Gratitude and Appreciation

gratitude-logoOne of the simple things in life that we all know we should do is practice gratitude for the things we have in our lives that bring happiness.

It is easy to look at the struggles and challenges of life and forget to see all of the things that make each day a positive experience.  One of the best practices is to set aside a time of day to look at the past day and decide what it is that you are grateful for.

Build Your Mindset

MindsetIt is a great time to build your mindset of appreciation for whatever it is that makes your life a little better. It is my practice to write 10 things a day that I am appreciative of and I try to make 2 or 3 new or original. This gets your mind looking for things throughout the day that might be added to the list. The process of seeking gratitude improves your focus to include good thoughts and move you away from negative thinking and worry.

Open the Door for More

Being grateful and appreciating the things in your life that are positive, opens the door for more of those things to come into your life. A gratitude journal is a reflective moment that will only make you happier and allow you to feel better about life and the things that you experience in it.

Open-the-door-to-moreThe other choice is to complain about everything that you don’t like in your experience. That only puts your focus more on those negative things and of course, more of those things will come into your life. Nobody really cares about your complaints, they are your issues and at best anyone you are complaining to is just looking for their opportunity to share their complaints about why they are unhappy.

Like most things, it comes down to a simple choice that anyone can make. You don’t have to be intellectually superior to be grateful, but you do have to be smart. It will make your life better and bring more of what you want into your consciousness.

The Power of Thank You

hqdefaultThere is a lot of Power in the words Thank You! It has been clinically proven that if you thank a new acquaintance for anything that they do, makes them more likely to seek to further your relationship. Gratitude makes you physically and mentally healthier, enhances empathy, reduces aggression, improves the quality of your sleep, improves self-esteem and makes you think more efficiently.

Best of all there is really no downside to the practice at all.  Have you ever heard of someone being harmed by being grateful and saying a simple thank you? Of course not, those two little words make others feel appreciated and open the doorway for more positive creation in your life.

Appreciation Game

A great activity that I read about is the Appreciation Game. When you are feeling angry, upset or just in a negative mindset, it is because of the thoughts you are choosing to entertain. Our minds are amazing tools, but they are only tools to be used by us. They are capable of thinking one thought at a time and you decide the content, tenor, and tone of that thought. So you simply choose to find things in your life that you appreciate and think about it. I appreciate the weather, I appreciate my coffee today, it makes life better. I appreciate my spouse, I appreciate the kind thing my kids did. I appreciate my health. I appreciate having money. I appreciate my success. I appreciate my life, etc.  It will flip your mindset to the positive side if you let it.

Of course, you can choose to stay mired in the negative for whatever reason you want. Anger, jealousy, and judgment are just different masks of fear.  These have something to do with not having your needs met and some pain coming your way.

The choice is yours, live in fear or live in gratitude.

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