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Mindset      ~ the established set of attitudes held by someone.

mindsetTo fully take advantage of our talents, time and actions it is important to know that our mindset is the attitude that leads to the results of our life. Once something is set in your mind you have no choice but to make that thing happen. So look at what your mindset is when it comes to finances, relationships, or life in general. This evaluation will reveal to you why your life is the way it is. The way you think about yourself and your abilities is the biggest boost or barrier to accomplishing anything.  It all begins with a conscious awareness of your thoughts, words, and actions based on your current mindset.

Mindset Challenges

In all things, we have a choice of positive or negative and our mindset is the attitude and default behavior we will fall to naturally in life.  Evaluate which of these characteristics you honestly participate in and how they are a part of your mindset.  Worrying about the future, putting yourself down, gossiping, holding a grudge, jealousy, lying, feeling sorry for yourself, mindsetgeneral negativity about people, or regrets about the past. All of these things are mindset anchors to misery, failure, and unhappiness.

The great thing is that all of these things provide the opposite action available to you with the simple change of your mindset. You can choose to be confident about the future, valuing yourself, not talking about others when they are not present, forgiving, appreciating what you have, being honest, accepting responsibility for your place in life, general positivity about people, and accepting the past.  It is all a matter of mindset.  When you face challenges remember your mindset is going to determine the outcome for you.  We can’t control many things that happen to us but we have 100% control over how we deal with them.  Avoid the negative mindset and pursue the positive alternative.

Find Mindset People

The people that you choose to associate with on a daily basis are going to affect your mindset one way or another. Surround yourself with people who have the mindset you would like to have and it will be easier to achieve.  If mindsetyour circle is full of people who follow the negative characteristics described earlier, then it is time to change your circle.  It isn’t a condemnation of others but taking responsibility for your own life and the experience that you want to have.

There are people who embody every characteristic that you admire and want more of in your life. Find them, and get them in your circle.  Too often people settle for less than this because of comfort or fear. You can do this too but understand the cost is your happiness and ability to achieve your best self. It is hard to fly as high as you are capable when tied to a very big and negative anchor.  Surround yourself with the people that allow you to fly your highest and be your best. Let the others go. Building a positive mindset will be much easier after that.

Mindset Today

What is your mindset today? Is it going to be the same old thing? Or are you looking for the opportunity that each day provides?  Every day gives us a new chance to write a chapter in the book of our lives the way we want.  A trip I want to take? A relationship I want to build? Whatever it is I want to accomplish can start right now today and it will begin with my mindset. Do I believe that it is possible? Let’s start there.  If you think of a goal and immediately list all of the reasons that it can’t happen, you need to change your mindset.

Changing your mindset is a simple process of changing the thoughts that you give focus and relevance. It isn’t easy to do because we are set in our ways but anyone can do it.  It starts with looking honestly at your thoughts, words, and actions and seeing where you are at and moving them toward where you want to be in your daily consciousness.

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.” ― Steve Maraboli

“The mind is a powerful thing. It can take you through walls.” ― Denis Avey



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