Voices of Ego

egoKeep an eye on your ego. What can you do right now that is going to change your life?

That is a question that more and more people are asking because they look at their lives and feel that it is lacking in some way.

It is at this point that people start to look at the possibilities and almost as quickly as they think of something they would like to do, there is a competing voice in your head explaining the reasons why it is a bad idea.

It is no wonder we are often confused and discouraged. Learn to listen to your positive voice and ignore the negative chiming of your ego is one of the most valuable life skills that a person can develop.

Our Negative Voice or Ego

The negative voice in our head has had a lot of practice letting us know egowhat is possible and more often than not, what is not possible. This is a voice of our ego based on the conditioning of life.  From society, from our parents, teachers, peers, media and anyone else, we have listened to since we came into this world. It has become a constant companion to stop you from doing something “dangerous” or feeling the pain of failure. Or more often than not, it is to allow you to fit in.

This egoic voice has been such a part of our lives that we don’t even notice it anymore, we simply accept the limits as “common sense” or “a fact”, when there is nothing logical or factual about limiting who you are. Ask yourself, why not?

Positive Voice Cancels Ego

There is a positive voice in all of us that knows what we would like to try. It creative voicealways has and it has been in constant competition with the voice of ego. What do you dream about? Travel, a new career, a great relationship, and having millions of dollars are very common dreams, but think of your dreams and listen to the limiting thoughts that follow.

Travel, “I can’t possibly get away, I have obligations. Maybe next year.”

Relationships, “Nobody really gets me. All of the good ones are taken. They are all crazy.” These are limiting beliefs we choose to listen to.

If you want something in your life. Then you have to just make an effort to do it and learn to ignore the persistently negative voice of the ego in your head. You are a creative person with good ideas and attempting to implement them will bring something positive into your life. Why not?

You Can Do Anything

The bottom line here is that you can do anything you want to do. The chase dreamschoice is yours to follow your creative voice that is inside you and do what you feel you should and ignore the negative limiting beliefs of ego that our lives have saddled us with.

We are in control of our experience in life and that comes from the choices we make each and every day to be our dream, try what our creativity calls us to do or to retreat back into the safety of our mediocre existence. We have this choice each day a thousand times. The next time you have an idea and your negative voice starts to tell you why it is unreasonable and positively could never happen. Ignore that voice of ego and focus on the thought of, “Why not!”

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