Formula for Happiness

Want to be Happy?

Parents-can-only-give-good-advice-or-putMost people would love to live a happy life but find that the process of living life is stopping happiness from happening. Life challenges you with situations that force you to grow and learn. Happiness comes from within, building an acceptance of events and situations and knowing that they are meant to teach you something. Whether you enjoy the process is up to you.  Here are some things you can do to become happier with life today.

1. Never Forget You Are Great

You are great
You Are Great!

The first thing that I would want them to know is that they are great, powerful and they can do anything that they want to accomplish.

There is no goal that they can’t reach or success that they can’t attain if they are willing to be dedicated to getting there.

Don’t let what anyone else tells you, change your goals. Sometimes your peers, your teachers, your parents, or the world will tell you things that make you feel like you are not a great human soul with endless possibilities.

If they do, ignore them, they are just trying to bring you down.  You can do anything, your light is perfect and doesn’t need to be adjusted because of the thoughts and ideas of others.

Every person is born with this ability and our life experiences tend to make us forget it, don’t ever forget you are great! You are full of unique ability and talent that nobody else in the world possesses, use your gifts and be great!

2. Follow your Passion

follow your passion
Always follow your passion

I don’t care what you do in life, be a banker, a lawyer, a dancer, a carpenter or whatever it is that makes you happy, but you must be the best that you are capable of when you follow that vocation.

Too many people choose a career because of what their parents or society thinks. This will make you end up in a career that is not fulfilling and ultimately makes you unhappy.

So anything that you do, do it to the best of your ability and enjoy it! If you are following what your heart loves, then you can’t go wrong.  Being happy will take care of itself after that.

3. Be Kind

You have the ability to either make someone’s day or provide a hurt that

Be Kind
Remember This!

may never heal.  Your words and thoughts are vitally important to your existence and that of those around you.

There are people in the world that have forgotten how great they could be, and they spend a lot of time being miserable.  Misery loves company, so they spend much of their time trying to make everyone else feel as bad about themselves as they do.

Don’t pay any attention to this and recognize the actions for what they are.  Being kind and understanding is not always easy but it is always right.

Stay away from judging people and their behaviors because you will never know what experiences that they have had.

Understand that there is greatness in everyone, and perhaps some people will never be able to reach their best, but you never know, perhaps your kind word or action will propel them to greatness.

It is a sure thing a mean act or unkind word or deed will never help anyone.   Help people when you can. Be kind.

4. Be Patient

There is a perfect time and a place for everything in your life.  When you are a kid growing up, I understand there are a lot of pressures placed on

Be patient
Be patient and enjoy what life has for you today.

you to get older quicker and you feel like you will be ready to make your own decisions, and you will have the opportunity to make many.

Be patient, don’t  grow up too fast, enjoy being a kid as long as it is appropriate because you will never be able to go back.

No matter how it feels when you are in high school, good or bad, that is a very short part of your life and it won’t define your life.  It is just something that you have to go through.

You may be popular, or you may not, in the end, it doesn’t make a difference in the type of individual you will grow into.

Treat people with goodness and strive to be true to your own greatness.  Be friends with all kinds of people because they will broaden your horizons and your perspectives on life.

Growing up is an awkward, exciting time full of social learning and development, but it is only a few years of your life and it really doesn’t amount to much.

Take time to enjoy it, learn from it and leave it behind when it is time. Be patient with yourself and your journey. One day you will look back and think wistfully of those days. Know you got the most out of them.

5. Think Outside the Box

Since you are a great human soul and able to accomplish anything you want, don’t let

Don't be boxed in
Think outside the box

society put you in a box and restrain your power in any way.

From the day you go to school, they are going to try to teach you how to think.  Learn how to read, learn how to do the math, learn what they tell you about history, but never forget that you are free to think anyway that you want.

Think outside the box, all great things were accomplished outside of the box, not following someone else’s prescription for life.

Think creatively, and look for answers that nobody has ever thought of.  Be original in your thought, and you will find original solutions. The world needs much more of this than cookie cutter responses that an educator believes to be correct.  Don’t let them put you into a box, you are greater than that!

6. Choose Friendship Wisely

Be friendly with everyone and look for the good in them, but only allow those that you can trust into friendship.  Many people who were

friends let you down
Expect the best from yourself and little from others.

apparently great friends will be nowhere to be found when the inevitable trouble hits your life.

There will be a few though who will stick with you no matter what and those should be cherished and never forgotten.  Nurture those relationships, give them time and effort because they are special.

The older you get the more these jewels will reveal themselves and the false friends will fade away into yesterday.

Most people enter your life for a season because you need to learn something from them or let them learn something from you, and when that season ends they or you move on.   Enjoy the seasons and don’t turn them into anything other than what they are.   People can raise you up or drag you down, seek the former and avoid the latter.

7. Never be afraid to fail

In my life, I have noticed that I shy away from things that I am not sure about and the reason is that I am afraid, that I might fail or make a

don't be afraid to fail
No Fear For You!!!


