Creating Space for Possibility


quote-Jonathan-Sacks-make-space-in-your-life-for-the-213035Change is an inevitable and vital part of life. Change is happening to everyone each day. Some of the differences are so imperceptible as to be invisible but they are there none the less. It is human nature to hold tightly to the past and the things we are comfortable with, like a child with a blanket, these ideas, and possessions present a form of comfort, even if they no longer serve us in any meaningful way.

We each have a certain amount of space in our lives for the people and possessions that matter most to us.   Space in our lives is an important entity. There is only so much of it in our consciousness and in order for new things to come into our lives, we have to get let go of some older things.  To be healthy all people must be growing, and empty space helps us evolve into a better version of ourselves.

Cleaning Out The Closet

616245989833236_a-c5911e68_0MWQUg_pmThe process of creating space in your life is the same as creating space in a closet. Your life has collected experiences, thoughts, and ideas about everything from the value of the designated hitter in baseball to where honesty fits into your life. As we develop as people the number of items that we collect can become bulky and hard to handle. Our “closets” are getting full and it is time to weed out our thoughts and find the ones that are going to provide the most value in your life.

As you look at the new thoughts and information that is coming into your existence through change you can remove older ideas and ideas that are simply taking up space. In your closets at home, there are clothes that once were relevant which are not of value anymore. Finally giving them away to charity and getting them out of your life creates space for new things that will have a relevance in your world today.

The same can be said about thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that we have carried around our whole lives. How many are ready to be recycled? What new ideas and experiences can take their place?

Growth is the Result

The benefit of letting go of the old and creating space for the new is the unstoppable force of growth that will come with it. In my life I have found that growth is a constant journey and times when we slow down and resist growing, life will urge us on.  Sometimes that guidance will come in the form of a challenge, creating space, 222which as unsavory as it seems, moves us toward becoming a better self. We are going to change anyway, get older, get wiser, or become less intelligent and more unaccepting of things. It is up to us what types of change we institute in our lives. Creating space in our lives allows new things and people to come into your life more easily.

Letting Go of Mistakes and Misfortune

This also means that the more we hold onto the mistakes and misfortunes of the past, the less space we have available for forgiveness and learning. If you are still holding onto the pain and disappointment of a past relationship, the less room there is for someone new who can bring some healing, joy, and happiness into your life. You will cling to old emotions and disappointments while new possibilities move past you because there is no space for them to enter your life.

If you are feeling crowded and slow in your life, and you desire new things, a great place to start is to let go of the past and simply allow the new to come into the spaces that you created. You will never know what will come. Your life will be changed one way or another and each day provides a blank canvas for you to create your life on. You decide if the painting will be of the possibilities in front of you or the misfortune and mistakes behind you.

Look at your life today and see what space can be created. To move forward, you have to put the past behind you, letting go of the things that no longer serve us allows space for the new experiences, people and things that make our lives more enjoyable. Relationships, jobs, artistic expression, etc.  Accept it, embrace it and move forward.


3 thoughts on “Creating Space for Possibility”

  1. Can you imagine why I giggled out loud at the ‘cleaning out the closet’? I like these connections you made. When we empty our closets of the older things and ideas, we are not discarding them as in throwing them in the garbage (well, some maybe!!). They will always be a part of us, but moving on means we need to pass that knowledge to others or even allowing the old things to grow into new ones.

    1. Yes I can see why you giggled. 🙂 I have been “cleaning out my closets” of old things that don’t matter. Hopefully making room for new things to enter.

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