Daily Pain

It is sad that most people experience some sort of pain on a daily basis because of the selfish, thoughtless behavior of others that has been

Be aware of your imprint on the world daily. It exists.

occurring throughout time. Just as there have probably been people like me, who have realized the pain that we might have caused others, not only by what we said to or about someone but also by the things we didn’t say or the small acts we didn’t do, when they might have made all the difference to someone else’s outlook on life and experience. It amazes me that so much anger and unhappiness could be avoided in life if we would just take a moment to say the kind word or do the thoughtful act for someone. These are the little pieces of hell we perpetrate on ourselves and others throughout our lives. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We always have a choice.

Be Responsible for Someone Else’s Smile

It is estimated that 90-95% of a person’s behavior is completed without the benefit of conscious thought. We react based on patterns and stimuli that have been ingrained in us through past experience. So when we are faced with a situation where our kindness needs to be consciously shared

You can be responsible for someone else’s smile, with just a little effort.

we fail to do it because we are reacting rather than caring.

Our daily lives provide opportunities for growth and kindness daily, and our ability to see this chance and to seize upon it can change someone else’s life in a better way and improve your life as well.  When choices are made that honor ourselves, the enjoyment derived from our lives increases. It is the simple things that can do the trick, to speak kindly, forgive a transgression, allow someone to feel valuable, celebrate the smallest of accomplishments with enthusiasm, put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own. It can be as simple as smiling.

You cause a little hell in someone’s life when you deprive them of this experience because you are too busy or wrapped up in your own life or just not aware of how your kindness could make a difference in the life of someone else. What kind of world would it be if being kind and caring to others was the focus of our lives? What kind of difference can you make?

Accepting of Things

Our thoughts are as dangerous for creating small hells as our words or actions. How poor, different, short, tall, beautiful or ugly someone is

be a good person
So Be A Good Person, or at the least don’t be a jerk.

shouldn’t be the first thought that comes to your mind.  Your thoughts that are negative about others will lessen the positivity in your life.  Each thought that demeans another, diminishes your own reality.

This doesn’t mean that you accept the poor behavior of others, never accept behavior that is against common sense or decency. But don’t follow that act with one conscious choice that is just as harmful to you.  Judge the act but send understanding to the people.  Even the worst criminal, was once an innocent person, with hopes and dreams, but their experiences led to poor choices that didn’t honor themselves.

All actions and consequent blanket judgments of others are not honoring thoughts, they bring negativity to your life and diminish the positive capability you have in making a difference in the world.

Final Thoughts

Look at your actions, thoughts, and words in all situations and evaluate them honestly. Do they bring a benefit to the lives of anyone? Do they honor you? If they don’t then it is best to focus on other things.  We all have this choice every day in each thought, word or action, to extend a little heaven or a little hell to someone.

What we are as people and our value to the world is not determined by how much money we make, the size of the house lived in or the status in social circles. The value we bring to the world is in the little acts, thoughts, and words we speak each and every day.  Each person, from the richest to the poorest leaves in their wake the proof of a person’s ideas and ideals. There is either a garden or mangled wreckage left in someone’s path. Which have you left behind you?

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