by Jonathan Hilton


Click Image to say HI to Raimy-D. She has an entourage and wears jewelry like a rapper. But she is great!

One of my favorite people in the blogisphere is my friend Raimy-D(  She spends her time dreaming up stuff for me and others to try to experience. I am two activities behind but I am making an effort to do this one in real-time and let the chips fall where they will. I will take a lot of positive thinking to get this done.

Automatic Writing Assignment

This activity is called automatic writing and I was intrigued because I had such a good time when I tried her automatic drawing exercise, highlighted by Raimy-D and her expert analysis of my very talented drawings.

It was liberating and fun. So automatic writing, no problem, this should spark some positive thinking.

1271254066-writingwithpenThis is how it is supposed to work

So it should work like this:  1. Think of a question you want to have answered in your life.

2. start writing without a conscious thought. (easier for some than others)

3. write until you get tired I guess or until you feel like you are done.

The idea is that the subconscious mind will answer the question that you ask.  I have told Raimy-D that I am a little fearful of doing this because what if the answer isn’t something I want to hear?  But bravery is the better part of valor here and I am going to do this right now, right here and you can read my ramblings.

The question: What is my next step supposed to be in life? (Play the song at the bottom when you read, it is neat.)

swansThere were twelve swans that went to a local pond to take a swim. The water was warm but the swans didn’t know about the secret underneath the water. There were worlds that they had never seen. one at a time the swans would dive for food and while under the water they saw what was there and went to investigate each finding their own world to explore for awhile. Until there was only one swan left and he looked around and realized that he was all alone. He called for help, but no one came. He wanted to fly away but also couldn’t leave his companions without knowing their fate.  He had never seen anything but food on his dives so he was unaware of the mysteries below the water. Finally he dove deep and saw out of the corner of his eye a light that he couldn’t resist. He swam as hard a he could toward the light and with all of his effort he made it and emerged into a  totally new world. It was colorful, and full of beautiful trees, sparkling lakes it had a lot of green grass to walk on and beautiful puffy white clouds that the swan couldn’t wait to fly into.  There was no reason he could think of that this place existed but here it was he could touch it with his feet and taste it with his tongue. It seemed real to him and in the end I guess that is all that mattered.


Answer my questions please.

So there you go I am not going to read this until after Raimy-D looks at it and tells me what she thinks. The answer will be in the comments. Feel free to contribute your own interpretation of the story I am open to any and all guidance in this endeavor.  I just want to learn about my next step.

I encourage you to give this a try for yourself and see what happens.  I definitely encourage you to read the Creative Guru so that you can try all of this neat stuff as well.