Moving Past the Judgment

2664d0e2789d58be9784c145b6b47963It is in our nature to judge others, we do it naturally, judging someone else’s behavior, actions, motives or past. It is a biological need to do this because it will help protect you from harmful situations and people and of course this is important to your survival.

It really jumps out at you when you observe people being judgmental about the behavior of others. It seems that today the judgments of others are high and the reactions to others are based on  blind judgment and hate, it stands out and makes you wonder why it is that way. When you judge someone else in this manner you define yourself, not them. I think it is important to remember this.

Judgments are Easy

It is easy to look at one action a person takes and judge their entire lives judgment 2because if it. The deed may be terrible and unforgivable, but does that void all the good that they might have done in their life? What were the circumstances that led to this event?  It is very easy to judge the behavior of others in a vacuum devoid of all the fact.  This is being done all the time and most of these judgments lead to hate. It is important to remember that we are all human beings with an equal disposition for  both darkness and light and it is our experiences, intentions and choices that move us toward one or the other.

When facts are learned and the whole story is revealed, most often there is a humanity that is revealed by people that can be understood. Understanding is not acceptance, it is knowing that faced with different circumstances, you might make such a poor choice yourself and there but for the good fortune of your life, goes you.  All of our lives can be judged in a vacuum and you can be made to look insensitive, cold, and uncaring. It is a matter of perspective.

Acceptance Is The Cure

The opposite of judgment is acceptance. This does not mean that you agree with everything a person does regardless of morality. It means that imagesyou can accept that people make mistakes, do mean things, cheat, lie, or commit any number of sins in their lives.  Acceptance means that we understand that we ourselves have made poor decisions at times, and none of us want to be defined by our worst moments.

Each person has a moment in their life that is unquestionably positive. These actions and events have made the world a better place in even just the smallest of ways. It is up to each of us to show kindness to others, as best we can. Show compassion and understanding to people who need it, so that when they have the opportunity they will do the same.  You do not have to condone someone’s behavior to show compassion and acceptance of their humanity.

You simply have to have a little kindness in your heart.

6 thoughts on “Moving Past the Judgment”

  1. Really enjoyed this today. It speaks to something in my own life right now. It made me cry just a little. I think it’s a good thing.

    1. Wow! I am glad that this resonated with you. It was definitely on my mind today during this holiday time of year. I think that is a good thing as well. 🙂

  2. Grace. Not a name or a way of moving your body or what you say before dinner, but an action verb-to extend this to people in compassion and kindness and forgiveness. I think a great deal about grace and forgiveness. Of myself and others.

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