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Choose to be happier

We are all looking to be happier in life.  There are some simple steps that you can take each moment to improve your personal happiness and they are all easy to master. You simply need to have a consciousness about your actions.

Being generally happier about things in your life is a choice, and if you  look at things and truly aren’t happy about the way they are going,  then changes need to be made with a few simple choices. You can turn things around, right now, today, just by changing your focus.

How to See The Good In Your Life

How to be happy optimisst
The Optimist

Is the glass half empty or is it half full?  This is how you can start evaluating where you are mentally in your life.  If your thoughts are constantly about what is missing in your life, what you don’t have, or what you need to acquire to be happy, then you, my friend are a glass half empty kind of person.  And I can pretty much guarantee that if you honestly ask yourself the question, am I happy?  The answer would be no.  How can you be happy when you are constantly looking at the things that you don’t have or are lacking?

One of the simplest steps towards happiness is simply to recognize and appreciate any good thing you have in your life.  Show your gratitude by writing it down and talk about it through the day.   I have been down, and walked on the pessimist’s side of the street before, and I know that from my own experience that the negative thinking only leads to more negative behavior and you can NOT be happy if you are thinking about how much you are missing in life.   So make the simple choice to think positively about what is

The Pessimist

good in your life. Perhaps it’s the fifteen minutes of silent contemplation you get on your ride to and from work every day that allows you to stay organized and be more productive.  No matter who you are there are always things that you can think about that are good and when you start to do this you will find that  a look toward more positive things will lead to many more positive emotions, experiences, and circumstances occurring in your life.

It can all start with a simple list of things that you are grateful for in your life and a sincere appreciation for them and you will start turning things from negative to positive.

Do Something Nice Just because you can….

Its nice to be niceIt is not a difficult concept to understand that people like it when others do something nice for them.  It is even more appreciated when it comes from an unexpected source.  It is less understood that  doing something nice for someone else will make you feel  good about yourself .   When you do something for the express purpose of making someone else feel better, there is an almost automatic rise in your own self-esteem and the way that you feel about yourself.  It is unstoppable and undeniable.  This feeling inside you is happiness, because as people, we all want to be more accepted and appreciated and if you can comfort or help another to feel good or to experience joy, your own happiness will rise.  Even if the act  was totally anonymous.   As amazing as this sounds you will become happier by making someone else happier.  There is no way around it and no debating this point.  Simply do something nice for someone else, just because you can and you will be happier.

Smile more often and Mean It!

Smile more and be happierAnother simple way to be happier is simply to smile more often.  You can fake it at first if you are so pessimistic and angry that you don’t have an authentic smile in you.  There is a physiological response  inside us that if we put on a smile, it is only natural that our entire demeanor both inside and outside will try to match that happy look.  If you don’t believe me, try it.  Really focus on smiling more, every day, even when there is nobody around.

You will not be able to stop yourself from thinking of things that have made you smile in the past or that make you smile today, or would make you smile and feel happy tomorrow.  You won’t be able to stop it.   You will be just as happy as you choose to be.    It is as simple as learning to smile more and really meaning it!

 Find Happy People and Do What They Do

Find happy peopleBirds of a feather, flock together.  It is an old saying but in most cases it is true.  If you are intent on being, an unhappy, negative and generally miserable person, you are going to seek out people and invest time in people who are going to promote that point of view for you as well.  You will find “friends” who are negative about everything in their life and will get confirmation that they are right about how crappy the world is from you.  These people will avoid relationships with happy people because they will have to confront whatever it is that is making them so damn miserable to maintain the relationship.  It is much easier for them to attack the happier person and try to minimize them as a person.  Usually by saying something negative about them behind their back.  If you want to be happy, then getting rid of this behavior obviously has to happen.  Here’s how.

You should find the positive people in your life and look to attach yourself to them.  You will start to see how they look at life and more importantly how they think about life.  These thought patterns are what you are looking to emulate, because as you think, so you are.

When you have relationships with people who don’t think life sucks and everyone is out to screw them, you will find that you are feeling happier.  I can clearly picture relationships I have had that were totally negative and made it easy to embrace negative thoughts about everything and everybody.  If you  have ever worked in a place where this mentality is dominant, then you can understand how difficult it can be to be happy around that black cloud of misery, “this sucks”, “the boss is mean”, “they are trying to waste my time”.

Compare that to the work atmosphere that is infused with a positive energy, that makes what you are doing seem to  count and that you are an important part of that process, you won’t be able to stop loving your job and doing it to the best of your ability.   In most work environments you will have the opportunity to experience either kind of person, be positive and try to be happy, and like a moth to a flame, people who are looking for that attitude will be drawn to you.   Don’t allow the negative into your life, it is all up to your choices.

Let Go Of Bad Experiences and Anger Towards Others

One of the more helpful things that I have learned is that what has happened in the past has as much affect on your life today as you let it have.  Think about that for a moment.  We all have experiences in our past that have not been good to experience.  We have all made bad decisions, we have all made mistakes, we have all done things that were wrong.  That is life , that is the way of it.  However, how we choose to live with these decisions or mistakes is totally up to us as people and directly leads to the amount of happiness you can experience in your life.

I read a book about letting go and it gave the advice that when you think of a person or a situation and you get an instant kind of burning feeling inside, there is something that you haven’t let go.  Perhaps an experience you had from circumstances in your childhood, or it could be a person who you feel has done something that has wronged you.  For me, there were both people and events that I was holding bad feelings against because I felt that they had treated me unfairly and weren’t the people I thought they were.

I was holding on to the anger, hoping for some sort of payback and silently wishing that bad things would happen to them so that they could feel as badly as I did.  When I started to release these feelings, I realized that it was me that had the problem and not them.  I really started to look at things from the point of view of other people and by letting go of the anger, I found peace and  even love.

The process of letting go of bad experiences is pretty a simple concept but that doesn’t mean it is easy to do.   You think of the situation that brings up the negative emotions in you, ask yourself, can I let this go?  Then answer yourself honestly.  If the answer is yes you will feel the difference almost immediately, all of the negative will leave.

If honestly, the answer is no you will still feel better for dealing with it, all you have to do to release it is to keep asking yourself, for me eventually anything that had a negative effect on me I could let go.  This process is more difficult than it sounds because as people we sometimes have allowed negative experiences to define our lives.  If not for the long-term, for the short-term.  Letting go of these events and the people surrounding them can be a scary proposition.  But scarier still is the prospect of carrying the anger,guilt, shame, fear, etc. around with you and being miserable the rest of your life.  Practice letting go, release the negative and you will be much happier.

6 thoughts on “Be Happier Now”

    1. Thank you so much “Mr Tookles” it is fantastic to hear from you my friend. I have been wondering what you have been up to. So grateful to hear from you! I you are becoming happier by the day! You are my favorite bacon ever.

  1. I can’t express how much feeling gratitude for everything I have has changed my mindset. I never used to appreciate anything at all, I always wanted what I didn’t have and I wasn’t happy. Once I started to appreciate all the things (even something small) I noticed how happy I’ve become. Sometimes it’s quite funny, because a year ago, I wouldn’t appreciate even the most expensive things and now something small like my pillow makes me happy! Yeah, a pillow, can you believe that? I feel gratitude for a pillow, haha… Feels so good to be alive!
    A lot of people seek happiness in the things they don’t have, but happiness is in what you currently have and what you are.
    I also implemented the strategy of smiling more often. It quite amazing how fast it can switch your mood from sad to happy. I always smile like an idiot all day long, even right now! Gosh, if someone would monitor me all day, they’d think I’m crazy, cuz my smile never goes away lol…
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