Working For A Living

Would you rather have less work or more work you actually enjoy doing?

dream-more-work-lessIn my life, there has always been a peculiar relationship with work. There were years where I immersed myself in it and built much of my own identity around what I did for a job.

 This is comforting because it is socially acceptable and it provides you with a sense of accomplishment.  Yet in the end, this sense of accomplishment is really a facade.

Benefits of Forgiveness

forgiveness 99To live life is to be let down. Disappointment just seems to come with the territory. We then have a few simple choices, to carry around the anger of being hurt or to forgive and move on. Sometimes the actions are so painful that it seems impossible to forgive like you will be letting the person that wronged you off the hook. That is the exact attitude that keeps you suffering and under the control of an event or actions of others for a long time.  There are many benefits of forgiveness the will make your life a more enjoyable experience.

Always a Choice

What do we all have in common that makes us human?

diffent the same

No matter where you are living or what you do to survive, life always boils down to the choices we make. From who you choose as friends to how responsible you are, it is all decided with a conscious decision on your part. We all have the ability to choose what we experience.

 Many people have a hard time accepting responsibility for these choices in their lives but if you look at yourself honestly and in an unbiased fashion, you will see the power your choices have had on the success or failure in your life.

The Thought Switch

change-your-thoughts-and-you-change-your-world147At each moment in the day, each thought that we entertain is a choice. Many times I find myself thinking a thought that is judgmental, negative or fear driven. Fortunately, with everything we think, the opposite is also available.  Like flipping a switch, we have the ability at any moment to turn off those negative thoughts and turn them into a positive. This is a thought switch that is available to you at all moments. Rather than complain, think something else.

12 Step Formula for Happiness

Want to be Happy?

Parents-can-only-give-good-advice-or-putMost people would love to live a happy life but find that the process of living life is stopping happiness from happening. Life challenges you with situations that force you to grow and learn. Happiness comes from within, building an acceptance of events and situations and knowing that they are meant to teach you something. Whether you enjoy the process is up to you.  Here are some things you can do to become happier with life today.

1. Never Forget You Are Great

You are great
You Are Great!

The first thing that I would want them to know is that they are great, powerful and they can do anything that they want to accomplish.

Lift Your Spirits


What lifts your spirits when life gets you down?

fffffNo matter how positive a person tries to be there are always going to be times when a person feels down and needs to have their spirits lifted.

The cause could be a relationship that has ended and you  can’t sleep, you are in the stage where the empty space inside of you may seem like it will never be filled. It may be a job you lost or a car that just died. It could even be a personal loss of a loved one passing away, leaving you down, sad and lonely.

For Crying Out loud

Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?

crying KidAs human beings, we are blessed with many different forms of expression.  Emotions are one of the things that not only help us express ourselves and communicate with others but they also work to communicate with ourselves exactly how we are feeling.

 When experiencing sadness or pain, sometimes people cry.  Does this show weakness or not?

Benefits of Taking Action

Taking action
Taking action can be scary but it is the one thing you can do right now to move toward your goals.

An individual’s greatest power is that they have the ability to analyze a situation, determine if it is beneficial to them and then taking action to enhance the current situation or to move in a new direction. Taking action is a necessary factor in any success story. Most often the difference between those who are successful and those who are not is the action that they take each day to move toward their goals. Want to write a book? Start writing. Want to build a car? Start building. Want to have love in your life? Start loving others. Making the conscious choice to take action is the most empowering thing that you can do.  Here are five benefits that taking action will bring into your life.

Where Happiness Comes From

Happiness withinHappiness comes from within each of us and it is up to us to make the decision whether we are happy with your relationships, jobs or lives. There are many reasons that I believe this to be true but here are a few of my favorite locations of where happiness comes from.

So Often We Rely on Things

For much of my life, I was a person who thought that it took things to make me happy.  A relationship, a house, a new car, or new clothes would make me feel like I was happy.

Let Us Begin Again


beginningBeginnings can be tough. You aren’t yet privy to all of the nuances that make a job or task work with as little resistance as possible. This is true of a new home, a new job, a new relationship, any time you are beginning anything at all! It is true with life. Beginnings  are both terrifying and exhilarating.

Most people don’t have someone who can fill them in on what to expect in this adventure called life.  As you go through its stages, there are many experiences that you will have to deal with. Some tests seem pointless at the moment but the value is only revealed to your years later.   There are many things to learn in life, and one of the most important is who you exactly are. That is a beginning.

