Did The Grinch Have It Right?

GrinchBookSS01I think that the Grinch might have had it right. If we took away the ribbons, tags, packages, boxes or bags, I don’t think that Christmas would actually come at all.

We would not find people singing in a circle being positive and loving. There would be chaos.   People would be in fear for the economy, (by the way, holiday buying should not be an indicator of the health of the economy), angry about their loss of new gadgets, and I think it might lead to a national emergency. The media would have a field day, proclaiming the end of the world or blaming it all on a terrorist plot to end the United States as we know it.

Seasons In The Piano Man Sun

Nostalgic Music Month Day 20

Billy Joel by Jon Hilton

Almost all of the people who grew up during the 70’s and 80’s had their life touched by the music of Billy Joel. His music was popular for decades and the songs have become iconic to me. It was January 30, 1987. A friend of a friend was going to see Billy Joel in Portland, Maine. We were going to meet them after the concert, I had no intention of going. Arriving early, on a snowy, cold Maine night, we decided to duck into the Cumberland County Civic Center to get warm. We stepped through the door, there was nobody there. Only an opening into the concert and Billy Joel singing.  Sometimes opportunities are just handed to you and that day I got to see Billy Joel for free. It was a great day.

Living on a Prayer Monday

Nostalgic Music Month Day 16

Monday- by Jon Hilton

It is a Monday morning and I feel like most people do on this day. The angst of another week of responsibility and the end of any free time for five more days.  This is the day most people move from doing what you want to do into doing what you have to do.  All of my life, this day has a bittersweet feeling to it. I am grateful to have things to do, but I am a free bird that likes the ability to do whatever I want.  In honor of this strange day that makes people love coffee and long for a vacation, today I am choosing Monday Songs as my musical choice today. Remember that you always have a choice, regardless of your current circumstances, to make the day what you want.

Damariscotta Lions 1982

Sports As It Should Be

It is said that as we remember the events of our lives, what we really remember is only bits and pieces of the entire picture.  Our memories are colored by our own prejudices and experience, we basically remember what we want to remember, and it is not always the most accurate retelling of events.  I try to keep this in mind,  as I remember the summer of 1982 and playing Babe Ruth Baseball for the Damariscotta Lions.  It was one of the most purely fun events I ever participated in.

The Notebook Problem

Why All Women Love the Notebook!

notebook movieby Jonathan Hilton

It astounds me that no matter who you meet, their age, economic background, political leanings or any other dynamic that you can think of, all women seem to be universal in their love for the movie, The Notebook.

I spent a little time to try to understand this phenomenon.  I think that if I can understand this fascination then, perhaps, I will be on my way to finally understand the fairer sex.  It’s the classic story, rich city girl Alli Hamilton meets poor country boy Noah Calhoun and they fall in love, Noah promises to build her a house, and even though they are separated by unforeseen circumstances for many years through trials and tribulations.

Quotes For a Happy Friday

Quotes for a Happy Friday
Have a Happy Day!

Quotes for a happy Friday. One of the great things about life is that it always shows you situations that challenge you and force you to react.  Quite possibly for you, it is the first time that you have experienced this particular emotion or activity.  The best thing is that almost without exception, someone, somewhere in the history of mankind has had a similar experience and felt exactly how you felt about it.   Even better many of these people wrote their experiences down for you and memorialized their thoughts for eternity, or at least for as long as people have been able to  read.   I wanted to include some inspirational quotes that might help you get through a Friday afternoon, or Saturday, or Sunday or whatever day you choose to read this on.  I am putting them all on here just for you, so enjoy them!

Friendship Quotes for Everyday Friends

Some of My Favorite Friendship Quotes

friendship quotes for you
Friendship is ImportantMy Favorite Friendship Quotes

I wanted to publish some friendship quotes that will help you value your friends and enjoy being one.  As you move through life, it can be easy to overlook the value of a true friend. Relationships, move apart, come together and dissolve, and if you are not careful, those friendships will slip away into what used to be.  Often the factors of life, a spouse, children, career, can all combine to make that friendship that you once cherished, fall out of your consciousness and into a memory.  As time moves on, the relationship with that friend will move further into the past.  Eventually, there are so many that you long to see, but alas it is too late to retravel those roads, you took a turn years ago away from that friendship and it seems there is no way that you can’t get back from it. Friendship quotes always remind you that there is a path back.

Creating It All

images“The closer you come to knowing that you alone create the world of your experience, the more vital it becomes for you to discover just who is doing the creating.” ― Eric Micha’el Leventhal

You are doing the creating. All of it. The good the bad and the ugly. The thoughts you entertain are going to be dictating your reality. Once they are accepted as beliefs in the subconscious mind, they will become a part of your programming until they are removed or updated.

