Embrace The Unknown

face the unknown
Be grateful for What is Currently Unknown

All of us have a deep desire inside to know what is going to happen next.  Where are we going? What is the next step? What should I do now?

Sometimes it seems like it would be much easier if our lives were scripted in a book that we could read before hand, like a play.  Follow the script and you will eventually come to your happy ending and everything will be alright.  A happy ending for all situations.  That is just not the way that life works and I, for one, am grateful for it. Face the new experiences of life and bravely embrace the unknown. You really don’t have any other choice.

Don’t Fear What You Don’t Know

There have been a few occasions that I have found the unknown to be very undesirable. First, when things are going just wonderfully.  When you look around and think, “Wow I overcome your fear of the unknownam so happy right now.”

This is a problem to me because if I am feeling on top of the world, I have the built-in fear that there is no place to go but down.  Since that is the case, for a lot of years I tried to not get too happy, because it can be taken away.  The thing I never realized is that happiness is not something that is extrinsic from myself, it is inside.  I have had experiences that were fun, happy, wonderful and I never wanted them to end.  I have also experienced things that were scary, uncomfortable, painful, and sad.  In the past, I thought that my happiness couldn’t exist in the presence of something bad.  What I have found is that my happiness is not dependent on what happens to me, but how I look at the world from inside.

I know many people who have everything in the world that they should need.  A healthy relationship, money, family, you name it.  Yet they choose to be unhappy, which I can’t understand.  I also know people who seem to have very little but are extremely happy.  It takes me to a quote I heard, warning you to be careful when you find something that makes you happy because it can be taken away from you.   Happiness comes from within you.  So if you accept whatever comes as the experience that it is, sad things make you feel sadness, for a time, but your happiness is not at the whim of fate.  It appears or strays according to your own choices.

Let go of your fear of the unkownLet Go

People do all sorts of things to make it seem like they are in control of life.  We create strict schedules for our days, manipulate people and events to try to control an outcome.  These things never seem to work out in the end as we would like.

Often, the things we do to control life, shield us from new and interesting experiences and when it comes to business manipulating others leads to a poor working environment. Letting go of the need to control everything and understanding that it is impossible to do anyway, is a step in a positive direction. You are just one person in the world, with your thoughts, insights, and needs. Let others have theirs. The only thing you can really control is your reaction to events as they unfold.

Make your plans to the best of your ability  and allow things to unfold. The people that you are with may surprise you with much more than you ever thought possible.

Not Knowing Lets You Grow

I think that being grateful for the things you don’t know is a smart thing to do because it allows you to experience things beyond your scope of reality.   The majority of people would never stretch themselves beyond what they already know if they didn’t have to.

It is very comfortable to sit in your life, where you seem to know everything you need to be safe and feel in control.  Yet there is the world out there that may need you to stretch outside of that comfort zone in order to contribute what you are meant to give to its well-being.  The Unknown Provides this.  Once a new experience comes to you, regardless of its nature, you have to experience growth to deal with it.  If you stop growing then you are going to be moving in the other direction.  Nobody stays the same.

I choose to try to accept the unknown of each day as a part of life, that was sent to teach me what I need to know in order to grow.   So today I am grateful for the things I don’t know and hope I have the courage to deal with it as the experience of life unfolds.
Don’t Let the fear run your life. Be the captain of your own destiny. 



One thought on “Embrace The Unknown”

  1. When I started reading this, I laughed. My eldest son loved theatre because those lines were all written. Even if something happened to change the play for a moment, he knew what was going to happen. He especially appreciated this when he was on stage with girls. He knew what they were going to say and do and he knew what to say and do back. A great comfort to a teen male! As I continued reading, I realised you are going to be the springboard for me in my next thought. Thanks ever!!!

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