Secrets From the Vault

by Jonathan Hilton

There are a lot of people who look at a book and make a judgement based on the cover and fail to even open the pages and read even a little of the story that is contained inside. That is something that I try to avoid doing all the time and I appreciate it when it is done for me.

The insight about me that is offered here is to let you know what my guilty pleasures in life are. These are defined as interests and likes that you have that may be embarrassing for others to know about because of their low brow or uncultured appeal.  Everyone has these interests, here are my top guilty pleasures in life.

The Big Bang Theory

There is a little Sheldon in all of us!

This is a show that I just recently became infatuated with. It is the tale of four nerds and their good-looking female neighbor.  Pretty basic plot lines, but I seem to enjoy watching Sheldon Cooper struggle through life.  From his fear of birds to being unable to understand sarcasm.  If this is on and I have a moment I will watch it. I can’t stop myself.

The Music of Taylor Swift

taylorI would not mention this anywhere else, but for some reason the music of Taylor Swift that is about nothing I can relate to, I really like. It has been going on for years and I have secretly liked songs as old as Tim McGraw and as new as We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together.  Her act of continually getting dumped is going to have to end eventually. If it never does, that will be fine with me.

Red Sox Baseball

red sox fightThis is not a shock to anyone who knows me but I love the Red Sox. I watch a part of most games and follow the side stories that the team provides.  Even though I have never played Major League Baseball I am like many people I think that I know what is best for the team.  I have always been infatuated with the statistics of certain players and am not ashamed to say there were a few tears when they won it all in 2004.

Duck Dynasty

“Everybody, happy, happy.”

Another show that I happened to accidentally see and now I watch them quite often. There is something interesting about watching Grandpa Phil try to kill beavers and talk about the old times being , “Everybody, happy, happy!”  I was born and raised in Maine so there is a bit of red neck in me that I can’t escape from. This show touches this. A lot of the situations are clearly created just for television but that is OK, it entertains anyway.

  Country Music

country MusicUp until I turned 39 I believed that all country music was really a joke. I was one of those that laughed about playing a country song backward, you get your wife, your dog and your truck back.  Then it all suddenly changed as I was listening to a song once and thinking, “Wow, that makes a lot of sense.”

From that day on I was hooked, and even though I enjoy all types of music, country music is high on my list.  Kenny Chesney, Dirks Bentley, Tim McGraw,  you name it and if they have a good song I probably like it.  I think my rural heritage has a lot to do with this, but there is something about a country girl that is indescribably beautiful!

Romantic Comedies

shaI hate to admit this but the more of them I see the more I think I am a hopeless romantic. Recently a fellow blogger had been reviewing her favorite romantic comedies which got me to watch a few. The more I watched the more I liked them. Not all of them but most of them.  I did have someone in my past who liked those types of movies and I would watch them with her.  If I am by myself and Sweet Home Alabama is on I can’t help but watch it.  There are a thousand others but lets suffice it to say this is a guilty pleasure of mine. Don’t tell anyone!!

Learning Stuff

Learning stuffThis is one thing that makes me kind of a super nerd because I find learning new things fascinating.  Especially in the realm of psychology, human behavior, quantum physics, string theory or any science what so ever.  This is not only in substance but I like learning how to do new things as well, particularly in the field of technology.

I am old enough to remember life before there was an internet and having access for the first time and asking,”What do you do with it.”  Even though no one gave a satisfactory answer back in 1996, we figured it out.  I am not one of those who sees technology as something you fear but I see it as something new to master.  I enjoy learning how to do things from working on new platforms to building websites. Learning stuff is fun!

Reading and Writing are a Good Time

reading and writingAlong with the learning new stuff revelation is my love of reading and writing. It probably wouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who reads this blog, but to people who just know me from any endeavor in my life, it would be a shock.  Reading to me is not done to read a story or something like that, it is done to teach me something. Expose me to a new idea. I can’t remember that last book I read for “fun”, it seems I just don’t have time.

Writing is an ongoing process for me, as I expand my comfort with words and let the emotions and thoughts I have in me, flow freely without a filter.  That has been the biggest challenge of writing for me.  The fact that I have a biggest challenge of writing would surprise many of my “friends” from the past.

I am sure that I can come up with about fifty-five more but I am out of time for this writing experience.  So  that will have to do.  I am sure that I am not the only one who has embarrassing interests.

What are your Guilty Pleasures?



33 thoughts on “Secrets From the Vault”

  1. Love this idea! These look like great guilty pleasures! I can relate to the learning one, and I have a guilty pleasure of binge watching some T.V. shows…most recently, The Office. I feel guilty about it because it’s probably not the most glamorous thing to say I enjoy spending hours at a time on my rump watching comedy.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! I love your thoughts. I an an office expert, more of the Michael Scott years, it has run its course. Bears, beats, Battlestar Galactica. I am so glad that you read it and responded to it. I love all of your posts. I read the one about luck, and even looked at the blog of the guy you suggested. I am kind of a psychology geek too, I have been trying to figure out what makes me tick for years. Comment any time, I love your thoughts!