A More Positive Life

Your conversation topics are a choice
Your conversation topics are a choice

Every day you have a chance to raise your personal vibration by eliminating some of the negative tones in your conversations that can cause a person to vibrate at a lower level. These things should be no surprise to you at all because they are have been continually making you unhappy and unmotivated for years.  Each of these topics that we decide to engage in, is going to create our mood, energy, and personal vibration. The great thing is that we can be conscious of the tone of our conversations and we can make the choice to pursue the opposite. You are in control of this and dictate how you and those you speak with are feeling during and after your conversations.

Be Confident In You

Being Confident In Life Is a Choice

Although I have trouble sometimes with certain concepts, one thing has confidence-is-a-choice-to-act-or-to-do-or-to-decide-quote-1become abundantly clear.  Being Confident in life is a choice.

Confidence stems from the conscious decision to accept yourself for what you are and to not let your weaknesses rule over your strengths.   Can it really be that simple?  The answer is apparently a loud and emphatic YES!


Let’s face it, we are all people, and all people are constructed to have a list of strengths and weaknesses that we are born with.  Everybody is in the same boat.

New Beginnings

What Appears to Be the End, is Only a New Beginning

It is hard to let go of things that have ended, one of the best lessons that you can learn is that all things have a shelf life, and when it is time to what appears to be the end may only be a new beginningmove on, you need to be able to do this with faith. Understanding that what you are moving toward is a piece of the puzzle you are going to need in order to achieve dreams and have positive things happen for you.

Question This, Question That

questions One of the most valuable skills a person can develop, in my opinion, is that of asking the right questions. It seems like life keeps bringing experiences that we are consciously looking for. The right question can change your focus, target your awareness and bring you answers that one is looking for.

Life’s Beautiful Play

e2809call-the-world_s-a-stage-and-and-all-the-men-and-women-merely-players_e2809d-399x400Looking at the experience of living I can only come to one conclusion and that is that life is a beautiful play. Designed to teach you lessons along the way, fooling you into believing that you are in control and driving the ride you are on, but supplying the stage for triumph or tragedy. Revealing slowly, surely and completely that we may not be completely in control of this story but the mere beneficiary of the script. Left to choose to become this or that, rich or poor, smart or ignorant, accepting or judgmental, there are many choices we do make but it is all seems to be a predetermined act and we are merely the actors.

Following Your Passion

follow your passion
Follow your passion down the path of life.

Life has a plan for our lives. That is something that is becoming clearly factual to me. Each of our experiences is brought into our consciousness for a reason and our job is to glean the lesson, understand the content and grow onto the next adventure. The challenge is to be able to get the lesson, not be overwhelmed and lose your way. I am sure there is a path for all of us. Follow your passion for discovering where your path will be leading you.

Build Your Own Ark

build your own arc
Build your own ark, no matter what anybody says about you or your task. If it is inside your heart, do it.

The story of Noah has always seemed a bit peculiar to me. A gentleman decides to build a giant boat on dry land and to put a bunch of animals on board. It made no sense and people generally ridiculed him for being different and having beliefs.

Start Changing

time for changeSometimes you reach the point where things are just not working. Clearly, there needs to be a change. The path of your life is dictated at this moment. Good, bad, successful, right, or wrong all of these adjectives will be applied to your journey depending on the tenor of the choices that you make at the prospect of change. Some people will look at their circumstances and see no choices at all. There are always choices and they usually triggered by the questions that we ask ourselves about moving forward. There has to be a basic belief that life can be something different from what you are experiencing now.



fear 1“I am afraid. ” There I said it, I admit it. Now the challenge is for you reading this look at yourself and see how true that statement is for you. Fear is so ingrained in our society that sometimes it is difficult to even recognize it anymore.   If you are like me then it is time for you to get onto common ground with your fear and face up to it. 

We All Are Superman

 How Super Are You?  (Hint: Pretty Super)

we are all superman
There is a Superman inside each of us

Who hasn’t imagined at some point in their lives that they were a superhero like Superman? Of course, we all have looked at the super powers of Superman and wondered what life would be like with that power. It is amazing to me that so many people don’t see the powers they possess. Strength, character and a commitment to truth and justice as well.