Lost and Found

find yourselfBeing lost can be a very scary situation. You have no idea where you are or where to go to find safety and security. Yet it is in these times when a person has to look inside themselves for characteristics that will guide them toward a safe haven.

The qualities and talents we possess work to guide us in times of trouble. In fact, when the seas are calm and we know exactly where we are going there is no need for these talents to rise to the surface.

They simply lie dormant, like an emergency plan you never need to use. When we are lost the emergency has arrived and our talents will come to the surface if we don’t panic, and allow them to do so. It is in these moments that we find out just who we are, what we can do and what makes us excel. You will find yourself and be impressed with the person that you meet who has been inside of you all along.

Steps to Find Yourself

Getting lost is not as easy as it sounds. People continually build routine into their day which provides a find yourselfsense of security and control over life and its adventures. Unfortunately, life doesn’t play that way. There is always a death, the loss of a job, a family emergency coming our way to destroy the routine and cause us to grow.

We need to get away from the normal and get into a place where our wits are required for us to thrive. You never know what you can do, until you absolutely have to. Being lost can be the first step. Being lost in your direction and not knowing what you need in your life is a common thing. There is a Need to get away from the noise and clamor of life and get to a place that is quiet and still. Inside and outside.


Who am I?

finding-yourself1Each of the things that I want to have associated with me are going to be chosen in a search of myself, and that search will begin when I don’t know where I am. A chance to be still and really look at the thoughts I think and what is important to me.  Do I want to be fearless? Honest? Kind? Thoughtful? Reliable? Open-minded? Or would I rather be their opposite?

All of these questions are answered by each of us with every choice we make each and every day. When you are lost then you have a chance to observe the thoughts that you are entertaining in your head on a consistent basis. These thoughts are going to describe what you are as a person. Sometimes we head down a road we shouldn’t because of poor decisions, brought on by weak moments. Perhaps it was greed, lust, or desire that pulled us into a pattern that we don’t like.

The beginning of change will come when we have the time to notice exactly what we are doing. When you are alone, “lost”, there is nothing that will bring you home but yourself.

Don’t Fear The Search

Being alone and lost can be scary, but don’t fear the search inside of you. The change will have to come as it inevitably will throughout the course of life. We will change, and most will rise and fall like the tide in the ocean. Moving from the peak of our abilities nowhereto the depth of our weakness. Life is a journey and we shouldn’t fear these shifts. We should embrace them.

These fluctuations have led me from times of certainty to times of question. It was always during the times I was searching that dramatic growth occurred or that the greatest ideas came to me and helped move me back toward a better version of myself.

I walked through life for many years, thinking I knew what life was all about only to be taught that I knew nothing. This lesson came as I was lost, but the best part of that experience was that it was that period of being lost that led to a flood of knowledge and change that improved everything and made me reach new areas of thought and action, and I look for that process to continue.

It happens in the deepest woods, the darkest night, the most secluded spot, that you realize that you are lost and know that there is nothing to fear at that moment, all is as it should be and you are just a few moments away from finding your way to your best self.

3 thoughts on “Lost and Found”

  1. “You never know what you can do, until you absolutely have to.” JH. I was told something similar the other day and have been mulling it over ever since. I was told, ‘you are stronger than you think you are.’ by a doctor. Good thoughts.

    1. You are definitely stronger than you think! I have found that having your back against the wall is the only way to find the answer, sometimes. I think people get so comfortable, or feel so safe that they can’t imagine they have the abilities and strength they need. Thanks Kris for the comment and it looks like you are tapping into your strength. 🙂

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