What You Will Find on Mainely Entertaining

I have put the video from the home page here, so that you can get some explanation about it.  I wanted someone who visits this site for the first time to get an idea of what I have put on this site, quickly and hopefully enjoyably.  So I put some images from the posts here with a little music.  The song is called “The High Road” by Broken Bells.

Greenville, Maine in The Winter

A video I made in Greenville, Maine around January 1st. Why? Well it’s Greenville during the winter, not a lot else to do. It got a lot worse before spring finally came, but by then I was long gone.

Fourth of July by Jon Hilton

Video pictures from the Fourth of July Parade in Greenville, Maine.

Classic Cars In Greenville

As part of the Fourth of July celebration in Greenville, Maine there was a parade of classic cars leading the traditional parade.

Greenville High School Band

Greenville High School Band playing at the 2011 Basketball tournament.