Never be afraid to make a mistake or to fail.  These failures or mistakes will only define the act, not the person committing them.

Often you will learn your most valuable lessons by trying new things, and when you fall short you will have an opportunity for growth and understanding.

The problem comes when, as people, we take our failure personally and let it define us.

This makes us not dare to try again because it hurts too much to fall short.  Never let a misstep define you, try, fail, learn and try again.

Show your courage and your character by not allowing your mistakes to destroy you and to understand the valuable lessons that they are teaching you.

You are great after all and will do great things, the lessons failure teaches you is most likely to help you move in that direction. You have unlimited possibilities.

8. Stay away from Organized Religion

Organized religion is designed to control people and earn money for certain organizations. God did not create everyone and then disregard a majority of the population because they don’t go to the right church.

These are fear tactics meant to diminish God and the greatness within you.  Understand that God is about love and anything that teaches division in any way is not from God but from mankind.

When mankind creates differences with labels they are trying to make themselves feel right by calling the other wrong.  All are right if they are based on love, all are wrong that are based on fear.

9. Follow your Heart

When it comes to decision making rely on your heart to make the decision over all other factors.  Your head will think logically and weigh many options, your emotions will pull you in one direction or another usually based on what will benefit you solely.

Let all of those factors pass by and make your decisions from your heart and you will make a choice that is right, and nothing is more important than that.  Learn all you can about the situation and do what your heart tells you is right.

This will be true in big and little things.  As you develop this skill, there are bound to be mistakes made, wisdom is not gained in a day, but use the mistakes to hone the skill not to go another way.

10.Be Honest

There are many mistakes we make, but always be honest about yours and accept the consequences of them.

A person will judge you based on your word and if you often tell lies, your credibility will be gone and it is not easily gained back.  Tell the truth in all things, be honest and life will work much easier for you.

11. Accept Help

Because people are independent, often times they will need help but won’t ask for it because they don’t want to be a burden or are afraid they will look weak.

Never be afraid to ask for help if you need it, you don’t know everything as great as you are, and it may be that the person you ask for help will benefit as much from rendering the help as you will from receiving it.  Be as willing to accept it as you are to give it.

12. Love over Fear

Every emotion and thought that you have are going to come from one of two branches of the tree of life and they are fear and love.

Fear will make you feel angry, sad, mad, jealous, or any other negative feeling, whereas love, happiness, patience, flexibility, understanding all stem from love and those are the thoughts and feelings that allow you to enjoy life as you are living it.

It is a choice which branch of the tree you spend your time on, spend it on love and you will find life quite a nice experience, or spend it on fear and you will most likely be unhappy.

All of this advice I can give you and urge upon you, but the beauty of this game called life is that you have to play it for yourself, and find out the joys and beauties that await you.  I can’t do it for you or take away all the risk because my game is different from yours.  Let your greatness shine and follow your heart, I am sure you will do just fine.

What makes you happy?



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11 thoughts on “Formula for Happiness”

  1. So many good points here. Let others help is huge- I have always been told to do it myself and asking for help is horrible. Case in point. I mentioned online today that my plane would be coming in during deer season and they would be camping. A friend suggested I could ask someone to come and get me. I was humbled. I had forgotten about people beyond my family. And if others don’t respond to help queries? it is ok.

    1. I know what you mean Kris. Allowing someone else to help can be difficult. I think I am very independent so help seemed like weakness to me. But we often ask god for help in all sorts of ways. Sometimes that help is going to come in the form of another person. I think that is ok. It has been my experience anyway that there are many people who will help you, if you ask them. Great thought to start the day on!! Thanks!!

  2. what a great post! you touched upon so many great points!
    I have known so many people who have been miserable because they gossip and maligned people behind their backs and they wondered why they dont have friends. Why they are always alone. They lie about the stupidest things.
    I find if you are honest with someone they will appreciate it.
    What irks me is how people always need validation in their lives. If you are beautiful inside and out, you shouldnt have to be told every 5 minutes that you are beautiful! Accept that you are! Look in the mirror and be proud of who you are! If you have friends, close friends you dont have to compete with others about how many friendships you have on fb.
    hee hee oh no I was ranting! sorry! 🙂
    Of course my fave was the organised religion point hee hee!
    Again such a wonderful post!!! I loved it!

    1. Your rants are welcome here anytime! I really appreciate your comments. And thank you. I would like to hear your rant on organised religion. Thank you for reading. It is always great when someone understands what you write. I am grateful for sure.

      1. Don’t get me started on my rants, I will be rambling on for days 😅 thank you for letting me though!
        It was quite an enjoyable read! You write with such professional flare!
        And you help people!
        Such a triple threat, my blog is cowering in a corner!!!

        1. I don’t know about that. I enjoy a lot of what you publish on your blog. You have a lot of unique insights that you let out from time to time. Among other things. You are a really creative person and don’t ever cower in the corner with your thoughts. 🙂 Your blog is great and so are you!

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