clearly, there needs to be a change. The path of your life is dictated at this moment. Good, bad, successful, right, or wrong all of these adjectives will be applied to your journey depending on the tenor of the choices that you make at the prospect of change. Some people will look at their circumstances and see no choices at all. There are always choices and they usually triggered by the questions that we ask ourselves about moving forward. There has to be a basic belief that life can be something different from what you are experiencing now.

There are always choices and they usually triggered by the questions that we ask ourselves about moving forward. There has to be a basic belief that life can be something different from what you are experiencing now.

Believe Change is Possible

The first step to initiating change is to believe that it is possible. Many people have been told so many believe in Changelimiting things their entire lives that change seems like a fairytale that is located in the far reaches of reality. We hear, “You can’t do that.”, “You are wrong for thinking that way.”, “You can’t make a living doing that.”, “Your dreams are unrealistic or impractical.”, or “That is not normal.”.

All of these ideas that we have chosen throughout our lives have managed to provide us with limiting beliefs that have managed to paint us into the corner of life we are currently living in. If you are unhappy then it is time to change then it is going to start with these limiting beliefs. All of them will have as much power as you give them. It may not be easy, but it can be done and it can be done, now, today, here this very second.

Can Be Hard To Let Go

One of the funny things about being human is that even though things may be bad, not enjoyable, hard to changeunhappy or even downright depressing. We seem to be wired to resist change, to step back from it. Change is the only real option, the road to change is right in front of us and we either stand still, refusing to take it or worse retreat from it. It exists and we are moving down that road, like it or not.

The devil that you know is better than the one you don’t know, even an attractive change seems covered in peril. Our beliefs have been guiding us for a long time, and yes change might be better, but what if…………..they get worse. This is a fear that keeps many people away from changing behaviors that are clearly not making them happy.

Letting go of these comfortable, all be it, limiting beliefs always seems to start with a question.

What Changes am I looking for?

Any journey needs two things, a starting point, and a destination. The starting point is where you are and the destination will change as your understanding, life experiences and knowledge grows through time.

Hit your target by being clear about your desires.
Hit your target by being clear about your desires.

But it all begins with having the guts to create a goal to reach that destination you really want to arrive at. What is it that you want? If you don’t have it right now at this moment then clearly there is something blocking you from having it. If you are looking for the right relationship and you don’t have it, look inside yourself and see what you really believe about relationships. Find the negative points of views you have about love and relationships and recognize them for what they are, simply thoughts. They only have the power that you give them. Ask yourself, how can I change this? Why do I think this? LET IT GO!

It is like being in a prison where the doors are all unlocked and all you have to do to leave is push open the doors and walk out. Many stay, though because it is safe, secure and you always have the prison to blame for the things that you aren’t happy about. I would be rich, I would be happy, I would be in love if it wasn’t for these prison walls around me. You are the warden of your own prison and you can walk out at any time.

A Time For Action

All things of power need power to fuel them.  Your power comes from taking action. Action will eliminate fear. Action will answer questions. Action will take you from where you are to the destination you have take actiondescribed. Sitting around wishing will get you another day living exactly where you are. No house gets built without the action of putting up a frame, pounding nails into boards and putting on the roof.  The blueprints are great but the action of putting all together will give you the end result you want. Taking action can be difficult and taking the first action toward a dream can be the most intimidating of all. But there is a time for action and this is it for you.

Make a plan, decide what you want, ask for it, take action to get there and have the confidence in yourself that you deserve what will happen.  Get rid of limiting beliefs and unproductive points of view and move forward into a future that is made up of things you want and moves away from the situation that you are currently unhappy with.  You are the master of your own journey. It is time to start changing.

10 thoughts on “Start Changing”

  1. such a wise post. one of the things I’ve noticed in myself this last year or so is, I have no dreams or goals or targets to shoot for. whatever is, will be. kinda silly, huh????

    1. There have been times that I would say the exact same thing. Do things, have experiences and don’t be afraid to want what resonates with you. What feels good on the inside to you. Goals and dreams are something that for a lot of years I thought were for other people. Dreams, goals and hope for the future is important I think because they lead to action and creation. Read, experience and feel. Look at your thoughts and see what really resonates with you. It took me quite a bit of time to start to see the dreams I wanted, and to see the action that I needed to take. The journey is the thing. The trip toward the goal provides the stories in life that are great. The relationships that change you, and make you a better person. At least that is what I think Kris. 🙂

  2. Psychic you are. Right down to me signing Let It Go, which I learned from all the little girls on my bus, and Cool Change, which my husband has been stuck on for the last couple of weeks. 🙂 It’s almost fall and time to start changing.

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