“The possibilities of creative effort connected with the subconscious mind are stupendous and imponderable. They inspire one with awe.” ~ Napoleon Hill

The Ability to Think

thinkOne of the things that all people can do is think. Some of us do a better job than others at this skill but we all do create thousands of thoughts each and every day. In all of this thought creation, it is fun to look at how the brain actually works. We can only hold one thought in our mind at a time, the tenor of that thought is going to affect us through a chemical reaction in the brain, so how you think can literally affect your health and quality of life.

Life is a Mirror

life is a mirrorLife is a mirror, giving not what you want, but what you are.

This thought has been with me all day. As I am thinking of what I want to write, I am experiencing a conflict that is not that rare. Should I write what I think or write what I think others would like to read? On the surface, it is a simple choice but in the reality, it is a constant battle and it has been going on since I started publishing blogs and letting people read my writing.  However, over time my choice has more and more to write what I think and not worry about what others think of it. It is the only honest thing to do.

The Story of Your Life

story-of-your-lifeThere is only a short time allotted to each of us to write the story of your life and with that time, we are tasked with a lot of things to accomplish. You have really only one life to get things right and sing the song that you want to sing. Time to get busy finding out what it is that you want to do and what you want to leave behind in the wake of your efforts.  You are the only one who can write the story of your life.

Self Improvement

self improvement “We are either getting better or we are getting worse, nobody stays the same”. This is true in all aspects of our lives. In all that you do, either you are becoming more effective or you are becoming less vital. What you pursue counts and it is a simple matter of personal choice how self-improvement enters your life.   My three main areas of focus are on the physical, mental and spiritual sides of myself. My goal each day is to become at least 0.001% better than I was yesterday. If I can keep growing and becoming a better person than my contribution to the world will grow and my experience will be that much more significant.

It’s All About The Music

Music is a powerful force in life. It has the ability to take you outside of your current experience and transport you to another place, another time and help you to remember another you. Being fortunate enough to grow up when I did, there are literally hundreds of songs and artists that have touched my life.

Be Different

 Be Different
Time to show a little of yourself!! Be Different

Growing up we are all inundated with messages to fit in.  There was nothing worse than to be different from the rest of the crowd. Life was a struggle to continually “be normal” and not to deviate from what society told us we could and should hope to be.

This did not resonate with me, and I was always convinced that there was something wrong with me because of it.  I would sit in class in high school and do my best to follow the expectations but inside feeling this was not right.  Then as an adult moving through college and starting a career, there was always something missing.

Overcoming Fear

fear of failureWe have all dreamed and attempted to achieve those dreams. At one point in our lives, we have tried to become something or create something and we have failed. Failure is a part of life, a consistent factor in achievement and how quickly that achievement comes will depend on how you react to the failure that you face. It hurts to fail, and the quicker you can overcome that fear of failure, the sooner you can move forward.

Happiness Inside Out

finding happinessI don’t know about you, but for me, finding happiness in life is totally dependant on my own perception. There seem to be two choices in life when seeking joy. Either I live from the outside in or from the inside out. The choice is one that dictates how large the portion of happiness I  experience at any particular time is. But what does it mean to live from the inside out? There are factors that we can control in life and others outside of us that we do not.  We are blessed with the choice if the outside or inside

Living in the Moment

living in the momentLiving in the moment is a lost art. So many people are living life, just going through the motions, standing still or worse yet living in the glow of past events. There is nothing wrong with understanding and remembering your past, but to allow it to dominate your current life through nostalgia, and thoughts of an idealistic past will lessen the joy you can have today. Living in the moment will provide happiness and satisfaction in each part of your day. In reality, it is all that you are guaranteed to have.

Voices of Ego

egoKeep an eye on your ego. What can you do right now that is going to change your life?

That is a question that more and more people are asking because they look at their lives and feel that it is lacking in some way.

It is at this point that people start to look at the possibilities and almost as quickly as they think of something they would like to do, there is a competing voice in your head explaining the reasons why it is a bad idea.

Success Thoughts

success 1Many are looking for success and financial freedom and it seems like a difficult journey but there are some simple things that you can do that might help you get where you want to be. They are simple but they are not easy either. Here are some of those simple things that you can do to get on the road to success that you are seeking.


hopeIn order to keep moving through life, we all have to believe that something better awaits us in the future, we need to hope. No matter where we are right now, there is a potential for a future that contains anything that we can conceive of. This is limitless.

If life is going great then it can get better. If things aren’t going as well as you would like, it can improve in the short order. That is called hope and without hope, progress is difficult to have.