Taking Action Today

thoughts and actionsOur lives are dictated by the actions we decide to take each and every moment. I will point out the key part of that sentence, they are things that YOU DECIDE to complete.  Taking actions, or lack thereof, create the reality of our lives and nothing will show the world more about one’s true character. Your consistent actions over time will more accurately describe your morals and character than anything else. Your actions tell the world what you want to be included in your life.

Taking action always speak much louder than words.  You can decide if your actions are taken for selfish gain alone or if there is a hope for the well-being of others as well as yourself in your life. To fully understand a person’s motives I hear their words but listen to their actions because it is in what a person does that the truth lies.

Your Actions Speak for Themselves

taking actionWhen you meet someone new, it can be difficult to tell what type of person they are by simply listening to their words. However, observe their actions and you will know all you can about them. A person may say they value other people and their feelings but if they are rude or demeaning to others they do not. They may seem nice in their words, but if their actions judge others or spread rumors about other people then they are not nice.

Actions are the true lie detectors of life. It is impossible to fake your actions forever. You can fake it for a short time, but keep observing a person’s actions and you will see their true selves. Watch others and then watch yourself and see exactly what the actions you observe tell you about the person being observed. If you can look without bias at your own actions, you will see the message you are sending to the world.

Make Actions Count

taking actionOur actions will speak for us, not only to those around you but in getting what you want in life. It is one thing to say I want to be successful, but another to take the steps and perform the tasks that will get you to that goal. Nothing is going to happen by magic, unless you count the magic that does come from taking simple actions toward reaching your goal.

What is stopping you from taking a step? Failure? Failing is in the eyes of the beholder and depends on how you evaluate your experience. Sometimes things don’t go as we plan, but the lessons we learn from the action, allow us to find the secret to completing that goal and doing it in a way that is totally unique to us. When you make a demand on the Universe with your actions, there will be a response and it will most likely lead you where you want to go.

Finally, to defeat fear there is no better remedy than action. Fear is just a thought in your head that gains momentum as you worry about it. It is usually not a real danger that you are in, but the worry about danger. It may be coming in the future but it more than likely will not. Action tells the story of your ideas. Are they valid or are they foolishness? Only the test of action will tell this.

Your dreams are there on the other side of fear.

5 thoughts on “Taking Action Today”

  1. it is so much easier to think about things than do them. which is why writing is so much fun! good thoughtful words again-thank you.

    1. Yes I agree, the action of writing is so much fun.It is good to get all of the words out of my head and onto a page. It makes me responsible for what I am thinking right now. Thank you Kris for the comment!! Hope all is well.

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