Authentic Self

authentic selfBeing a true original is difficult to do today. The media inundates all people with numerous messages of what we should aspire to be, what clothes are acceptable to fit our persona, what beverage to drink and even which medications we should take to alleviate any minor problem.  You have to wonder if there is room for a person to be a total original. Then you meet or see one and you know it exists and that means the authentic self-exists in you. Blaze your path and leave a trail for others to follow.

Show Your Unique Abilities

authentic selfWe live in a world that is full of contradictions. People have the drive to be unique but live in a society that is hell-bent on make sure we are never expressing this. So what can you do to show your unique abilities? One of the first things is to consciously try to not imitate others. Do your own thing. I struggle with this constantly because I see a lot of great writing ideas and some I try to emulate, to see how they fit, but that only lasts for a little while. I have to be me and express my thoughts that way that I see them.

Your uniqueness will shine through the minute you start to think for yourself and do what your heart tells you.

Don’t Waste Your Effort

So many of us spend so much of our energy to make sure that we present a story of who we are to the world that we want them to see, that we have no clue who we really are. It takes a lot of energy to do this, to wear the mask of perfection or whatever you want the world to see. When so much of yourself is spent keeping people from seeing who you are, obviously you will not be who you are and the only trail authentic selfyou will leave is one of anger, frustration, and personal disappointment.

Throw this out and focus on being you, regardless of what you think the world wants you to be.  You may not even remember who you actually are because you have been playing a part so long. Move off the path that others desire for you and move forward down the path of your true self.

Leave a Trail

Don’t follow the crowd, they don’t know what is good for you as a person. Only you can know what choices will feel good to you. Only you can determine your path because when it is all done, you will be held responsible for your life and who you are, not the crowd.  Be your best self and leave a bright, brave trail for others to follow.  You are the only one who can do this, don’t let yourself down.

Do Not Go Where the Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No Path and Leave a Trail – Ralph Waldo Emerson

9 thoughts on “Authentic Self”

  1. I’m a follower. I like to make my own trail sometimes, but I prefer not having to work so hard to find my path. And often, when I wander down the one someone else has gone, I find a new spot to take off on. I’ve never cared to leave a known way completely, though.

    1. Maybe someday soon you will be leaving the trail and finding your own way and others will be following you for safety along the way. You are the only one who can blaze that trail.

    2. If you think about it we all are trailblazers no one has the same experiences, interpretations, up bringing so we all make decisions based on that. I agree that it is hard though to always know if a choice you make is truly trailblazing for you, especially when our friends or society constantly tell us what we should do. They mean well, I think

      1. I know what you mean kathleen, society and friends mean well, but to be ourselves seems more and more difficult to do. I always feel kind of pressured by what is expected. I think that going our own way should not be such a big deal. I hope you are blazing a trail today!

        1. I usually feel pretty good about my choices, until I talk with my friends about a choice I have made, then I inevitably feel like I have to defend that choice and that’s when I doubt myself.

          1. We all doubt ourselves at times. Do what your heart tells you and most often you won’t go wrong. Friends are great sounding boards but only you can decide what is right for you and then go for it. Doubt and fear are always around but learning to deal with them is the key to being successful. 🙂

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