Jefferson Writing Project Success

by Jon Hilton

This is what I looked like at Jefferson Village School, circa 1980.
This is what I looked like at Jefferson Village School, circa 1980.

It was a few short weeks ago that MY COHORT  and I embarked on the Jefferson Writing Project.  We didn’t know where the winds would blow our thoughts but we knew that each day they would be published on our blogs.

My friend’s name is Hope and we talked at the beginning of February and she wanted to do more writing but had some writing blocks and motivational issues. I suggested a mutual writing project.  She agreed and we made up some simple rules.  I am not a big rules guy because who needs limits on our creativity.

I would make up writing prompts and we each would do a post that day involving the prompt. It was supposed to last for thirty days, but went a bit longer.

I went back and looked over our Facebook messages and it started on the 9th of February and ended today. Hope doesn’t like to write on Sunday! (I can blame her, but I like Sunday off too. 🙂

The only known photo of me playing ball at JVS.  Thank God. We were styling!
The only known photo of me playing ball at JVS. Thank God. We were styling!

Coming up with the prompts was not as easy as I thought in the beginning. I know Hope so I wanted to get some good easy to write about things.  Then as I got going I would just make them up in three seconds.

Or if I was cheating, I would start a post on something and use that for the prompt, or make the prompt something I wanted to write about anyway.  In fact what I found, no matter what the prompt was I just wrote whatever I wanted to anyway.

I found that I learned a lot just from reading Hope’s posts, when she was fired up she would get them done way before me. I found I could read and enjoy her thoughts and not let them affect what I was writing.

After about twenty writing assignments or so, we switched it up and Hope was responsible for the prompt. That was more fun because then I could bug her to tell me what it is, rather than the other way around.   I still just wrote whatever I wanted to and included the prompt in some way. Other times the prompt was the story.

7th Grade Lookin” Good!

It was fun to have someone else “checking up” on your work and at first the only other person who knew why you were writing about the things you were.

It is just enough motivation to get you to give a little extra effort to make sure you got your post out that day. But most importantly it was fun.  Hope is a bit different, (in a good way), I know her personally and used to coach her in basketball. That was awhile ago but I enjoy seeing the young lady she has grown to become.

So I encourage anyone who is hitting a snag in their creativity or motivation to partner up or even group up and start a writing project.  It was a fun way to keep things interesting and to work on being creative.

It is called the Jefferson Writing Project because, Hope and I both lived in the town of Jefferson, Maine when we were growing up, and we both graduated from Jefferson Village School, and know that Jefferson is small, has a beach, and a cattle pound.  I do not know what the cattle pound is for,  but it exists. She likes to take pictures there. Thanks Hope for all the fun.  I will always be reading and commenting on your blog because that is how I roll.

12 thoughts on “Jefferson Writing Project Success”

  1. What an awesome idea! 🙂 Sounds like you both had a lot of creative fun doing this challenge 🙂 BTW I loved how you guys decided to name it after your home town 🙂

    1. Thank you Amba, it was a super project, and a lot of fun. I will take credit for naming it, but I will give Hope credit for all of the class that came to it. She is a great writer and a super person. 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting, safe travels back home when you go!! I am always so grateful when you read and comment.

  2. Love the tight shorts, Jon. John Stockton would be proud.
    Great idea for the writing challenge. Funny thing is, I knew you were doing this challenge, but I never noticed you veering off track of what you usually post–inspirational life lessons. Great job in staying true to your blog while doing the challenge. I’ve stopped doing the WordPress challenges because I found myself posting things for the challenge that did not have anything to do with my blog. So great work. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    1. Kozo, yes, I was kicking it in the short shorts! We thought we were so styling. If you could see the color of the uniform that would have been the icing on the cake. Powder blue. Our mascot was the Charger. So we were just like the San Diego Chargers, on the opposite coast!! Too funny. I was looking for Jefferson pictures to go with the ending and that one seemed to fit! I know what you mean about doing prompts, I think it is great for some people but I like to write what I am writing, and not get off track. Usually I write about things that I am thinking about. In this project I often just worked the prompt into my idea rather than work my idea around the prompt. Sometimes the prompt worked will with what I was feeling or writing. It was a growth experience anyway and I was glad to do it. It was fun! Thanks for reading and commenting I am always appreciative of your contributions. You are the man!

    1. I know, pretty sharp! I think it was an important event like I was an usher for eighth grade graduation. I am not sure, I do know that picture was taken at my grandparents house, they loved to take pictures of any occasion special or not! I appreciate the support! It was a fun project, kind of neat to do it with someone that I knew. I don’t do a lot of prompts because I like to write about what I want to write that day. However I found I could work the prompt into whatever I wanted to write anyway. That was creative in and of itself. Thank you for commenting MFE you make my day always!

  3. The pictures are hilarious! LOL I really enjoyed this prompt and I’m sad that’s over. But, don’t fear! I’ve started another one! It’s not so serious and doesn’t really prompt much deep thought, but I am enjoying it so far.

    What is the cattle pound for anyway?! I used to know…. I guess I didn’t care enough to keep it stored in my memory.

    Thanks for everything! And you’re right. I am a bit “different” LOL

    1. The Jefferson Cattle pound was built in the beginnings of Jefferson and all people had cattle to survive and often they would stray and if you found someone’s cow wandering around you would take it to the pound and I assume there was some fee to get them back. That is what I understand. Now it is just a nice circle rock wall as you well know!! I am glad you have gotten on to a new project. I am not sure what is next for me. I am addicted to writing stuff so I will probably just keep doing this. I thought you would enjoy those pictures from when I was at JVS. Thank you Hope for the project it was fun and enlightening and you know that if you need any motivation it is only a message away. 🙂 I have a feeling you will be just fine.

    1. Thank you Meg, it was really fun to work on a project like this. I got to work on writing and creating a little differently and it always helps to have someone else checking up on your work. Thank you so much for reading and commenting I know you are very busy, I am always grateful that you find the time to read and comment on my site! 🙂

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