  2. Love this, Jonathan. I, too, am a Big Bang Theory fan. My son loves Taylor Swift, so I can’t get her songs out of my head. I just saw an amazing romantic comedy called “Silver Lining Playbook.” You might want to check it out.
    Thank you for being so courageous and honest about who you really are. {{{Hugs]}} Kozo

    1. Thank you for reading. Much like Popeye, I am who I am. I think one of the great things writing on this blog is doing for me is allowing me to show more of myself and not worrying about what others think. Those who are critical will be critical no matter what. Thanks for reading and commenting, I count myself very lucky to have come across people like you,Kozo, on this blogging journey. You are the man.

  3. That’s really interesting Jon!!!! I love finding out more about people.

    Mine are:

    Tea (with milk and sugar). I was raised on tea… literally. My parents are big tea drinkers, and I remember being a toddler and drinking it via a teaspoon.

    Snakes (the lolly variety). And they have to be Allens. Try as I might, I just can’t kick this habit. And I only like the orange, green and yellow ones (in that order). So the red ones and the blue ones get given away 😀

    News radio. My exhusband introduced me to this, and I am hooked. We have a 24 hour news channel over here, and I listen to that a lot. I find that the presenters have become so familiar to me over the years that I find their voices very comforting.

    Reading. I adore reading, and like you I generally read to expand my mind, and to teach myself something. At least 98% of the books I read are non-fiction, generally Buddhism. The other 2% are horror (my other guilty pleasure).

    And I guess my other guilty pleasure is acting like a big kid. Not all the time lol. But I get way too excited over small things – like a kid. I tend to wake up in the morning brimming with joy and enthusiasm. It’s driven all my past partners mad 😀


    1. Love your list Meg. I find the cultural aspect of tea interesting. In America we are a country of coffee drinkers. I guess that is one of my guilty pleasures as well. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is my absolute favorite! Snakes! No thanks, they freeze my blood. I don’t know what Lolly means? I am trying to look it up, so if I don’t find it I am thinking it means small? non threatening? or something like that. Anyway Meg, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the little things and having passion about them! I think more people should be like that. That is one of the many things that make you a great person! 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting! I am always so grateful for your thoughts.

      1. Hi Jon,

        Oh I am so silly! I wasn’t even thinking of the difference in language. I think you call them candies?

        Although I do actually love real snakes too. For some reason! I find them so beautiful.

        Thanks always for your posts – I enjoy them a lot.

        Have a lovely day,

        1. Thank you for the education! I now know something that I didn’t know before. That is a successful day any way you look at it! Thanks Meg for teaching me something interesting and new. I obviously have a lot to learn. 🙂

  4. Oh I just love The Big Bang Theory, Taylor Swift and Country Music. I don’t know anything about Baseball at all I suppose because we are not really exposed to it here in this country. My other guilty pleasures are reading books about people and their expressions, micro expressions and so on. My other pleasure are listening to all the night sounds like crickets and on a clear night, looking up into the night sky and watching stars… I could go on but the comment will turn into a blog post 🙂

    1. I would like to read that blog post. I love your ideas. I think that contemplating the stars is awesome, it is all encompassing. Baseball, is difficult to explain. Here we learn to play it when we are young and for many it stays with you forever. My own experience was that many of my connections to those in my family share the Red Sox. The common ground that binds generations together. It is a whacky game to explain to someone from another country. I have tried before. I wrote a post comparing baseball to life a long time ago. You don’t have to read it but it explains the connection a bit I think. Thank you for reading and commenting. My favorite Big Bang Theory quote.”I’m not crazy! My mother had me tested.” 🙂

    1. Thank you, I appreciate the comment. I loved your post today, about tag. It was really insightful as well. I can’t believe you never smoked pot. That is great. How did you avoid it? I also never blog naked because I am often writing in public places and I don’t think that they would appreciate my “expression of freedom.” 🙂 Like you said, you learn a lot about people from those types of posts. More about who they are and not what they project. Absolutely love your blog!!

  5. People just don’t understand our expression of freedom. 🙂
    It was surprisingly easy to avoid pot. I guess I never hung out with those people. I was exceedingly unpopular you see. In my head, you get pot in dark alleyways from large men in trench coats. I’ve been told this isn’t true

    I love your blog too!

    1. I can’t believe you were unpopular with that wit. 🙂 It was a long time ago but I remember the peer pressure to smoke pot as almost overwhelming. I just wanted to fit in. That was a long time ago. I have to keep my eyes open for those large men in trench coats who are dishing out the pot. I tried it again once a few years ago to see if it was all that I remembered. It wasn’t. Thanks for the smiles today. I appreciate them so much.

    2. I can’t believe you were unpopular with that wit. 🙂 It was a long time ago but I remember the peer pressure to smoke pot as almost overwhelming. I just wanted to fit in. That was a long time ago. I have to keep my eyes open for those large men in trench coats who are dishing out the pot. I tried it again once a few years ago to see if it was all that I remembered. It wasn’t. Thanks for the smiles today. I appreciate them so much. Otherwise I would just be sitting here with a frown on my face!

