Taking Action

“Knowing is not enough, we must APPLY. Willing is not enough, we must do.” ~Bruce Lee

How many times in your life have you thought you had it all figured out? The secret to wealth, fame, and fortune was all yours and all you had to do was accept it. Yet somewhere we stop short of taking action on our dream, as we allow our potepersonal developmentntial to float away like a solitary red balloon floating away on a summer breeze. It fades slowly into the sky and leaves behind nothing but the smokey emptiness of what might have been. It is time that you took responsibility for your own life and what becomes of your dreams because without your choice to apply yourself and dedicate your complete being to making your future the place that you want to live in it most likely won’t happen. Personal development is all about taking concentrated, motivated actions toward your goals.

Why It Can Be Difficult to Develop Ourselves

It is a simple concept on the surface to want to apply yourself fully to what you already know you want, but we are people. Each of us possesses our own unique load of difficulties, differences, and fears that can prevent you from applying ourselves and our efforts toward finding our dream.  Fear is the biggest of these it can make the strongest of people take a pause in their endeavors.

personal developmentThere are two types of fear that lead to people never applying themselves toward their goals, the first is the fear of failure. This is the fear that tells you to not even try because you are going to fail anyway. All of us have attempted to do something in our lives and experienced failure. It hurts! Our ego remembers that and when we are put in another risky position, we experienced this fear of failure that stops us from even trying.

The second is a fear of success. There are a number of reasons that people fear success. It could be a fear of finding out what they dreamed of wasn’t all it was believed to be in the first place. As long as you never try to make your dream a reality, it will always be perfect in your mind. Was that what we truly wanted? What if you achieve your goal and it isn’t what you wanted?  If I could be wrong about that, what else am I wrong about? The fear of success paralyzes and stops a real effort from being taken toward the accomplishment of our dreams.  Personal development is about overcoming fear and acting toward your goals.

To Do Is All There Is To Do

Fear is a big hurdle, but one that can be jumped by using the power we have to defeat all fear, take action. It is through action that all results are found, and measured. personal developmentDoubt is removed and we gain absolute knowledge about what it is we are trying to accomplish. In the end, that is what all journeys are about, finding out what it is we are looking for. Effort and action are going to bring this information into your life and there is a power in that knowledge. It is real and tangible and does not disappear on a breeze. Action destroys fear and replaces it with confidence that will enable you to accomplish more dreams and goals. It is all located on the other side of your fear.

Knowing is not enough, we must APPLY. Willing is not enough, we must do. ~Bruce Lee

In the end, all of our dreams lie just over the rainbows of our minds and it takes an application of our talents and the action of doing for our goals and dreams to be realized. We all have the talent to do this. We all have the capacity to practice the personal development we are looking for.

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