All words have power, behind is no different. Are you behind? Or are you mistaken?

There is a power in the word behind. There are a lot of ways that this word can be positively applied to your life. You can put things behind you and move on unencumbered by the past. You can find some wonderful things that are hidden just behind something, the sun behind a cloud for example. Behind can be a false motivator pushing us forward in pursuit of our goals. Focus on the positive nature of the word behind and it can change your life for the better.

Put The Past Behind You

There is no doubt that leaving the past behind you is a necessary step in one’s development. It can be difficult but it is difficult to make space for the new experiences that may be wonderful if you are still holding onto the experiences of the past. Always remember the lessons but move forward, looking for new experiences to embrace.

Putting the past behind you allows you to accept an attitude of possibility for the future which can Put the past behind youinclude all of the things that you love to do and perhaps all of the things that you dream about. Even if your past was great, you can’t live there now. If you try, you will be stuck, standing still looking back when the potential of today is floating past in life, right in front of you. Putting your past behind you is a skill that must be learned.

Just Behind That

When looking for good things in life, sometimes we just have to wait for a moment for the cloud or storm to pass and then left in front of you is the thing that you have been wanting in your life. Not happy with your job? There may be a more desirable vocation just behind the one you dislike. Put it aside and see what is waiting. Not happy in your meaningful

look right behind that cloud for miracles
You can see the bright future coming just behind that cloud.

relationships? Push them aside and look at them to see what lies there waiting for you. If you are going to stay engaged in the current entanglement that you are not happy with, then, of course, you will never find the positive situations that exist.

Peek behind the veil and see what is waiting for you. It takes courage to see what is waiting. It may be more or less than you hoped. Approach it without attachment and most often you will find something that is valuable for you and helps propel you on your way to becoming the person that you have known you could be all along. If you can just take a peek, wait for the cloud to pass, or the storm to subside. It is all there behind the obstruction you see.

You Are Not Behind

You are not Behind, Too often we are hurrying through our days and our life because our mind is giving us the message that we are behind. When in fact, you are really right where you need to be. In fact, it would be impossible to be anywhere else. Stop operating from a mindset of needing to catch up and operate from the mindset that you are doing just fine because you are. Your path can’t be judged by anyone else’s measure because you are on a unique journey. It is yours alone and there is no duplicate available.

You are not far behind!!!!

3 thoughts on “Behind”

  1. And I was thinking you were gonna post the song ‘Living in the Past’ from Jethro Tull! this one works better. I am glad you are there to help push one from the past into the future. Sometimes we need a push!

    1. Ha, ha, the music is whatever hits me at the end of the post that I think fits the post. I like that song by Jethro Tull but Far Behind from Candlebox won today!! Maybe tomorrow……… I am happy to give you a push into a positive future. Keep moving forward Kris.

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