Don’t Worry

Mr. Worry Knows no worrying will really help anything.

Why is Worry A Waste of Time?

It is difficult to stop worrying.  When you really look at what you are thinking, much of it is based on untamed thoughts based on fear. Most worries are about things that are never going to happen.

But yet we worry on.    The healthiest people seem to have a built in mechanism that allows them to release these thoughts before they settle into their brain and create another wrinkle or make one ill, because in the end, that is all that worry will ever do for you.

Some Favorite Thoughts

Read William George Jordan and Be A Better Person

William George Jordan being the best we can be
You Are Better Than Most

One of my favorite authors is William George Jordan.  The reason for this is that his thoughts on many topics clearly resonate with me on so many levels.  If you are wondering if you are doing the right thing or moving along the right path, pick up a book by W.G. Jordan and you will understand more about it than you may have wanted to.  Here is a short list of topics he has helped clear up for me.

Change is Coming


How I often approach change. It can be scary!
How I often approach change. It can be scary! I need to perfect the art of laughing!

There is little in life as frustrating as change. It comes along in life whether we want it or not and forces us to do something other than what we have been doing, whether we are ready to stop doing it or not.

Most people if not all people have at least a passing disdain for change and I think there are good reasons for this, yet I think we also all are well aware that change provides positives we need. How to deal with this mystery of inevitable and painful movement from one phase of life to another? That is the inevitable question.

The High Road

What Road Are You Traveling? 

high-roadAll of us are duplicitous by nature. There is the person we allow the world to see and then there is the one we keep hidden and to ourselves. All people live in this duality and for many, it causes a constant struggle. Two paths are presented to us. One is the high road and the other is the low and they are based on the moral decisions that we make each moment of every day.

Excited to Be Alive

What gets you excited about life?

We should all be this excited by the prospect each day brings!
We should all be this excited by the prospect each day brings!

Every person no matter what they do has to find things that get him excited about life. They do not have to be complicated or expensive things. They simply get you going and allow you to feel happy about just living on the face of the Earth every day. 

I would never presume to speak for anyone but myself but here are the things that I enjoy and make my existence a much more enjoyable experience.

Seeking Kindness

Kindness makes the world a better place.  Nobody can argue with that

seek kindness
Seek to give and receive kindness daily

sentiment. The great thing is that all people have the ability to practice being kind each and every moment, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It doesn’t cost anything and the result is always positive.  Why then are so many people not kind?

It is probably due to a focus that is spent on the wrong things but we can always change our focus towards the experience of kindness. People always enjoy receiving kindness from others because it feels good. Performing kind acts for others is just as gratifying.  Kindness is free and is extremely contagious. Try spreading some around today.


Cross it or burn it? We make these decisions often in life.
Cross it or burn it? We make these decisions often in life.

Living life provides a great classroom for learning. It would be easier if we had a manual at the beginning giving clear and unquestionable instructions on how to proceed in life.

Each situation would be so easy to deal with as we navigated our way along our path of life. If we could only tell which bridges were safe to cross, and which ones we should burn and never cross.

Lessons Learned

10891894_10152953817908518_7194032913393854931_nAs another year moves closer to its inevitable end, it is human nature to look back and reflect on the things that happened and to glean whatever useful information we can from it. There were many occasions and situations that happened over the past year which has given us a new experience or taught us a new lesson.  The year has certainly taught me many interesting lessons. It seems the older that I am the more I learn, and I look forward to the new year with anticipation about all the things that I will learn.  But before we move forward, let me look back at the year and the lessons it has taught me.

The Golden Rule

golden-ruleYesterday, I was reminded how simple our philosophy of life should be. We should all be treating others based on the way we would like to be treated. If we all followed this pattern of behavior, many of the world’s problems would be eliminated easily. However, as we all know there are sometimes things that get in the way of putting the golden rule into practice. Here are a few explanations and thoughts on how to make sure that you are following the golden rule and doing your part to make sure the world is a better place.

Broken Pieces

We are all carrying around broken pieces of ourselves. That is because to experience life is to experience growth and sometimes that growth causes us to break inside.  These breaks can be caused by big, obvious events of loss, like death or trauma, but more often these breaks are personal and private and only we understand the loss and feel the pain. Each time we experienced failure, loss, sadness, abuse, neglect, heartbreak and fear of them cause us to break inside.  It is up to us to decide if we are going to put them back together, hide them or simply live with them the way that they are.

Emotional Rescue

How one deals with trauma, disappointment, anger and frustration are a part of everyone’s life experience. The emotions that naturally arrive with each of these events in life are often the cause of many problems we carry throughout our lives. Learning how to express our emotional pain and distress in a positive and healthy way can lead to a further enjoyment of life by everyone. The inability to process emotions we feel in a healthy way may lead to a lifetime of trauma, disappointment, and confusion.

