Let Go of Your History

udestiny historyrl So much of our lives revolve around the stories we tell. Not only the ones we tell others about our past but more importantly the stories we tell ourselves about the past. These stories about our perception of our history tend to color and temper the expectations that we have for ourselves today.  What is the value of this? It is time to let go of the history and move forward.

Faulty at Best

One of the things that I am sure of is that the history we remember and the stories we tell are not very accurate and are themselves controlled by the beliefs we choose to entertain. The memory is not really a very trustworthy tool to use when looking at the past.  When five people witness an accident or another event, when interviewed separately the stories will only have a base of consistency. That is because we all have biases and beliefs that influence the letting go of historyway we interpret the events in our lives. Accept that is true and you can move forward without being attached to the results of stories from the past. Your memory is faulty and you can’t trust that you remember things accurately at all. So living your life based on these lessons is faulty as well. Let go of the history and move forward.

It Limits Today

Another reason to move past the stories that you let define you is that they will limit you. Focusing on the stories of the past that make up your character and experience establish your identity. Who knows what new information and experience will do to change who you are and what you believe. Clinging to the past as an identifier for who you are is going to limit who you might actually become. It is like wearing a costume that you can’t get out of. Look at it, learn from it and discard it. There are no reasons to accept limits in your life.

You Can’t Change It

change the pastOne fact that is irrefutable is that no matter what has happened in the past there is no way to change it. No matter what has happened good or bad, it is what it is and changing it is not an option. Many people spend their lives reliving old positive memories and glory days to remind themselves that at one point they felt good about themselves.  Or they spend a lot of time reliving mistakes and reminding themselves of the problems that they caused themselves. Like a badge of explanation for the problems faced today. Neither of these options is healthy or allow you to move forward. Your past can’t be changed, altered or adjusted in any way. To think otherwise is a delusion. Learn from it and put it away, understanding that the only moment that really matters is the one that you are in right now.

Our personal history can be an interesting thing to visit. There are people we met who we learned from either good or bad. There are events that affected the way we view life. All of the past needs to be put away so that there is room for new growth experiences that are coming to you at this very moment.

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