Avoid the Negative Noise

Keeping it All Positive

challengesNo matter how confident and successful you are, life has a way of throwing challenges your way that will push you to make decisions every day which redefines who you are.  In everyone’s life, there are going to be events that force a constant expression of this experience.

In the end, even after facing a challenge I like to think that we have become a more galvanized feeling of who we are, and we hold on to beliefs with a more critical and realistic passion.

Being Positive, When the World is Negative

Even though I have spent a lot of time contemplating the power of being positive, and knowing that the positive energy that is produced with your positive thoughts, I have on positive_redcoccasion over the recent past slipped into being judgmental and critical of others for no reason other than because I experienced frustration.

Being positive becomes difficult when you look at life and the people in it as things that affect you, rather than people who are just doing the best they can to survive day-to-day.  All people have weaknesses, and from time to time are annoying and just rub you the wrong way.  One of the biggest challenges in life seems to be, to accept these small negatives and support and highlight the positive of each of these relationships regardless. The things that really annoy us the most are weaknesses we see in ourselves. Maintaining a focus on love, understanding, acceptance, and kindness can be a challenge but the reward in accepting others is being able to accept ourselves.

It becomes difficult to do this when you are engulfed in an atmosphere that focuses on the negative features of things unacceptance, judgment, sarcasm, and just being plain mean.  That is when you have to work a bit harder to find the positives.  The best way that I have found is to look for the things that are going right and not spending any time worrying about what is wrong with the job, community or each other.

Find Time For You

No matter how busy you think you are, or what others believe you should be doing, it is time for youvital that you find a time that is dedicated to you.  This can be a challenge, but in life’s situations,  it is easy to get all wrapped up in the chores at hand, solving problems, making sure that all things are done to the best of your ability, that you lose focus on simple kindness and courtesy we should show one another each day.

One of my favorite ways to maintain a more positive focus is to spend a little time each day reading new thoughts and digesting that information in a productive and healthy way. You are never too old to learn and growth is a lifelong process.  Learning about yourself makes you less judgmental of others and keeps the focus where it belongs, on your thoughts and ideas. Those who don’t find a growth are slowly dying. Finding time to think and put your experiences into perspective will allow your life to have a much more significant flavor. Life is continually trying to teach you lessons, your reflection is their chance to sink in and make an impact.

Closer To Fine

In the end, all experiences are going to change your life in one way or another.  I think people often choose to let most of what happens to them be negative and spend time trying to overcome whatever life has given them.

focus expandsI think there is a better way and that is to remove the labels of good or bad that are associated with experiences and just label them all “Experiences”.  This can be difficult when things are so personal but in reality, everything that happens is just an experience, that brings something to our lives, that we apply value to, good or bad.  We have the choice to smile and take what we can or to frown and feel overwhelmed by things happening to us. We have a choice.

The choices we make in each moment will determine the path of our day and our days determine the path of our lives. There are many great things in life we all experience each day, from pleasant weather to a good cup of coffee, we simply need to notice and appreciate them.  Being grateful for the positives in life will always take the focus and power away from the negatives.

What you spend your time and effort focusing on in your life will increase.


5 thoughts on “Avoid the Negative Noise”

  1. a couple of things. 1-is ‘Mind Connections’ now totally separate from ‘the Reflecting Pool’??? this one has been so difficult to find lately. 2. THIS post is this week..and today. ” We have the choice to smile and take what we can or to frown and feel overwhelmed by things happening to us. We have a choice.” My yesterday was horrible beyond words because of words a person used against me. Today, I worked outside. It was a blessing! thank you for sharing this.

    1. Two things: 1 Mind Connections and Reflecting Pool are both my sites, so they are always connected, I will make sure that the connection is clearer. I have been experimenting with a few different things to see what works the best for getting people to go from one to the other. I will make it easier to find for you!! 🙂 2. I am sorry a person used words against you. There is not a lot that is worse than the feeling of others speaking about you. I was given good advice once, eliminate negative people from your life, or if you can’t do that, eliminate the fact that you care about what they say. They are just going to break you down. Glad you enjoyed your work outside. Hope today is an awesome day!!

      1. sometimes that elimination is harder than it might be. However, I can remember I am bigger than those horrid phrases or words. and the world around us that needs to be embraced, it is bigger yet!!! thank you for your encouragement!

        1. Remember that you are great and most negative comments are made because of how others feel about themselves and have little to do with you or your life situation. All you can control is how you feel and react to things. I have been there and in the end other people’s words have as much impact as I decided to let them have. Thanks for entering the world of Mind Connections. 🙂 You are a valuable piece of my little web world!!

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