Daily Pain

It is sad that most people experience some sort of pain on a daily basis because of the selfish, thoughtless behavior of others that has been

Be aware of your imprint on the world daily. It exists.

occurring throughout time. Just as there have probably been people like me, who have realized the pain that we might have caused others, not only by what we said to or about someone but also by the things we didn’t say or the small acts we didn’t do, when they might have made all the difference to someone else’s outlook on life and experience. It amazes me that so much anger and unhappiness could be avoided in life if we would just take a moment to say the kind word or do the thoughtful act for someone. These are the little pieces of hell we perpetrate on ourselves and others throughout our lives. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We always have a choice.

Did The Grinch Have It Right?

GrinchBookSS01I think that the Grinch might have had it right. If we took away the ribbons, tags, packages, boxes or bags, I don’t think that Christmas would actually come at all.

We would not find people singing in a circle being positive and loving. There would be chaos.   People would be in fear for the economy, (by the way, holiday buying should not be an indicator of the health of the economy), angry about their loss of new gadgets, and I think it might lead to a national emergency. The media would have a field day, proclaiming the end of the world or blaming it all on a terrorist plot to end the United States as we know it.

Damariscotta Lions 1982

Sports As It Should Be

It is said that as we remember the events of our lives, what we really remember is only bits and pieces of the entire picture.  Our memories are colored by our own prejudices and experience, we basically remember what we want to remember, and it is not always the most accurate retelling of events.  I try to keep this in mind,  as I remember the summer of 1982 and playing Babe Ruth Baseball for the Damariscotta Lions.  It was one of the most purely fun events I ever participated in.

The Notebook Problem

Why All Women Love the Notebook!

notebook movieby Jonathan Hilton

It astounds me that no matter who you meet, their age, economic background, political leanings or any other dynamic that you can think of, all women seem to be universal in their love for the movie, The Notebook.

I spent a little time to try to understand this phenomenon.  I think that if I can understand this fascination then, perhaps, I will be on my way to finally understand the fairer sex.  It’s the classic story, rich city girl Alli Hamilton meets poor country boy Noah Calhoun and they fall in love, Noah promises to build her a house, and even though they are separated by unforeseen circumstances for many years through trials and tribulations.

Quotes For a Happy Friday

Quotes for a Happy Friday
Have a Happy Day!

Quotes for a happy Friday. One of the great things about life is that it always shows you situations that challenge you and force you to react.  Quite possibly for you, it is the first time that you have experienced this particular emotion or activity.  The best thing is that almost without exception, someone, somewhere in the history of mankind has had a similar experience and felt exactly how you felt about it.   Even better many of these people wrote their experiences down for you and memorialized their thoughts for eternity, or at least for as long as people have been able to  read.   I wanted to include some inspirational quotes that might help you get through a Friday afternoon, or Saturday, or Sunday or whatever day you choose to read this on.  I am putting them all on here just for you, so enjoy them!

Friendship Quotes for Everyday Friends

Some of My Favorite Friendship Quotes

friendship quotes for you
Friendship is ImportantMy Favorite Friendship Quotes

I wanted to publish some friendship quotes that will help you value your friends and enjoy being one.  As you move through life, it can be easy to overlook the value of a true friend. Relationships, move apart, come together and dissolve, and if you are not careful, those friendships will slip away into what used to be.  Often the factors of life, a spouse, children, career, can all combine to make that friendship that you once cherished, fall out of your consciousness and into a memory.  As time moves on, the relationship with that friend will move further into the past.  Eventually, there are so many that you long to see, but alas it is too late to retravel those roads, you took a turn years ago away from that friendship and it seems there is no way that you can’t get back from it. Friendship quotes always remind you that there is a path back.

Creating It All

images“The closer you come to knowing that you alone create the world of your experience, the more vital it becomes for you to discover just who is doing the creating.” ― Eric Micha’el Leventhal

You are doing the creating. All of it. The good the bad and the ugly. The thoughts you entertain are going to be dictating your reality. Once they are accepted as beliefs in the subconscious mind, they will become a part of your programming until they are removed or updated.

“The possibilities of creative effort connected with the subconscious mind are stupendous and imponderable. They inspire one with awe.” ~ Napoleon Hill

The Ability to Think

thinkOne of the things that all people can do is think. Some of us do a better job than others at this skill but we all do create thousands of thoughts each and every day. In all of this thought creation, it is fun to look at how the brain actually works. We can only hold one thought in our mind at a time, the tenor of that thought is going to affect us through a chemical reaction in the brain, so how you think can literally affect your health and quality of life.

Life is a Mirror

life is a mirrorLife is a mirror, giving not what you want, but what you are.

This thought has been with me all day. As I am thinking of what I want to write, I am experiencing a conflict that is not that rare. Should I write what I think or write what I think others would like to read? On the surface, it is a simple choice but in the reality, it is a constant battle and it has been going on since I started publishing blogs and letting people read my writing.  However, over time my choice has more and more to write what I think and not worry about what others think of it. It is the only honest thing to do.