Do You Really Think So?

thouths matterAre you aware that everything we think and do matters?  This is not something that I knew all my life and it is a concept that I think everyone should contemplate at least a little each day.  When you are looking at your life experiences and wondering why you are where you are, look back at your thoughts, choices, and actions of the past and there will be a direct connection to the path that you are on right now.

When you are looking at your life experiences and wondering why you are where you are, look back at your thoughts, choices, and actions of the past and there will be a direct connection to the path that you are on right now.

You Can’t Fool Everyone

As a young person, I thought I was pretty smart. There were times where I could manipulate situations, through lies and deception to seemingly make things work out my way.  I told lies to people that nobody could have possibly known were not true.  I believed there was no harm in manipulation, or deceiving someone else for a short-term gain.  Yet, that has not been the case.  In the long-term, I have paid the price for each and every deception I have ever perpetrated in my life.

All of your choices have repercussions. The energy in your life is going to attract more of the same, if you deceive, prepare to be deceived. If you lie, prepare to be lied to. If you are honest, get ready for honesty from others. It is a fact of life and the way life works. I wish someone had told me this earlier. I was never as smart as I thought.

It IS How Your Play the Game

I think that it is one of the greatest things about the Universe and how it all works, that nobody really gets away with anything in the long run.  Often I have seen a person seemingly benefit from doing something that is not right.   It seems unfair that someone should gain benefits from doing something wrong, while those who do things right, seemingly see no tangible benefit, (besides having a clear conscience and morals and a happy life).   But you shouldn’t be upset because you are looking at the scoreboard in the middle of a contest, and the final score always tells a different story, one that defines how you played the game.

Doing the thing that treats others with respect, understanding, and kindness is always the right thing to do. Follow this guide and when the final score is tallied you will be far ahead in any way that matters.

The Great Thing Is

There is no escaping the fact that in the end, thoughts that come from love, lead to happy people and the choice to react and think from fear generally leads to misery in the long run.  To prove it, honestly look at your life and analyze something that you are not happy about.  Make a list of the thoughts and actions you have about that thing, not only right now but in the past.

change thought change worldIt is human nature to feel like we are being singled out and life isn’t fair, but when you do this little exercise, most often you are going to see what actions you took, thoughts that you had or beliefs your cultivated that put you right where you are at this moment.

Here is the part to be grateful for, this can change at any moment.  There are countless stories about people who seem in a day, to have changed their lives, themselves and their circumstances.  None of the personal changes we experience in life would ever take place if we didn’t make the conscious effort to change the way we think about something or a belief that we once held.

We all have the same ability to make these changes and they start with our thoughts.  I am grateful that all that we think matters.

You make the choice every day how your scoreboard is going to read.


5 thoughts on “Do You Really Think So?”

  1. I think some people are too materialistic to be grateful for what they have. They need more. What they dont realise that with that kind of thinking they will never be happy. They have all they need to be happy. They have family. They have a home. They have friendships.They have a job that provides They should be grateful that they can laugh and enjoy all of it. Because in a split second that could be all gone!

    I am grateful everyday for what I have. I dont wish for more, I work for it. I thank the Lord for all that I am given.
    end of my nonsense 🙂 hee hee

    I am leaving you a wonderful gift bwahaha
    a blogging award!

    1. Rebecca is right. I was unhappy one day last summer and one of my friends looked at me, my lovely yard, house, and family and then back at me. No words were spoken but volumes were said. I often wonder if what I think I need is just fluff. In my last blessing post, I shared a bit of what you did here. Thank you for sharing your lights with so many of us who need them.

      1. Great thought Kris, is what you think you need fluff? I have made a lot of changes over the past five years in that area. I appreciate the mention and you are so nice to say that. I just write what I think about whatever I am reading, or have come in contact with. I am grateful that anyone else gets it at all! My lights are here to help. 🙂

    2. Materialism is a trap. A way to feel better about yourself for an instance, but it never lasts. Keep on being yourself and letting your light shine. Oh and thank you so much for the “wonderful” gift. 🙂

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