Life’s Beautiful Play

e2809call-the-world_s-a-stage-and-and-all-the-men-and-women-merely-players_e2809d-399x400Looking at the experience of living I can only come to one conclusion and that is that life is a beautiful play. Designed to teach you lessons along the way, fooling you into believing that you are in control and driving the ride you are on, but supplying the stage for triumph or tragedy. Revealing slowly, surely and completely that we may not be completely in control of this story but the mere beneficiary of the script. Left to choose to become this or that, rich or poor, smart or ignorant, accepting or judgmental, there are many choices we do make but it is all seems to be a predetermined act and we are merely the actors.

Opening Act

Childhood is our opening act. It is in this part of the production that many of our personal beliefs in life stock-photo-10348904-opening-the-stageare learned, inherited or observed. Most of the beliefs we develop about life are deeply embedded in our subconscious by the time we are in our teens if not before.  The influences and experiences we have written on our scripts will be a the biggest factor in our development.

Were the adults in our lives nurturing or were they judgmental of us?  Were we encouraged? Was money a factor? Were we loved? All of these factors will determine how limiting or empowering our beliefs are going to be throughout the early stages of our lives.

Character Development

The next act involves growing up and getting educated. This is where we take our beliefs and see where it

How many masks have you worn?
How many masks have you worn?

all fits in the grand scheme of society. I was fortunate to live this part of my play out in college. I learned where I fit in and which face to show to whom in order to receive the desired crowd reaction. Like any good actor I was able to perform what was needed in order to allow the production to move forward successfully.

Of course there were a few missed lines, a few marks that weren’t quite right, but through experience, a certain mastery is developed.  We think we have developed the role that will take us through the rest of our lives successfully. In fact we forget that it is all just a play and we are fooled into believing that it is all real.

This is it?

Eventually as the play of life evolves, many of us are continually acting to our full capabilities, but over plot-holestime even the best written and most action packed play can become old and stale. We start to see the holes in the script and no matter how hard we act, the holes get bigger and bigger. I think we all just act all the harder, but finally we have to ask ourselves the question that has not been in the script before. “Is this it?”

This is a very dangerous question that will lead to many changes in your play. Sometimes the transition to a new production is smooth and seamless. A person is well-adjusted and willing to take the steps onto the stage that was meant for them all along. More often though the transition is a bit more volatile. Leaving our play behind makes one question exactly who they are. “If I am not this character I have been playing all these years, then who the heck am I?”

Final Script Adjustments

In the end, there is a common thread in most of the great stories in history. The new production will end with all of our characters finding the truth they are looking for, becoming the hero they wanted to be or

Thank you, we all take a curtain call for life.
Thank you, we all take a curtain call for life.

getting the reward they desire. There are some tragedies out there, but there are far more hopeful, inspiring productions being created each and every day.

As people start to realize they are in roles, playing a part, they see the power that they have. The actor has the ability to take the script they are given and make it into almost anything they want. As a person sees their power, and talent and starts to grow life is at your choice.  The beautiful play that is life becomes an instrument for expression of what is inside, rather than an opportunity to collect accolades, money or personal recognition.

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    1. Yes life is an improv I think Kris, the script is pretty general. It is up to us to provide the actions. 🙂 All we can do is play our parts to the best of our ability.

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