No News. Is Good News!

stop watching the news
Give it a shot, stop watching. What do you have to lose but fear?

I am tremendously grateful for a conscious decision I made  about four years ago to stop watching the national news and leaving the fear mongering and celebrity worship behind.

I don’t seem to be missing out on anything positive and am just as informed as I always have been, but the real benefit is the fact that I have not been subject to the consistent stream of negativity that comes from any of the national news outlets.  I think  this enables me to be happier on a daily basis.

Haven’t Missed a Thing

My initial reluctance to giving up my news addiction was that I would no longer be properly informed about current events.  Yet, using this week as an example, I am media_monkeysadequately informed about all of Donald Trump’s foolishness and how he and Hillary Clinton fared in their latest debate.   What I don’t have to deal with is the feeling the national media tries to build in you, that the world is going to end because of it. So be very, very afraid.

I have a hint for all of you, we will all still be here tomorrow and then the story will be something else and life will continue on.  It is not that I am apathetic to the plight of our nation and the fact that our politicians are really just highly paid corporate sell outs. It is a fact that as a conscious human being living on the planet, I recognize manipulation and brainwashing when I see it.

I don’t need the national media to fan those flames of fear.  Most often the fears they use are designed to get you to watch more and for the media to make more money from advertising.  With today’s lightning-quick social media, you learn of news without moving an inch, simply by looking at your phone you see today’s events and happenings as they are unfolding. There is no need for a media narrative to tell you how to think.

I am grateful that I can leave it there.  I am sad for those who experience loss, I am sympathetic to those who suffer, but I do not let it consume my life because then I would never be able to contribute to a cure.

Being an Individual Is Hard Today

By not watching the national media and blindly absorbing the version of that story they feed me, I have found that I am much more clearly able to form my own opinion about events.

By looking at how I actually feel about something, I can more readily create ideas that are uniquely mine.  If we blindly follow the thoughts and presentations of others, we are doomed to have no unique and creative thought toward problem-solving.  Being an individual today is difficult because if you don’t think exactly like someone else, then you are going to be ridiculed. This is the first step in forced conformity, to discourage individual thought and force people to accept the “right” opinion about things. Isn’t our education system based on this practice? Learn how I tell you and don’t think for yourself.

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

Don't fear the media
The media works hard to keep you afraid. The choice is yours

The national media makes people feel like there is something wrong with them if they don’t feel like they say you should.  Shouldn’t you be afraid of terrorism? Shouldn’t we dislike those who are different from us?  Shouldn’t we fear everyone we don’t know?  The questions go on and on, but the reason is simple.  If you are afraid you are easily controlled and if you are free thinking and problem-solving, there is no telling what you might do. You might even find a better alternative than listening to the Today Show.

Most people in the world are good, honest people who are kind to others, polite and helpful.  People do amazing things each and every day to help other people live a better life.  These actions aren’t often covered in the media because even though they are nice, they don’t grab attention.  Fear grabs attention and it doesn’t let go.  But once you leave that fear behind, you can enjoy life a little bit more.

You May Be the Answer

So today I am grateful for the conscious decision I made about five years ago to stop watching the news and to form my own opinions about the world. I encourage you to find your own path as well.  Who knows the answer to many social problems facing the world today could be solved by you.  It is up to you to decide to be your own person and think for yourself.

6 thoughts on “No News. Is Good News!”

    1. It really makes it easier to enjoy life. You never really realize how negative the messages are until you remove them from your life. It is much easier to be positive. 🙂

  1. “It is up to you to decide to be your own person and think for yourself.” What a concept!!! Am so sorry so many of us forget this. Silly, isn’t it?

    1. It is silly!! We, as a society, seem to wait for the story to be told to us from the media and then believe that. Thinking for ourselves is a lost art. 🙂

  2. I’ve been surprised lately with the number of people I’ve run into that have stopped watching national news. I haven’t quite stopped, but I’m close. To me it’s sad when ratings count more than value and bad news draws more viewers and so more ratings…

    1. For me it was the negativity that got me. Everything was about fear, don’t trust this or don’t like them. A national drive to worship celebrities. I got the advise to stop watching and it was spot on. My life is just happier. I manage to stay just as informed, probably more informed because the information is without the bias and storyline the news gives you. Thanks for reading. Keep on reading and give up on the national media Marcus your life will be a happier place. 🙂

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