Life’s Tough Lessons

The Hard Game of Life

Life is a hard game sometimes.  No matter what you do, or how you try to find the gentler 8235367099_8230f69c0cside of life, the easier the hard times seem to seek you out.  When I look at people who are in their late teens and early twenties today, I have a hard time not telling them to be careful. There are some dark times in every life. Don’t worry too much though because they will bring you a lesson that will help you learn a valuable lesson. DO NOT BE AFRAID!

Look for the tough times that are inevitably going to come. But you know the warning is going to go unheeded, these words of warning are summarily dismissed as the rants of someone who is too old to understand the world today.   Yet, I know that in twenty years that conversation will be quite different.   Some of those “hard times” will give you your greatest gifts and allow you to stretch to lengths that you would have never reached without them.

If Experiences Didn’t Hurt, You Wouldn’t Pay Attention

The experiences we have every day are not meant to be either easy or hard.  Enjoyable or unpleasant.  They are simply experiences that we apply our own labels to based on our 304291_403371469749477_15828334_nexpectations of life and our limited knowledge of everything.

It is difficult to address hard things that way, because if they are unpleasant or not desired, how can you not dislike that moment?  If you had a broken arm or found out that you had cancer or any other experience that is on the negative side, who wouldn’t wish that away.  Yet, it is in these moments of despair and testing that our true character and strength is revealed. Your strength will be tested and your personal power revealed.

Personally, my own dark times were not welcome, and for a long time, I blamed everyone for the fact that things were taken from me.  There was a lot of time wasted because in the end, those experiences I detested and wanted to avoid, allowed me to become more than I ever dreamed I could be. There is a well of kindness in your soul that needs to be released to do good in the world. Sometimes the hard times provide the method.

Life doesn’t have to be hard, but the lessons that are harder to learn, provide the whetted stone on which our talents are sharpened to their most useful existence.  You learn, in a more meaningful way than you ever have before.  In fact, you may find hidden talents that would have never risen to the surface without the painful and necessary letting go of the past you, who no longer carries the ideas and thoughts that now embody your personal experience.

One Constant in life is, It Goes On

The everyday experiences of our existence are really only opportunities for learning everything, from our way of dealing with people to accepting how we feel about and view ourselves.  I look at those young people who dream of an easy life and I understand why they feel that way, it would be nice to sail calm seas for life.

Yet to be tested and to find not only that you pass but you are made of sterner stuff than you ever would have imagined, is a lesson that is priceless. Don’t fear the hard times, accept them as the learning experiences they are and do what all successful people do, keep on moving forward with the lessons you have so honestly earned.

It seems that life does need to have moments of difficulty in order for us to examine the contents of our soul and to value our actions. Things that are difficult to endure allow you to appreciate the little things in life that you have forgotten to pay attention to.

You are a wonderful human soul with unlimited possibilities and the greatness you can achieve is only limited by the fences around your thought.


2 thoughts on “Life’s Tough Lessons”

  1. we all face hard times. it takes strength to overcome them. and bravery not to run. You have written such a poignant entry, I truely enjoyed reading it! I was reminded of the dark times I went through and I was grateful I managed to get through it.
    hugs! 🙂

    1. Hard times are definitely not something we look for in life but they happen. Dealing with them and surviving leaves behind better people. Glad that you enjoyed it. You are definitely my Hero! 🙂

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