Power of Positive Thinking

positive thinking One of the peculiar aspects of this human experience is that the content of our thoughts seem to dictate what happens in our lives. That is the power of positive thinking. The thoughts we have about ourselves and others determine how happy we are, how fulfilling our relationships are and how we affect all those we come in contact with. The thoughts we give our attention to will dictate our emotional outlook. Dwelling on the negative thoughts such as jealousy, envy, fear, or judgment will inject your life with negatives. Whereas focusing on positive thoughts of acceptance, kindness, understanding and love the result will be emotions and feelings that are positive. Our thoughts are a direct cause for our emotional state. We are in control of the thoughts we entertain at any moment, completely and without question. Your thoughts and attitude dictate the reality of your life. Positive thinking is a choice of which thoughts you focus on.

The Opposite is Always Available

So how do you control the thoughts that you pay attention to? For all of the emotions we experience, they are all brought on by the series of thoughts we are focusing our attention on. If you are constantly degrading positive thinking yourself and your abilities, it isn’t any wonder that you are depressed about your prospects and abilities? It may be a subconscious choice, but you are choosing the thoughts that you are identifying with. The opposite thought and corresponding actions and emotions are always available to you. That is the power that positive thinking gives you.

Think about the things that make a smile come to your face, and a smile will come. The mind has the ability to provide all that we need to feel happy, successful and complete. Or it can make you feel depressed, defeated and hopeless, there is only one person who decides which reality you are experiencing. Your choice of thought. All are available in the carnival of life and you are the artist that chooses the colors that represent your interest and even the effect you have on others.

Proactive Thought

Since our thoughts are such a big part of our lives, it would seem that we would guard them, protect positive thinking them and be proactive about the ones you pay attention to. It can be easy to let others choose them for you in our society. The media choose what is desirable, our friends, our families or those we meet in passing. If you don’t watch your thoughts someone else will be dictating how you feel about yourself and the talent that you possess.

You should understand that each person is totally unique from all others and in that originality can provide something the world has never seen or considered. A unique portrait in a world that is constantly trying to make us all the same. You were not born to be small, so don’t think small. You were born to live your life in your own unique way, bring your talent to the table and let others see it. The  biggest limiting factor you will face is the critic in your head that causes you to focus on negative thoughts about you and others.  If you choose to listen you will limit your experience and your consciousness. To expand these things and grow as a person, simply takes a bit of positive thinking.

The benefit of having a negative thought and emotional experience is that you can get a really clear picture of what you don’t want in your life, which will lead you to what you do want.  Become adept at recognizing the thoughts that put you in a negative situation and which thoughts will bring you out of it. All of this is a result of paying attention to what you think.


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  1. LOVE this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it is crazy how even if I haven’t read you for a few days, your ideas come out in what I’m thinking! very cool.

    1. that is pretty amazing! I guess great minds do think alike. Glad you like the song. It was a good choice for me. 🙂

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