Painful Power

greatnessLife isn’t always easy. The path of least resistance is most often not going to be your path.  Hardships and chaos can make you wonder what this is all for. Why do we have to experience painful moments? What is the point?

I have found accepting the difficult parts of life to be the hardest lessons learned. They are painful and cause you to look deep inside of yourself to find the truth.  You can feel angry, upset or out of control. Whatever your reaction to the events of your life, understand that the events are not going to change, but the reaction and growth you experience will.  So what is the point?

Strength is Revealed

We all have talents and skills within ourselves. Many painof these aren’t near the surface as we are developing. It often takes a tragic event, or significant change in life to allow our talnets to rise. The fire of the experience will allow you to become more aware of your skill set. They also provide you with the opportunity to develop them into a weapon of success.

As painful as events are to us, they allow the possibility for significant growth and the development of strength within. Going through a difficult time, people can rarely step back and get a perspective that shows this. When you are hurting all that most can think is just about stopping the pain. Some people never survive this difficult, and the pain wins.  Yet there are those who are driven to unimaginable heights by the unfortunate events in their lives. What happens to you as an individual in your darkest hour is totally your choice to make.

You Contain Greatness Within

Once you decide to accept the circumstances that you are in then you can also gain the lessons that life has to give you.  Life is going to change, it is changing each avoiding growthand every second of each and every day. Once you reach the level of acceptance then you can start to move forward. Life doesn’t end for you when you lose a job, a relationship ends, or a death of a loved one occurs. Life continues on and you have the choice what part of that you are going to be. An observer or a participant.

Life is never going to be perfect, and in the imperfections, the greatest possibilities for growth and triumph exist.  All great creations, inventions, and findings have come in this space of imperfection. There is no need to fear it or let the past tragic events of your life rob you of treasure in you. All people experience tragedy of one sort or another, that is part of life. Will your tragedy define you or does it propel you forward to greatness? That is the choice you have today.

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