New Beginnings

What Appears to Be the End, is Only a New Beginning

It is hard to let go of things that have ended, one of the best lessons that you can learn is that all things have a shelf life, and when it is time to what appears to be the end may only be a new beginningmove on, you need to be able to do this with faith. Understanding that what you are moving toward is a piece of the puzzle you are going to need in order to achieve dreams and have positive things happen for you.

Relationships end, jobs are lost, people relocate, loss occurs and even though there is going to be a natural pain that comes with these experiences that are a normal part of the grieving process.

There are many people, including myself who have had issues with moving on. Even though it is obvious that the time is ripe for change and there are new and exciting things on the horizon.  I think it is human nature to look back at the idealized safety we have created about the past, instead of moving with courage into a future that will allow you to reach all of your dreams.

Moving led to new beginnings

Moving can be a traumatic experience for anyone, especially when you are a kid.  I moved when I was 13 and at the time I thought it was the biggest tragedy a person could experience.  I had a great group of friends that I knew all my life and I knew where I fit in, I was comfortable and happy.  Moving was traumatic, I had to deal with people who didn’t know me, and

beautiful reflection
Let Go And Begin Anew

might not like me.  There was a lot of initial trauma and I spent a lot of time worrying about what I was missing out on, but eventually, as I pushed through the new situation, I made some new friends and had experiences that I would never have had both positive and negative, that led to growth.

If I was left to my own choices I would have taken the easiest road, and never experienced all of the great things I have been fortunate enough to find and everything that has happened in my life has led to a new beginning that allowed me to grow as a person if I allowed myself to learn the lessons.

Death and Dying

Experiencing a loss of a loved one is difficult to deal with, and nobody would ever characterize it as a good thing, but it’s my experience that you can gain something positive from the experience.  Perhaps a better appreciation of the relationships you still have in your life, or a greater awareness of the world around you.

Maybe it was the lessons that the loved one that passed on left with you that is a lasting thing.  For myself, everyone whom I have lost has left a positive impact on my life. I am eternally grateful for the gifts they gave me.  There were examples of how to live and how to treat other people who I have remembered all of my life. I miss them all, I appreciate them all, they didn’t want to go, but it was their time.

Losing a Job

When it comes to losing jobs, there have been many that have come and gone in my life.  Some I liked others not so much.  In some cases it

starting over not the end
Starting Over Is OK

seemed like the end of the world when the job ended. In retrospect, I can always see the positive that came out of a seemingly negative situation.  It could be that it was personal growth or a better experience that allowed me to be happier as a person.

It can be devastating as you get older to seemingly start over, but what a great gift it can be to allow you to grow and find out what will make you happy.  It has been my experience that the real problems come when you spend your time worrying about the past instead of addressing today.  As traumatic as losing a job can be, a job does not define who you are and your life isn’t going to end because you lost a job.

Relationships Ending

Relationships, unfortunately, end at some point (sometimes).  People move, things change, priorities are different.  These are lessons that are hard to deal with, these can be with friends, coworkers, or intimate relationships.  All relationships have a cycle, it is just some are larger than others.

Every person that comes into your life is there for a reason and most often to teach you something.  There are friendships that I have had that have been life long, and there were relationships that lasted for a few years, or even a very short time.  All of them I appreciate, because I have learned a lot from everybody that I have ever met.

Sometimes the lesson was how not to behave, or what not to do, but most often the lesson is how you can grow as a person.  Letting go and appreciating the lessons you learned becomes more difficult when emotions are involved. Love is one of the best feelings in the world, but losing love and the fear of losing love has led to many a personal tragedy.  Time is the only cure for love because eventually everyone gets the lesson and appreciates the great things that love has given them.  In the end, you have only two choices, learn something or be miserable.  Which is a better way to go through life?

The next time you face an apparent ending, take a moment and attempt to add some perspective to the situation.  Once you get past the fear of losing something you may find that there is a silver lining if you allow it to work in your life.


7 thoughts on “New Beginnings”

    1. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment. I am happy that my thoughts have connected with you. Allows me to know that I am not on an island out here. 🙂 I am grateful!!

  1. “Letting go and appreciating the lessons you learned becomes more difficult when emotions are involved.” This is VERY true. It even happens when you are not letting go, just going thru the lesson sucks when there are emotions involved. Sometimes, I wonder if it would be better to be a robot-but those also have all kinds of problems (or they make them, if you follow Hollywood!).

    1. I agree Kris, emotions always heighten things. I have sometimes wished I was a robot as well. There would be no pain, but you would miss out on all the beauty of life. 🙂 Robots have problems to I guess.

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