fear 1“I am afraid. ” There I said it, I admit it. Now the challenge is for you reading this look at yourself and sees how true that statement is for you.

Fear is so ingrained in our society that sometimes it is difficult to even recognize it anymore.   If you are like me then it is time for you to get onto common ground with your fear and face up to it. 

What is Fear?

To me, this is the feeling that something or someone is going to cause us harm resulting in pain and/or suffering.  It begins from the time we are small children as adults in our lives try to warn us against the harm the world can cause.  It has its place in the learning curve because otherwise, kids would walk in traffic, set the house on fire and just do all kinds of harmful things.

So what’s the problem? Fear becomes more than this. Fear is the root of all evil. All of the negative emotions of the world stem off from fear. Hate, anger, jealousy, judgment all come from fear-based beliefs and all cause irreparable pain.

Can Fear be Good?

fear lightSome people believe that fear supplied in a small dose can be used as a motivating factor for some people. I believe that is initially true, however, it is not a successful nor long-term solution. What are you trying to motivate yourself to do?  Fear may get you there once, but what then? Is it going to take something even scarier to get you to reach further?

The best motivator is creation.  A person working from fear will work hard as long as the threat is behind them, when it is removed they will let up.  The person who is working for the motivation of creation is going to keep working until the creation is made regardless of what other factors surround them.  Fear will keep you from walking out into traffic, but common sense does that as well.

Fear Control

patriot actIt has become commonplace for leaders to use fear as a mechanism for control.  Leaders learned long ago that having a common enemy would hide many of their own faults and even help push their agendas.  After 9-11, there was an intense fear of terrorists, which justified many bad things.  Constitutional rights were wiped away by the Patriot Act, there only had to be the suspicion of wrong doing and all that our Constitution stood for was wiped away. Why? Because of fear?

Media Fear Is Worst

The biggest proponent of fear is the mainstream media. They have learned that if they talk incessantly about things that might hurt you, then ratings go up. It is sickening.  About a year ago, I implemented my own boycott on all mainstream media news.  I haven’t missed a news story, and I am less afraid that the person in the car next to me is going to take meth, jump out the window, smash my windows in with a baseball bat and try to kill me. media fearSo I think it worked out ok.

Sadly Fear Sells

In all seriousness, fear is used to sell everything from acne treatments to life insurance.  I refuse to buy anything that is marketed through fear. I refuse to be afraid of stuff that doesn’t make sense.  Otherwise, we end up locked in our homes afraid of every sound.  Can something happen? Of course, it can, that is life.  Being afraid only makes you miserable.  Buy what you need, not what you are afraid you might need.

Fearfully The End

urlIn closing, I will say this, in the beginning, I stated that I am afraid and I do have a bit of fear, and this is the most significant one to get rid of, that is a fear about yourself.  We all have a fear of failure to some degree that we have to overcome.  I have this in spades.

Why? because I am afraid that if I try something I might fail.  The purpose of writing this post is to put my fear in public.  It is my sincere hope that this act will allow me the courage to follow through with my plans.  I am going to write them out. I am going to work on them every day, unafraid of what will come. Because it was pointed out to me that to do anything else was practicing limiting thinking.

We are a result of the thoughts that we entertain and they will each have the power that you allow them to have. So from now on, this is a no fear zone.  Or at least that is my hope.

What are you Afraid of? 

12 thoughts on “Fear”

    1. No worries “Mr. Tookles” Your bacon will always be around!! It would be a horrible world without this guy in it!! Hope you are having a good day with little to no drama!!

      1. Well.. I’m having a good day.. I’m not sure that poor boy is having one. I think after a long time I can finally laugh again. But I’m going to burn in hell for sure.

          1. Send me an email and detail your adventures. I would like to hear what you are up to little angel.

  1. Bravo!!!!!!!! as a mom, fear was a way to teach the boys things were hot, sharp, or otherwise dangerous. hopefully, they grew up to have common sense about those dangerous things (mostly…..). letting people down is my greatest fear, I think. I’m afraid of so many things in our world. High places, spiders, spiders in high places….but the rest is inside me. I’ll look forward to following your journey out of being afraid. (what an odd phrasing..)

    1. Based on my life boys don’t learn very quickly. Overcoming fear is a huge thing once you see it for what it is, there is no telling what you can do. Thanks for the comment Kris. 🙂

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  3. Being afraid to take action to improve your lot or whatever else that is important to you, is the biggest travesty that will ever exist (in my opinion). You mention things like media, politicians, etc but they are beyond control of the person, you simply cannot do anything about them. But being afraid to get your mind and body to take action, is devastating. And ultimately in such a scenario, you cannot blame anyone but yourself..
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