No Solid Situation

Change Your LifeEach day we are given a snapshot of life, a moment to inhale and then let go. These moments seem like they are painted in pictures or carved in granite, to be observed and enjoyed later at our leisure.

This is fortunate because those we love, leave and these memories are all that is left us. Nothing in life is permanent.  These moments of quick reflection work to remind us of the past, but understand that growth will come only when you accept them as being over and move forward and that will change your life. We all carry a museum full of images and memories but they are not relevant and real today because we are changing, and our minds must change as well.

In fact, there is nothing in your life that is not changing each and every second. It is either an illusion or misunderstanding if you believe anything different. You change physically, as does your situation each day. This should not make anyone feel uneasy or experience fear, it should be a reassuring pat on the back that you are on your way to reaching your goals and experiencing accomplishments, relationship, and love not yet realized.

Small Stream of Change

Your situation in life good or bad is not going to last. We know this because, in the history of man, nobody’s situation has ever stayed the same, change has always

Change Your Life
Each small stream creates its own change, just as the small river of change does to your life. Subtly and almost imperceptibly your life changes in every moment.

come. Like a small stream of water working its way into solid granite, so change works in your life each day. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, change works its way through your life. You are never at the same exact place in your life, ever. There are different challenges, goals, people, experiences or something else in your life that are changing.

In the short view, it seems like some things stay the same, but in time when you look up, you will see that everything is different. Just as the terrain around the stream never seems to change but after years, there is a deep canyon. This canyon is the experience of your life, each day you think, you speak, you share, and you act and these things are leaving your trail for the world to follow. In following that trial, the perceptive tracker can learn much about your journey.  Maybe more than you think.

Life is Fluid

If you could view the changes in life as movement, they would be continually playing out in front of you, never standing still. I have often tried to capture a moment of happiness or a great experience, but that is the wrong approach, I think. Life is energy Change Your Lifeand as the energy of your life moves forward you have the opportunity to influence its destination. Focusing on what we truly believe will create the tenor of events down the road.

Bruce Lipton in the book, The Biology of Belief, has stated that our beliefs permeate throughout our being from the cellular level and by changing a belief will, in fact, change the experience that we have. Life is fluid and there is more than likely more than one option ahead of us, based on our decisions about what we know is true to us and allows you to change your life.

Life isn’t a solid unchanging mass that is the same for each of us, we can change our lives. It is an ever-changing collection of experiences that we are free to experience in fear, anger, hate, love or any other emotion that we choose to relate with. The resulting masterpiece will be your life, and you are the only artist that can paint that continually shifting story that is your life.  Be wary of your life because it never stays the same it always changes, and so do you.

Remember me to the highway signs, the colored lights, and the highway lines, remember me to my friends so kind, tell them I am fine…………..

3 thoughts on “No Solid Situation”

  1. I wrote about something similar—without reading YOUR excellent words! Life changes so fast, we need to remember to live and to love. Cuz, no matter what we do, it will change. I didn’t intend to trip, I could have avoided it, yet it happened and I was lucky to not hurt myself. ” Be wary of your life because it never stays the same it always changes, and so do you.” But LIVE it!

    1. That is great advice indeed! I always try to see above the noise of life, if you listen to the noise you will worry about the things that might happen, but probably aren’t. If you eliminate that you are left with the facts and usually the facts are encouraging. Embrace change because we really don’t have any other choice!

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