How to Be Unhappy

unhappy 1There are several sure-fire behaviors that we can all choose which are guaranteed to ruin your life, give you less happiness and cause you to be angry each day. Practice these things and you are guaranteed to be unhappy.  Be careful because happiness will always seek a way into your life.

Be Mean to Others

A great place to start is to make sure that you are mean to other people. Most people are mean and accepting of others because we see faults in them that unhappy 2we see and dislike in ourselves. So look at what you dislike about yourself, recognize it in someone else and be mean to them. Gossip about them, name call and discriminate if you can.

Never learn to accept your flaws, because being mean to others is virtually impossible when this happens. Once you start to show kindness, your urge to be kind will grow. Soon kindness will outshine any mean thought and you will be accepting of others and yourself. Happiness is an uncontrollable byproduct of this situation so beware.

Be Selfish

Whatever you do worry about yourself only. Let’s face unhapy 5it, you are the only one that matters. Everyone else only matters in as much as they contribute to the value of your life. If they can’t help you, forget them and find “friends” who are going to be able to advance your career and wealth in some way.  Never put another person first or care what makes others happy.

If you should start putting other people first then your life would quickly become a happy experience. So be vigilant that this never happens. Once a person starts to give to others, it can grow into a habit. Giving is a precursor to receiving, so if you give love you are also going to receive it. It is almost impossible to be unhappy when you get kindness and love from others, so be vigilant. Each day is a new opportunity to be kind.

Be Ungrateful

Never ever be grateful for anything in your life. unhapy 4Gratitude is a very powerful thing and can make you smile, feel good and be uncontrollably happy.

The funny thing is that if you allow a little gratitude for something, it is going to invite more of that very thing into your life. Soon you will be smiling all the time and happy without even realizing it. So make sure to be ungrateful in order to maintain a solid level of unhappiness in your life.

Send Hate

For no real reason other than you are completely miserable, send hate out to everyone and everything. That is sure to make you very unhappy. Be careful though because there are always going to be people who are going to want to love you despite all of your flaws.

Love is a very powerful emotion and once you start to allow it in your life it will have a tendency to grow. Soon before you know it, you won’t even be able to fathom how you ever hated anything. You will start to care about people and happiness will be the unstoppable result. You will send love to all people and the momentum in your life will be moving toward uncontrollable, unstoppable and unimaginable happiness.  Who would want that?

Wallow in Self Pity

unhappy 3Finally one of the best ways to build and maintain unhappiness is to continually feel sorry for yourself and blame all circumstances and other people for any misfortune in your life, real or perceived. Always ask the question, “Why me?” or “Why do these things always happen to me?”. Never ever accept responsibility for your actions.

Be careful here because once a person stops feeling sorry for themselves they could find uncontrollable happiness in their lives. You will recognize this possibility when you start looking for solutions rather than wallowing in the past or letting challenges overwhelm you.  Once you get past the why me mentality, happiness is easy to attain and hard to get rid of so be very careful about putting the past behind you, it will make your life better.

Complain……………..A Lot

Nothing makes a person as unhappy as unlimited complaining.  Be unhappy about everything and share it with anyone you come in contact with.  Never let any positive words pass your lips. Even when good things happen, complain about them.  Not only will you be unhappy but everyone around you will be unhappy too! It is a win-win.

The danger here is that some people will begin to use positive thinking. They will look at the good side of any situation, and that will definitely make them happy. When you speak with positive energy, you spread positive energy. So your positive talk can spread just as quickly as the complaining. Soon everyone you know will be happier and it will all be your fault. Watch out for positive thinking, it will make your life a happier experience.

As you can see from these examples that it is easy to make yourself unhappy if you want to. It seems like many people  I run into daily,  don’t need my advice in this area. Remember it takes just as much effort to choose to be happy as it does to be unhappy so choose your actions and thoughts wisely.

5 thoughts on “How to Be Unhappy”

  1. this is not as easy as you paint it. I try to be positive and bring joy to others in as many ways as I can. I know my world of me isn’t as horrible as it could be and I am grateful for that. Yet, depression is a scary thing. Once you fall down the hole of darkness, it is incredibly hard to see your way out. This Sunday, I slipped into that hole. It was more of a spiral. I wanted to escape and end my life. I didn’t know how I was going to climb back to the light. Whether you believe or not in a god, I asked some friends for help and prayers. About 30 min after crying out for help, peace descended on me. I was able to sleep and when I woke, the world was gray and as the day went on, the light slowly came back. I do whine, I do see myself as unimportant and others as VERY important. And I do believe in encouragement and positive thinking. Yet, sometimes, those of us who have experienced depression, find those happy things are just not enough. Life does suck, yet it is full of beautiful things, as well. Your response and attitude are a huge part of how your day will become. Just know, when that darkness descends, you are ok. Even when you aren’t full of joy and happiness. And ask for help. You are not alone!

    1. Kris, I am here for you. I understand depression. I had my own experience with this issue a few years ago. I hope that you have people who care about you in your life. If you need an outside voice feel free to email me on the contact page on this site. I always email back as soon as I can. I do believe in God, I am not a big fan of organized religion. (My own experience revealed a lot of hypocrisy). I think it is important for all people who are suffering from depression to know that they are not alone. I am sending you positive thoughts and hope that you are feeling better.

    2. Kris I have never experienced depression as you described above,but I have been incredibly sad and felt great despair. All I know is that those feelings are temporary and things do get better with time as I’m sure you know. Try not to see yourself as unimportant, we all matter. Eleanor Roosevelt once said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” I’m glad you have faith and friends to help you through those times.

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