512566070029080548_1356144434Bad days happen. We fall down, we make mistakes, and things fall apart. That is life, but it has been my observation that the people who move swiftly through these mishaps and enjoy the positive side of life have developed habits that are worth emulating.  It is easy to let negativity creep into our lives as we live day to day, but consciously focusing our thoughts on the positives that exist in life will provide value where it seems that none really exists.  Being in love with your life during each minute is the secret to happiness. Accepting the bitter with the sweet.

It is easy to let negativity creep into our lives as we live day to day, but consciously focusing our thoughts on the positives that exist in life will provide value where at first it seems that none really exists.  Being in love with your life during each minute is one of the secrets to happiness that makes life great. Accepting the bitter with the sweet. Of course that can be a hard thing.

Let Worry and Fear Go

It is a natural part of our society to look at the future with worry and fear. tumblr_l86giqztyy1qcugwco1_500What if I don’t have enough? What if the money runs out? What if I am alone? What if nobody is there to love me?  All of these questions and more are going to build a worry and fear into today that will rob you of any enjoyment you may experience today. You have the money, you are loved, you have enough all of these things are happening right now, enjoy them.

Happy people tend to focus on the positive things in their life right now and have a gratitude for them. the future is uncertain at best, and it will happen, it could be great or not so great. Why let it take away from the certainty that is good today? Let worry and fear go, they are limiting and will only make you unhappy. Worriers are generally people who are grasping at control when situations become uncontrollable. No amount of worry or fear is going to stop thing

Watch The Words

Words have a power that most people fail to recognize. Words have the power to build, encourage, love, or support. They have equal power to tear Quotes-watch-your-Wordsdown, discourage, hate or undermine. The way you use your words will dictate the energy they have for others and for yourself.  If your words are focused on gossip and complaining then your life will be filled with a lot of misery.

Watch your words and how many are spent on complaining about circumstances in your life or gossiping about the life of others. That will provide the energy to bring you and everyone you deal with down. Misery loves company and so does contentment. Watch your words, are they positive or negative? The words you use will define your experience every day. Avoid Gossip and complaining, what you focus on in life increases.

Comparison and Jealousy

Happy people don’t spend their time comparing their life and accomplishments to others. That is one of the surest ways to build misery. The lives and accomplishments of others are not your business. People comparison-is-the-thief-of-joysee success for others and feel jealousy. Why not be supportive of all people? It is based out of the misconception that there is a finite amount of anything in the world. The truth is that there is plenty of wealth, success, and happiness for everyone.

When you concern yourself with your success and happiness and how you behave, not only will positive things happen for you, but you will enjoy it more. Time spent being jealous or envious of someone else’s success is foolish and self-defeating. The accomplishment of goals is a good thing and should be commended and applauded. It proves that all people can be successful, wealthy, creative and happy, INCLUDING YOU!

Life Is Hard, Not!

If you entertain the limiting belief that life is hard then it surely will be. That is a simple fact that people who are happy ignore and look at life quite differently.  Life is meant to be an adventure with a lot of twists and turns, and each can bring happiness into your life if you let it. All people dont believeexperience loss in life, the loss is a lesson we all have to deal with. It is your attitude about the loss that will define the rest of your life.

If you believe that there is no way your life can be good again, it most likely won’t be. That means that each loss, either a death, loss of a job, divorce or anything that is a loss, brings with it a possibility along with the loss. That is a fact, and it depends on the choices we make. We decide to not move forward, or not look for the new advantage. Happy people have found the secret of perspective, and we can all practice this by looking at life as a road of endless possibilities rather than life is hard. Your choice in this area will define what you feel about your experiences and of course your level of happiness and enjoyment.


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