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make a list
Who’s on your list?

I was reading a great article the other day which stated that we all have a list. This list contains people who need us or has needed us at some point, in some way in their lives. They are our personal assignments that we are destined to help achieve, get through or overcome something. Or perhaps just to help make their lives a little bit better and brighter. When you look at life like this, each interaction that you have throughout the day can put a new person on your list if you want it to.

How many times can you choose to do something for someone else that will make their day a little happier? Quite a few I bet. Each conversation, chance meeting or interaction of any kind provide the opportunity.  Those people just made your list. I encourage you to start looking for the times you were a gift to others and for those who were a gift to you.

You Will Look at People Differently

Train your mind to see the good in every situation
The good is there when you look for it.

Start making a list for yourself right now. Think about just the last 24 hours and the interactions with people that you have had.  I guarantee you that from the most intense to the most distant each provided some energy to the participants. Whether that energy was positive or negative is the question you have to answer.

In these interactions, most provided something that you needed, something that someone else needed or both. You are the catalyst in these situations that dictate what energy surrounds you. Make this list, see what you are contributing to the lives of others and almost as importantly what they are contributing to you.

Be Positive with your List

People will become more interesting and each interaction will be viewed under a different scope. Many times I feel like the interactions I have with people are really beneficial for both parties. However,

Be kind to one another
Kindness is a simple thing

there are also things that I really notice I want to avoid.

When I am conscious of what I am contributing to others and they to me, negative things seem to really stand out. When a person engages in gossip about someone else, I know that is nothing I want to be involved with.  I always say something positive about the person or situation being discussed. After awhile, people give up talking about other people around you. This makes your conversation with them more positive for both parties involved. They are definitely on your list.

Value those who lift you up

Noticing the tenor and tone of interactions will also allow you to appreciate the positive energy that people bring to your life because you are clearly on their list. When you recognize the positive energy you are left with after an encounter with someone, it is common sense that you will seek them out more often. All people want to feel good and those who make us feel a great need to be in our lives more and more. Make sure you allow yourself to be added to their list.  Conversely, those who leave us feeling tired, angry or just plain old negative about things, need to be avoided. Life is too short to be miserable. Eventually, you have to shorten your list by avoiding the habitually negative.

Look for more people to add to your list

Each person that you come in contact is a potential member of your list. Add them freely and look for the moments that you can add a little positive momentum to the lives of others. It can be as simple as smiling, holding a door open, or giving a compliment. These things happen all the time and they should be appreciated by all parties involved. It is a simple thing to make living a little bit more positive for all involved and it all begins with a conscious effort to be kind, considerate, understanding, or giving. Look for the people who are your personal assignments today. They are there waiting for you.

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