positive thought“Every good thing begins with one positive thought.” ~Bryant Mcgill

What small positive thought are you having right now that could lead to any number of good things? Our thoughts remind me of making snowballs when I was young. You start with a small round ball that easily fits in the hands of the smallest of children. Then you put it on the snow and start to roll it along. The ball will grow, in size as long as you can find the power to push it along.  Soon you have created a snowball that is so big it is difficult to pick up.  That is the way of out thoughts, as we move them around they collect more of the same positive energy that formed it and soon your little thought has transformed into an action, which can be duplicated by others and soon it can’t be stopped. You are the potential catalyst for all good things that happen in the world.

Positive Thinking

positive thought
Like a snowball rolling down a hill, your positive thought can grow to enormous size! Choose carefully your small thoughts, they can destroy or create the world.

So what does it mean to have to think more positively?  Every second of each day there is a choice that all people have in regards to the thoughts they entertain. There are thousands on the docket, but you can only choose one at any given moment to focus on. When you choose the thoughts of love over fear you are on your way to a positive mind frame.

To be more specific about these choices there are choices of love over hate, laughter over crying, creating over destroying, perseverance over quitting, praise rather than gossip, healing thoughts and actions over those that hurt another or yourself, giving rather than taking, action over procrastination, growth over stagnation, or choose to live rather than to simply exist.  Each positive decision will allow for your energy to grow, in either direction. Positive or negative it is all up to you and the smallest positive thought can lead to at least one small good thing. As with all things, there is a possibility of growth, just like the snowball.  This can be created in the either direction, again chosen by you.

What Are You Growing Today?

So the challenge for you today is to look at the thoughts that you are entertaining. Where do they fall on the chart, positive or negative? Our thoughts lead positive thoughtto words, which lead to actions which lead to the reality that we are experiencing. Look at your thoughts critically and ask: Is this a thought I would like to grow? If it isn’t then it is time to make some different choices.

Each of us is responsible for the reality we create through our thoughts and our personal energy. Are your snowballs made of white clean snow that contains within it all of the potentials of life? Or do they contain the dirt and grime of life which are brought on by negativity?  Life is all created through energy and you, yes you, play a part in the charge of the energy around you in your life. Positive attracts positive, and negative attracts the same.  So the snowball that you hold in your hand at the beginning is going to determine the type of creation you are left with in the end. You are responsible for that in all moments of your life.

Every good thing begins with one positive thought.  Keep in mind that the reverse is also true.

7 thoughts on “Snowball”

  1. You know…that Michael Jackson song has a lot in common with Garth Brooks’ The Change, which I find inspiring.

    “I hear them saying that you’ll never change things,
    And no matter what you do, it’s still the same thing.
    But it’s not the world that I am changing.
    I do this so this world will know
    That it will not change me.
    As long as one heart still holds on
    Then hope is never really gone.”

  2. nuther great song! This post makes a ton of sense. As usual. Like those ripples in the water. What we drop into the pool of water makes it expand and we may never know how far they will go.

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