Overcome Your Fear

Fear Lies

Fear is a Liar
Don’t Listen to fear

In all that we do and all that we try to accomplish, a person has to learn to deal with fear.  Fear comes to you through a voice in your head, warning you to be careful how far you stretch yourself, or to watch out for the things you do, the thoughts you think and the ideas you express.  This voice in your head discourages you and minimizes your efforts and talents, all in the name of safety and comfort.  One of the most freeing things I have learned is that fear is a liar. It lies to you about almost everything and choosing fear is going to lessen your experience and stop you from achieving anything of consequence.

Nothing Great without some Risk

Was anything great ever accomplished without some form of risk? Would a man have walked on the moon, if they listened to fear? On a personal level, it is no different. When you are considering a new endeavor, hobby, new job or even thought, there is always going to be some level of fear to overcome.

Fear is a liar

What if you fail?   What if you look bad trying? What if people don’t accept what you are doing? What if?  What if???

Is there a more limiting question that fear provides than what if? It is designed solely to limit our willingness to try and to create doubt about our abilities. The lie that fear tells you is that things are going to go badly if you pursue a dream or a goal. There is going to be a risk in anything, but to take action is the most important thing we can do. Fear deters action. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the acceptance of others, are all just limits on your potential. Fear is a liar.

Fear is a Liar to Stop you from Taking Action

Fear is a Liar
Face your fears and they will disappear

If you make an effort to achieve something, can there really be any failure? Taking action is going to create something. There are no guarantees as to what will be created, but something will result from your action. Taking no action will result in absolutely nothing.

Even if the results are not what you had envisioned at the beginning, the result will belong to you and results are a known entity.  When you don’t try, you never know what might have happened and then the question of “What if…..” takes on a haunting meaning. Once you try something you know of its validity and viability. There is a chance to adjust your sails and make your action more efficient in whatever you are trying to accomplish. Fear of failure will stop you from taking action and stop your success before it gets off the ground.

Take Action Above All Else

So when you hear the voices of fear speaking to you limiting your actions, learn to ignore it and take action anyway. Each action that you decide to take will lead to creating something that didn’t exist before.

Even if your action results in an initial set back, it still provides you with valuable information, that you can use to take a more focused action next. As I see it, the only way a well focused, thought-out action can be a negative is if you choose never to take action at all.

Fear is a liar, whose goal is to limit your potential and lessen the experience you have in life. When you hear the voice of fear in your head, tighten your resolve, push ahead and take action anyway. Greatness will never be found by cowering to fear.


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