Taking Action

Taking action
Taking action can be scary but it is the one thing you can do right now to move toward your goals.

An individual’s greatest power is that they have the ability to analyze a situation, determine if it is beneficial to them and then taking action to enhance the current situation or to move in a new direction. Taking action is a necessary factor in any success story.

The difference between those who are successful and those who are not is the action that they take each day to move toward their goals. Want to write a book? Start writing. Want to build a car? Start building. Want to have love in your life? Start loving others. Making the conscious choice to take action is the most empowering thing that you can do.  Here are five benefits that taking action will bring into your life.

Taking Action Eliminates Fear

fear 33Human beings are always dreaming. What we can accomplish, who we want to be and the biggest thing stopping us is fear. Fear of failure, if we don’t find success then what? I don’t want to look foolish. Failure is the first step to achieving anything.

Reevaluate, re-plan and try again, fearlessly through action. Fear of success, if you do become successful in your dream, then what? Action eliminates fear and will allow you to become what you dream of. Without action, nothing will ever happen. Taking action will eliminate fear, in fact, it is the only thing that can.

You Know Where You Stand by Taking Action

Until you test an idea or theory with action, you never know if it will work or not. So you can sit there where is standwith great dreams and plans, thinking how much money you will make or how famous you will be when this great “thing” is done. Take action and see if that book will sell, or that invention will make millions or that business can’t fail. Action will allow you to evaluate where you are and what work your dreams need in order to be great. Without action, the greatest ideas are just going to be castles in the air.

If you want to have a relationship with a particular person, if you never take the action to ask them out, you will never know what might happen. Action will display a measuring stick if the relationship is not going to happen you can stop wasting your time and move on to something more productive. Taking specific action toward your goal will reveal the reality of the situation and the distance still required to travel.

Taking Action Calls for Help

One of the great benefits of taking action is that your intentions are displayed to the world and through action, help to achieve what you want has that avenue to arrive. By actually taking steps to begin and starting toward your goal, people of similar interest may be drawn to you. Someone else may have the missing piece to your puzzle of success. If you have an open mind and are accepting of the ideas of others, success may be just on the other side of a simple action.

Energetically, I believe that what you are seeking is seeking you as well. Setting your intention into fact, through action will attract similar people to you.  Take an action and attract the assistance you need or take no action and sit in quiet, unsuccessful anonymity.

Taking Action shows Commitment to Your Success

commitmentOnce you take an action toward a goal, it becomes real and once a dream starts to become real, our commitment to its ultimate success increases. Until this point, it was just an idea on a planning board, but now that you have taken action, your vision has started to come to life. It is much easier to become committed to a tangible thing than an idea.  Thoughts are powerful, but thoughts can change and be easily discarded. The reality is much more persistent.  Once the first domino is pushed, it is natural to follow the string. Taking the next action, and the one needed after that.

Memories of the Journey

So there you are, looking for success, planning your wildest dreams and all it needs to become reality is taking actionfor you to have the courage to take action. Make a call, start a website, publish that, arrange that article, sell that, pitch the idea, be brave and unafraid to fail. Sitting still is safe, but it will never allow you to finish a race.

The path to success in anything is going to be a journey. From the planning, through the action to the evaluation of your efforts. The journey along the way is going to supply the stories that you remember fondly, and the relationships that can be forged in the accomplishment. It all begins with taking action.


4 thoughts on “Taking Action”

  1. this is interesting. one of my good friends is going thru an emotionally abusive situation with her barely adult son and has been told she needs to ‘take action’ and many of the other things you mentioned. yet, she is very afraid. she is the oldest in her family, yet does not act as such.i worry about her all the time. I wish I could help her and all I can do is listen. THEN, I read this with my own self in mind and saw how some of these ideas fit in my world. Nice work.

    1. Thank you Kris, I am happy when anything I think or write connects with people in their world. It lets me know I am not out here by myself. Seeing someone who needs help is difficult because you never know where to step in and if not asked, if your help is wanted or would be appreciated. I am sure that you will find the right avenue to provide some support to your friend. 🙂 I hope all is well.

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