Pain Is a Teacher

Thereledarning is a gift are few teachers in my life who have gotten my attention and held on to it quite like pain. When you are in pain there is no escaping the message. Pain is a neurological phenomenon that is vital to let us know something is wrong. It could be physically wrong or mentally wrong but either way, pain lets you know that something must change. Without exception, pain has changed me with each visit it has made to my life.

Pain is Temporary, Learning is Forever

Rarely is a pain a permanent condition, more often than not it is a temporary warning sign that something is not quite right. There may be some cases where arrow painchronic pain persists, fortunately for me, I have never experienced this.  Physical pain exists when you hurt your body in some way and although unpleasant, it can be healed with time, therapy and treatment. The presence of physical pain has caused you to change your outlook on life and/or your daily physical activities. This is true of a broken bone or a heart attack. Pain will change you permanently and force you to look for solutions to end it as quickly as possible forever.

Emotional or spiritual pain is something else. It is caused by the experiences we have and how they are registered in the mind. All people have felt heartbreak to some degree or another.  It is a mental condition
which causes a pain inside your emotional heart. This pain is calling out to be dealt with, but often it is too intense to handle appropriately. Many try to medicate themselves through drugs and/or alcohol, but when the effect wear off the pain is still there, seeking to be dealt with in a loving and caring manner. The scars that we leave behind are often major signposts in our lives and dictate a lot of our future experience.

It becomes the fear of the pain, even more than the pain that dictates our actions to self-medicate or behave in a poor manner to others. Hiding from the pain or preemptively eliminating the opportunity for pain to affect us. Once a fear is faced it will lose its power over us.

This type of pain has at times led to many defining moments in my life. From overcoming monumental losses of love. To appreciating the caring and kindness that others display in their dealings with people.  If life went along without pain as a teacher, many experiences wouldn’t carry the message that they do.

The value of relationships might be to understand when they are good and to appreciate those moments. We are not guaranteed anything in life, only the moment we are currently experiencing. Pain allows us to live in this moment and focus on the experience we are in right now. Understanding that it will pass and that you have just taken a vital, although painful step, down the road to wisdom, understanding and of course growth.

buddha-quotes-about-life-buddha-quotes-quotes-pictures-quotes-pictures-updated-daily-34593tumblr_mm72n2XIkL1s9u3jeo1_500Sometimes pain can seem like a friend to some. It allows them to know that they are still alive and can feel.  If the loss of any relationship is bothering you, pain can still be the sure connection to the one who has been lost.

I have definitely carried the pain further than I had to in order to keep the connection. In the end, though, the pain taught its lesson and moved on.  I had learned, changed, and in most cases grown as an individual with a capacity to love more for going through it. Although as I would also tell you, I wouldn’t recommend the entire experience to anyone.  Although pain is a proficient educator, the methodology leaves a lot to be desired.


10 thoughts on “Pain Is a Teacher”

  1. Pain right now teaches me to fight and stand up for myself. Albeit in the most childish of ways. That said I’m a total chicken and afraid of pain. The more I fear it the more it hurts me and it becomes this sweeping storm of madness inside me. I wish I was like those people who say ‘hit me at your hardest’ and walk away.

    1. Well “Mr. Tookles” At least you are fighting and standing up for yourself. You don’t need to add judgment to it by calling your actions childish. We are all afraid of pain to some degree. That is why it makes such a great teacher. The lessons hurt and they last. Sometimes the lessons leave limiting beliefs in their wake and that makes people really limit themselves I think.
      Honesty with yourself and others is the best policy.I wish I was one of those people who say that too. I do not like pain very much. Grateful for the time you spent reading and commenting. You are the best little robot I know. 🙂

    1. Thank you Kris. I think that having anything I have written be referred to as a blessing is one of the best compliments I have ever had! Thank you so much! 🙂

        1. I know, right? It would be a natural. To the pain, life is pain and anyone who tells you different is selling you something. 🙂

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