Benefits of Forgiveness

forgiveness 99To live life is to be let down. Disappointment just seems to come with the territory. We then have a few simple choices, to carry around the anger of being hurt or to forgive and move on. Sometimes the actions are so painful that it seems impossible to forgive like you will be letting the person that wronged you off the hook. That is the exact attitude that keeps you suffering and under the control of an event or actions of others for a long time.  There are many benefits of forgiveness the will make your life a more enjoyable experience.

Your Health will Be Better

When you look around the internet for benefits of forgiveness, the Mayo Clinic offers a great many

Greater health and energy from forgiveness
Greater health and energy from forgiveness

physical benefits the process of forgiving can provide. Letting go of the negative emotions surrounding any grudge holding or hurt is not debatable. They include lower blood pressure, a lower risk of depression, decreased anxiety, improved relationships, better heart health, and a stronger immune system.

All of these coming from the mental choice to forgive someone. The alternative is to hang on to the grudge and have all of the physical things above become a problem as in increased anxiety, higher blood pressure, poorer relationships, worse heart health and weaker immune system. Seems like a no-brainer for your health to forgive others or yourself and let go of the negative emotions surrounding an event in your life. Your health will be better for it.


Buddha once said, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

Forgiveness Nurtures Growth

It doesn’t seem to matter if it is a relatively small event that you can’t forgive someone or yourself for or a choose to growhuge mistake when you maintain the grudge you are remaining stuck where you are.  Think about it, any event that has happened in the past exists in the past and as long as your focus is on the past, that is where you will stay.  To forgive and let go of the anger is going to allow you to move forward with your life. The only way to become unstuck and start to grow is to forgive those who we are angry with.

Events in the past are not going to change, they are what the are. Only your attitude about them can change and you have total control over that. The person who gets the benefit of your forgiveness is going to be you. You will find that you have a capacity to create, be positive about the future and leave the weight of the past behind you. You will be surprised how much you can do without all that extra weight of blame, anger, hatred and lack of forgiveness weighing you down. You can begin to grow again. Without growth, life ceases to exist.

Nobody is Off The Hook

Forgiveness is not weighted. That is there are no levels of forgiveness depending on the wrong forgive1committed. You will still be weighed down, trapped by an event or person, and unable to grow until you decide to forgive.  Many people I talk to say that what was done to them was too awful, too terrible to be forgiven. When you forgive, you do not condone or make anything morally right. You give yourself permission to leave the experience of the event behind you and to move forward. Nobody is let off the hook by your forgiveness except for you.  You never have to talk to a person to forgive them.

Forgiveness is a mental choice which allows you to direct your thoughts in a more positive direction. It allows a person to create positive new memories and a life of happiness and joy, rather than to be weighed down by the negative memory of an event or person from the past. All of the control in your life will move to you, and away from a negative event.  You will become a stronger, more powerful person when you practice forgiveness because forgiveness is proactive. Anger, resentment, grudges and hate are all reactive.

4 thoughts on “Benefits of Forgiveness”

  1. If you don’t forgive it grows inwards. I think why we hold on to pain is because we want validation that what happened was wrong but you need that validation from the outside world. Looking forward is all you can do. Make peace with the past and foremost. Forgive yourself. In the end we’re only human.

    Big hug from Holland my dear bacon

    1. Well Said my dear “Mr. Tookles”, it is forgiving yourself that can be the most difficult. But forgiveness allows you to start living again, anger, hate, revenge all leave you stagnant and stuck. What happened, happened and whether anyone else validates it or not. You and your mind are the only ones that matter. Have you made peace with your past? I hope so because even a little robot is in the end only human. 🙂 You are the best my friend!

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