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Time is On Your Side, Even if it doesn’t Seem It

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We should all find activities in life that cause us to lose track of time and more importantly to not worry about what you “should” be doing with those precious moments.

 In our daily lives, we are controlled by the clock.  From the time we have to go to work to the time we are allowed to eat and the time we are able to rejoin the freedom of life yet again.  Time can be an all-controlling factor if you let it, but it does not have to be. You can live your life on your own time.

My Thoughts on Time

getting off track with timeIn reality, time is an invention of man to measure how we are doing in life. Our entire lives are run on time, from when we start our education to when we retire and every facet in between.

Yet what is time but an arbitrary agreement between us all that how long it takes the sun to move around the sun is a year? The time  that it takes for the Earth to spin on its axis constitutes a day. Would the work week be longer if it took more time to journey around the sun?  Would we need less sleep if the day was shorter?

Really time is an agreement among all people on how we should measure our lives, and measure we do.

Getting Off Track with Time

henrydavid2x1For myself, when I am totally engrossed in an activity there is a suspension of this arbitrary rule of time.  Whatever activity I have been doing must be my complete focus.  Not a part of my focus but the whole thing.

Writing to me becomes this many times.  Leave all other thoughts behind and just commit to the task of capturing a thought.  There is no thought about what I am doing next or what has happened before but only the thought of the words and the expression on the page.

The time fades and the thoughts continue to express.  Yet this is not the only time I have experienced timelessness.

Finding the Timelessness Each Day

meditationThis is really a difficult thing to do, but shouldn’t there be a moment during each day when time really doesn’t matter? I have found this in different places over the course of my life.  Meditation is a great one.

I currently have about 15-20 minutes I dedicate to this.  Since I am relatively new at meditating I am shocked always how when you do achieve clearing your mind, time really doesn’t matter.  It still exists but it doesn’t apply to that activity.

 I do not set an alarm but that time seems to pass quickly, sometimes like a second or two, when you lose your awareness of something does it matter?  This is definitely a time where I lose track of time.

When you achieve mindfulness in any activity then losing track of time is a consequence.  If you are worried about finishing what you are doing and then doing the next fifteen things on a list then there is no way you will lose track of time.

In fact, the awareness of the time will allow you to feel that you don’t have enough time.  That is just a perception because time doesn’t really exist anyway.  When I focus on the task at hand and experience what comes with it, I can lose track of the time.

Love Of Course Takes Time

love is timelessAs anyone who has experienced the pangs of love will know, time does not seem to exist the same as it does anywhere else.  I believe that is because your entire being, would not rather be anywhere else but fully engrossed with the object of your affection.

 How many days have you spent that moved by quickly in the experience of love?  Yet as you recall them later you can remember each part of the experience?  How they smiled, how their touch felt? How much you just loved being with them?

These feelings are definitely the times in life that I have lost track of time.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep these moments and to make every day like that.  I am told that some can do it, I have only had a few fleeting moments in life when I lost in the moment with love.  They were good moments.


When you are able to focus completely on what is happening in your life, time becomes less important and you are apt to lose track of it.  I know there is a time for all things, yet I think that a lot of the magic of life occurs when we stop keeping track of time and just let things happen as they should.

Which activities make you lose track of time?

Time Passages



9 thoughts on “Look At The Time”

  1. Books. I can lose time when I am reading. I breathe words and can lose hours while I am enjoying them! When I first met the White Rabbit, it became apparent to me how easy time was to lose. Even if I wasn’t tumbling down a hole somewhere. Not embracing every moment, even the horrid ones, is a huge part of losing that time. Every second our lives are dying, every second allows us new changes for growth and change. Things that take time, if we let them, and our dying lives. (ohhh, one of those funky words that is written the same and has two meanings!!)

    1. Great thoughts here Kris. I see several posts for me coming from here. Every second our lives are dying, brilliant!! So we better get busy living, right? I am looking for the changes and growth. I am looking for those opportunities for growth today. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration today!

  2. I will admit my focus is wonky.
    i used to love reading! I would read 8 books every month! Now because of the 50 shades trend I can barely stand walking into the bookstore. I used to love writing, but now my blog consumes me. I love writing on my blog.
    I also meditate. sometimes half hour to hour. prayer time is very important to me.

    1. Interesting that you meditate. I have dabbled in meditation for years, I try to do some a little each day, I never make it that long. I think I have a hard time quieting the mind for that long. I give it a go though. It does bring peace and focus and allows you to hear your heart. I think your writing is great, I wonder what your ideal life would look like? I read consistently, mostly anything that can teach me something about life. This year has been a good year for interesting books. I read all of my books on my Kindle so I haven’t been in a bookstore for awhile. You have encouraged me to continue the trend. 🙂 Focus is a funny thing, I think once you are outside of your mind, and into the task at hand then the time disappears.

  3. I meditate that long to let go alot of negative feelings I may have during the day. There are a lot!
    I have found some books on ebook that I wouldnt mind reading but I will always perfer the printed paper! Nothing like the feel of paper between my fingers! ♥

    1. I used to feel the same about books but I have adapted, it is just too convenient to have information pop up on a tablet to read. You are an old school girl and there is nothing wrong with that!!

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