GivingTo give completely is one of the best things that you can do for your well-being. Giving completely means that you expect absolutely nothing in return. Whether it is money, love or kindness, to give without expectation of a return will change your life more than anyone who receives something from you.  Think about the energy that you are giving today. Is it positive? Or is it something else?

There Is A Joy in Giving

There is a joy that comes from giving.

One of the most significant benefits that come from giving is the feeling that you get inside. There is a joy inside of you that comes out when a gift is given and you know that someone has received something valuable and cherished you were responsible for creating.  This feeling of happiness stays with you. There is a huge difference between giving freely and what happens during the holiday season. Give free gifts, be grateful for the gifts you get from others. Giving doesn’t come out of obligation or for status. That is not giving, that is a job.

Giving Connects Us

givingWhen you give to someone there is a natural closeness that develops between yourself and the receiver. It doesn’t matter if it is a person or an organization. When you give a gift there is a natural connection and interest in the welfare of that entity that exists.

I think that often at Christmas time there is a lot of giving that is just going through the motions and the gifts are not for the benefit of someone else but out of a sense of obligation. Obligations don’t promote joy or happiness, they produce a feeling of pressure and chore like a duty that does not lift up your soul but drives it down.  The connections built through giving can be powerful and enjoyable and can enhance your life. Look to give every chance that you can.

Receiving is a Part of Giving

Giving is reciprocal meaning that to be a good giver you have to also be a good receiver as well. For me, Givingsometimes the receiving is a difficult thing to do. However, to get all of the things that we are looking for in life we need to be a willing and grateful receiver. Having the humility to receive and the appreciation of a gift given to you, allows you to have a much larger understanding of gratitude, caring, and love for other people. Complete the circle of giving and be a good and grateful receiver of gifts from all of those in your life.

Giving is Catchy

Like many things in life, giving has a way of spreading its joy around. The person receiving a gift is going to look for ways that they can give as well. Your  givingthoughtful and caring gift to someone can inspire them to give. That can move that person to give as well and soon your gift of giving has led to a flood of giving that never would have happened if it wasn’t for the initial giving.  By giving you could be responsible for a chain reaction of love that flows through many different gifting opportunities.

Giving is an act that is beneficial to all parties involved. If you are looking for ways to build wealth, then giving freely is a great way to get the energy of abundance flowing your way. The alternative is to live in a feeling of scarcity and it is impossible to build anything substantial from that mindset. Give with a free heart, and receive the same way and you will have a happier and more enjoyable experience in life.

If there is a light
You can always see
And there is a world
We can always be
If there is a dark
That we shouldn’t doubt
And there is a light
Don’t let it go out


5 thoughts on “Giving”

  1. paying it forward is so much fun! receiving is hard, but when you receive graciously, it is also a gift to the giver! I appreciate what you share and give. I am a bigger/better person because of it.

    1. That is a very nice comment to start my day with, thank you Kris! Receiving can be difficult. I think we are conditioned to give, but not to receive, because people see receiving help,love or a gift as a weakness. It isn’t weakness it is a part of the process. Sometimes your are the giver and sometimes the receiver. 🙂

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