Following Your Passion

follow your passion
Follow your passion down the path of life.

Life has a plan for our lives. That is something that is becoming clearly factual to me. Each of our experiences is brought into our consciousness for a reason and our job is to glean the lesson, understand the content and grow onto the next adventure. The challenge is to be able to get the lesson, not be overwhelmed and lose your way. I am sure there is a path for all of us. Follow your passion for discovering where your path will be leading you.

Dreams Gone With Childhood

The journey starts when we are young. People are not complicated at that point, we like to play and do the things that naturally make us happy. Then society takes over by placing their expectations on us and making judgments about the activities that make us happy.  This judgment usually comes in the measure of career prospects of any interest that you have.  “You won’t be able to make a living doing that!”

So we put those things away and think about “realistic” careers we can make money at. So we look for the most obscure connection to anything there is an interest in. I like animals, perhaps I should be a veterinarian? Do I like athletics, maybe an athletic trainer? Those are fine career choices if your passion is really in that area but often these are goals that we are simply settling for because our real passion is

follow your passion
If you don’t nobody else will

deemed unrealistic. The passion of our life is buried under the weight of expectation and realism until we forget it even existed. It is gone with our childhood.

We Remember

Eventually, though, we will start to remember. There will be a situation in life that brings up a memory and reminds you of your passion. It is a subtle hint at first, a distant reminder of the dreamer that you used to be. Do you recall? When you look at your life and feel something is missing it most likely is.  I found what was missing was this dream I had when being young. My gifts have been in the area of creativity and in encouragement of others.

Follow Your passion
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We are all brainwashed at some point to forget our “silly” dreams and interests to become solid citizens with unlimited earning potential as a lawyer or a doctor, regardless if there is any real passion for the profession or not. You can make a living at it. That seems to be the greatest goal of our society, make a decent living. If you are listening to this story of what the world wants, it is impossible to pursue and remember what it is that you want and the happiness that brings to you.

You Will Be You

follow your passion
Sometimes the path looks uncertain but follow it anyway, you have no real choice!

In the end, when the journey is over, regardless of your path and the experiences that you have along the way, you are going to be you. All of the adjectives of your accomplishments are going to be cast aside and it is going to be you, at the end of your life and you will see exactly who you are. At that point, you are going to remember exactly who you are. Were you true to yourself in life? Did you remember in time? Did you take a chance and act on your passions?

I don’t think we have a choice. If you look deeply at yourself, you will remember your passion and regardless of how far you believe you are from it, it is always seeking you. Life will put you in a position to remember what you love. Your part is to pay attention and take action in that direction. The rest will take care of itself.

I know we are taught that we have to do everything to create the lives that will make us happy. But it is my experience that we only need to do our part and life will help with the rest. It may not look exactly like you envisioned but you almost always end up on the path you belong if you allow it to happen. There is a path made just for you.

3 thoughts on “Following Your Passion”

  1. We are all of us walking upon the path we are meant to be on.. And I agree the lessons are there so that we can grow from them.. Today we have been so ‘brainwashed’ in our society .. And our world is a reflection of our thoughts…
    Excellent post Jonathan.

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