      1. Really? That sounds pretty bad. I was never peer pressured. I waited all through high school and then college, nothing. Then once a couple of friends of mine lit up a joint and I thought ‘this is it! Peer pressure!’, but no. Both of them told me not to do it. Say no to drugs they said. I’m sure this isn’t normal

        Aw, Jon, your comments always make me smile

  6. I know I am only one of a handful of people who dislike her but, Taylor Swift makes me gag. I think as a songwriter she has talent, but I can not listen to her sing. To me she just sounds like the whiny teenage girls on my bus.
    I love almost all music and putting on a pair of headphones and cranking it is a guilty pleasure of mine. Some days The Beatles, some days Montgomery Gentry, some days Nickleback. Marathons of The Waltons,MASH, Little House on The Prairie, or The Golden Girls. Would not purposely turn the TV on, but would sit and watch these shows all day.
    Sitting and enjoying a nice glass of Captains & Ginger would be a guilty pleasure if I had the time.

    1. I know about Taylor Swift, that is why she made my list. I try not to, but I can’t help myself! 🙂 I mean she is filthy rich, you would think she would take some classes on relationships find a good one and be happy. I guess there is no money in that! That is why it is a guilty pleasure I guess. Thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy your busy day Ann! I don’t drink much anymore, but if I will raise a bottle of water in your honor!

  7. Guilty pleasures: The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, Manchester United and Los Angeles Galaxy football, romantic comedies too (Sweet Home Alabama is so ridiculously addictive, plus any of the baseball rom-coms: For Love of the Game, etc…), I liked al 3 matrix movies (for shame, for shame, I know), and I’m a sucker for pretty much any song that tells a story.

    1. I knew about the Big Bang Theory, and the Man United and Galaxy football. I agree, baseball rom-com For Billy Chapel pitching an imaginary perfect game. tears! 🙂 Any song that tells a story, that is country music my friend. I also liked the Matrix movies but you can only reveal so much in one article, right? Thanks for commenting and reading. I am grateful for your contribution Matt!

  8. I think Sheldon is hilarious. Not a big Taylor fan. I lol at Duck Dynasty and love the Yankees, (we’ve established that already:)) I like all kinds of music, including country music. I write like a machine and don’t read enough. I like all kinds of movies NOT tear-jerkers or blood and gore. I am addicted to “The Voice” and mowing my yard….that’s just a start! Thanks for sharing your list.

    1. Why is it that I am stuck liking Taylor Swift? I am a loser. I can understand the Voice but mowing the yard? One of my least favorite chores ever! I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. I am avoiding talking about the Y-word above. We will never see eye to eye there. But other than that MG I think you are a great person with great taste.

      1. We can agree to disagree about baseball and Taylor. To be fair, she is rather popular and making excessive amounts of money so she can’t be that bad. Right back atcha’ Jon.

  9. Ah Taylor Swift.. you’re adorable 😉 I don’t know much of her songs. (Or I’ve heard them but forget to remember the titles) but it’s sweet music. Don’t know why everybody is so darn critical about her. She’s just a kid and she’ll make stupid choices like any kid out there.

    I have silly guilty pleasures. Eating raw rice, taste snow that falls from the sky, run my hands or a twig against fences while I walk, kick up leafs, watch (very) stupid movies, draw smilies on my toenails.. and so on 😉

    1. Your guilty pleasures don’t sound that bad, well except eating raw rice, but everyone has their own dietary things to deal with. I can picture you kicking leaves and running a stick on a fence as you walk. And drawing smiles on your toenails. So on? I am sure there are a million more. Thank you for reading this and making my day by commenting. You make my day wonderful. 🙂

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  11. I missed this one somehow!!! But I’m glad I went back to catch up and found it. The Big Bang is the best show ever. I’m addicted to it also. I own a lot of seasons…thanks to vudu I even own the newest one and when new episodes come out, it updates them for me! Sheldon is my favorite by far.

    I love Sweet Home Alabama also, I know that romantic comedies are more like fairy tales, but for someone, somewhere, it has to happen. If you can dream it up, it can be done! I’m a sucker for these too. It’s the feel good factor!

    I have to say, the Taylor Swift thing surprised me about you! LOL Something about her I just can’t stand, but to each their own! Her constant relationship mishaps are for sure entertaining though.

    1. Sheldon rules, he is petrified of birds, doesn’t get sarcasm, isn’t crazy, and is so funny! You are my hero because of that Vudu thing. Lucky little devil. Alas for Taylor Swift, I don’t know why I just like her, because we are never, ever getting back together! Many people do not like her, I wouldn’t go to a concert or anything, but I can’t help listening to her songs when they are on. A good romantic comedy or story about romance can be awesome. Like you said a fairy tale. They make you look at your own relationships differently. Thanks for reading the guilty pleasures post! In closing I will just have to say, “Shellie Cooper is smelly pooper.” 🙂

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